31 Best Onlyfans Content Ideas for Creators of Content to Post

Onlyfans is an amazing platform for adult content creators to start making money. Based in the UK and one of the most profitable sites on the face of earth helping creators on the Internet make money in different ways. Onlyfans allows everyone to create an account and start making money through different ways like introducing subscriptions after that, you can sell PPV (Pay-per-view) based videos, get tips from your fans, and a lot more opportunities to make money.

If you are a beginner Onlyfans creator or someone who has thousands of subscribers or fans, this guide will help you a lot and help you make more money with the amazing content posting ideas we have shared in this article.

What is content?

As a thinker and an entrepreneur once said;

“to get knowledge about something, consider it as a tree. You start with the trunk and then go to the leaves and more minor parts.”    

Content is anything produced and shared with your fans. It might be in the form of text, video, picture, GIF, audio, or any other form of media.

All this content has different engagement rates. For example, a video you shared might be more impressive than just sharing a text, but everything you share that your audience could interact with is ‘content.’

What type of content sells the best on Onlyfans?

If you didn’t start Onlyfans yet and wondering what type of content should I start creating? We have an answer for you.


You can sell anything on the Internet, even shit sells, literally. 

First thing first, Onlyfans is 98% porn, so we need to start with what smart categories you can target as an adult content creator:

You can upload your nudes.

You can record videos and share your intimate movements as a couple.

You can have intimate movements with other strangers or people you know, and with their consent, you upload videos to Onlyfans.

Or, If you are a hotwife, you can start recording videos and publish them on Onlyfans.

Or, if you are a bull (a person who the hotwife has invited), you can record and make money.

And so on…

Second, if you are not an adult content creator, going with Onlyfans might not be a good idea, and there are some other platforms like Patreon you can use.

Content posting ideas for someone who is just starting Onlyfans:

If you are starting on Onlyfans, remember one thing.


As an Onlyfans creator, Content is the cornerstone of your success. 

If you aren’t producing enough Content or Content consistently, you will lose the opportunity to get more subscribers or fans. And those who subscribe to you will lose interest and unsubscribe your Onlyfans page because they aren’t getting the Content they promised for.

What should you do as a beginner adult content creator? First, you should focus more on two things; producing more Content and marketing your Onlyfans. Before you start promoting your Onlyfans, you need to populate your page. By populate, your page means that you should upload dozens of videos, pictures, other Content before you start promoting. This will help you convert a visitor into a fan, and your marketing efforts will be more fruitful.  

Make a content schedule like;

Sunday: Rest day.

Monday: I will record a video and publish it.

Tuesday: I will capture two nudes and publish them on my profile.

Wednesday: I will write witty, intimate, or more sexual text.

Thursday: I will record another video.

Friday: I will make short clips of videos and automate the posting on social media.

Saturday: Share more pictures videos, or announce something like a collaboration.

Note: Being an Onlyfans creator is very lucrative, but only if you put more Content and be consistent.

Content posting ideas for creators who have already some content on their Onlyfans page:

If you are someone who is somehow established and have a lot of Content on your Onlyfans and knows the strategies to grow your account like using social media platforms like Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, or platforms like FriendsOnly, where you can start uploading vertical videos like TikTok and make money the same way as you do in Onlyfans. They promote your videos and help you make more money with the same Content.

For an established creator, you need to follow the same weekly schedule as I have described above but now you will need to 10x it in terms of Content and marketing to make more money and reach your $10k+ a month goal. For an Onlyfans creator with good marketing strategies, you can quickly scale your business to $10K+ a month if you put more effort or you have some clients who have custom video requests for you.

Following are some simple tips and tricks for you to successfully manage your Content and make more money as an adult content creator on Onlyfans:

You can’t go with a 100% profit margin. What I mean by this is, let’s say you are making $1900 a month, and 100% of this is going to your bank at no cost. This means you aren’t investing any money, which will be bad for your business. So you should keep 50 to 60% of the profit margin which means out of every $1, and you should spend $0.5 to $0.4.

Hire more people. People who help you with the business. People who help you save your time focus on more important events like creating quality content.

Collaboration: Let’s say you are a woman who is more sexually open and accept to record a shoot with another Onlyfans creator who is a bit more famous. You can record two videos, the creator post video on his profile and mention your Onlyfans. This will help you grow faster than ever, and you will start building connections in this industry. You get the Content as well as getting more fans from their account.  

Doing experiments with your Content:

Without doing any experimentation, you wouldn’t learn anything. As my favorite author once said; ‘Things that don’t kill you make you stronger

I would use it alternatively as ‘things that don’t kill your Onlyfans account, will help you get more fans’

When I say; do more experiments, what do I mean? I mean doing experiments with different variables like choosing to publish a video at other times, inviting multiple partners, or trying new places or open spaces to have sex and post that video. There are hundreds of variables that you might already know about you might be afraid of trying out.  

Have a weekly content strategy:

Having weekly and monthly content goals are best for you as an Onlyfans creator; you should also have goals related to how many fans you get Vs. For example, how much Content have you produced?

I have already shared a detailed content strategy in the upper sections, keeping your career level.

Frequently asked questions about content posting ideas for Onlyfans creators:

What content is best for Onlyfans? It is adult content. Full stop. But just because you are an adult content creator doesn’t mean you will make money.

What should be my content strategy as an Onlyfans creator? First, you need to upload a variety of content like uploading two to three videos a week, publishing multiple pictures of yourself, and many text messages.

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