31 Fantastic Ideas For Creators To Get More Tips from the Onlyfans Tip Menu

Earning money on Onlyfans should not be limited to subscriptions; you can actually earn more from tips. The idea of tipping on Onlyfans is the same as going to a restaurant and giving some tips to a waiter for his service. Tips are a kind of appreciation a customer shows for a service or entertainment.

The content creators on OnlyFans make their extra money from tips they receive from their followers and subscribers. If you are creating good content on Onlyfans, you can receive handsome tips from your followers. For instance, if you create a tip menu that includes your services with mentioning the prices of services one by one, the subscriber will have to pay a tip to watch the content. If you are an adult content creator, you can create a tip menu by mentioning all of your services in an order. You can set a price of $50 for sexting, $100 for video calls, $200 for exclusive videos, and so on.

How to earn more money from tips?

Nothing can guarantee that you will earn extra money on Onlyfans from tips, but here are some ways you can make your subscriber give some extra cash.

Create quality content:

You may have to go the extra mile to impress your subscribers and create quality content in your niche. Fans really appreciate it when they see their favorite content creator thinks about them and create quality content to entertain them. So, you should post great quality photos, videos, and other kinds of content in your niche. Post catchy visuals.

Be friendly and engaging:

As a waiter or barista, give special attention to the generous people and give them good tips because of their services. It is the same on social media; if you are friendly and engage your subscribers in your content, they will tip you a good amount.

Show your gratitude for the subscribers by occasionally mentioning the more active and appreciative ones in your content, invoking them to feel special about it. (‘tagging fans’)

Invoke your subscribers:

As your fanbase expands you can put forward the opportunity to ‘Pay my bills’ in which you can possibly trade-off some customized content in exchange for having your loans paid or your utility expenditure covered.

‘Go live’:

Fans would love to interact with you on a live stream and would hence send you tips while you are showing off your talent in real-time.

Free subscription:

Consider making your account free which would psychologically nudge your fans into being more interested in tipping you on your posts, live stream, in messages, or directly on your profile.

Subscriber’s opinions matter:

Consider your fan’s suggestions, be open to feedback and respond to useful recommendations, make them feel important. Let them know they matter.

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Best Tip Menu Ideas For Onlyfans:

While creating a tip menu, you should decide what kind of content you want to post on your Onlyfans account. Onlyfans offer a diverse range of content creation categories, for instance, Yoga Instructor, Adult Content Creator, Fitness Freak, Motivational Speaker, and much more. After deciding your niche and optimizing your profile, here are some tip menu ideas which you can implement on your Onlyfans.

Following are some of the best Tip Menu ideas for Onlyfans:

Beautician Tip Menu

Cocky Extras Tip Menu

Birthday Special Tip Menu

Fitness Freak Tip Menu

Girlfriend Experience Tip Menu

Dick Rating Tip Menu

Zoom Video date Tip Menu

Wearables Tip Menu

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Let’s discuss each of these Onlyfans Tip Menu in great length.

1. Beautician Tip Menu:

A beautician can make a tip menu defining how he/she will entertain you. They can design a tip menu on Canva or any other editing platform defining their services and prices. For instance, $60 for a 1-minute makeup tutorial and $150 for a complete makeup tutorial.

2. Cocky Extras Tip Menu:

Suppose you are an adult content creator and want some good tips from your subscribers by creating an Onlyfans tip menu similar to this. Design an attractive tip menu that shows your services and their prices graphically. This particular tip menu includes the creator’s tip of $3 for three pre-made photos, $4 for four pre-made images, and $5 for five pre-made photos. You should also mention tip prices for custom photos, pre-made videos, and custom videos as a creator.

3. Birthday Special Tip Menu:

There are many categories in which you can create tip menus as a content creator, including a birthday special tip menu to show amazing bondage between you and your subscribers. Design an attractive tip menu that clearly presents the prices and services you will provide to your subscriber during his birthday. Most content creators provide services of sexting, pictures, and girlfriend experience on the birthdays of their subscribers.

4. Fitness Freak Tip Menu:

The audience of the Onlyfans is changing gradually, and the content creation is going more towards the health and fitness niche. The content creators in this niche design their tip menus according to their services as well as profile tip menus. You can create a fitness tip menu mentioning the prices of personalized advice, training sessions, fitness advice e-book, personalized diet/workout plan, and consultancy sessions. For example, the charges can be $45 for a personalized diet/workout plan. $50 for the fitness-advice e-book.

5. Girlfriend Experience Tip Menu:

Engaging with your subscribers as though you’re dating them, via direct messages, videos, and voice messages. It’s all about building personal relationships and having actual conversations with your fans. It could be priced into various categories, each with an increasing amount of services available for a day or more, allowing for a greater personal experience. For example, the ‘silver’ category could include texting and sexting throughout the day along with selfies for $25, while the ‘gold’ category may additionally feature Snapchat access and video call for $40.

6. Dick Rating Tip Menu:

As men are very conscious about their dick size you may ease their tension and satisfy them by providing them with the dick rating tip. $5 can be charged for 1 minute of audio ratings and $10 can be charged for 1 minute of video ratings.

7. Zoom Video Date Tip Menu:

People are craving for romantic interaction hence exploring the possibilities of discovering potential exciting intercourse with an individual. It would provide a glimpse of your personality to the fans which would, in turn, entice them into opting for more sessions. As many people are not willing to commit to a relationship, they are only looking for an enjoyable experience.

8. Wearables Tip Menu:

For a more steamy experience, fans would aspire to get their hands on your personal wear. You could send them your personal wearables with a handwritten note and a picture of yourself wearing them. The pricing for each individual item could be incremented with each day worn. For instance, a pair of socks for $10 could further be raised by $5.


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