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If you a webmaster and you are not doing adult affiliate then you are missing out on some serious cash my friend. Today I will do a Pussycash review – Adult affiliate network, program for adult webmasters. Although my network of choice has always been crakrevenue  and have been making decent cash through it. They are really very high paying adult network.

What is Pussycash ?

They claim themselves to be the best adult affiliate network program on the internet. You can become an adult webcam affiliate and make money by promoting their website and then getting the commission. You will get this commission for a life time with some of percentage.

How can I make money through pussycash?

I have shared a guide on adult media buying on this website: Make $1,000/day Adult media buying guide step by step and many other articles which can help you earn great commission from converting traffic. You can make lots of money if you have a good traffic in your website. If you are new to adult affiliate then you should probably check out the following articles:

What are the website that I will be promoting?

Here are the websites that you will be promoting as an adult affiliate:

Pussycash review - Adult affiliate network, program for webmasters

Most of them are webcam websites, where people pay to chat with webcam models. Your job is to get people on their website and signup. This is all you have to do is generate a traffic for these website.  If you are not familiar with the vocabulary then you can check this out: Affiliate Marketing Vocabulary Explained.

How much money can I earn or make ?

This depends on the kind of offer you are promoting and from which country your user is getting registered, but generally the best ones are PPL is you are just starting out and if you are experienced then Revenue share is for you. Here is an image to clear things out:

Pussycash review - Adult affiliate network, program for webmasters

More information about pussycash? is not a new website, they have been on the internet for quite some time and have made a name for themselves. Now they have a good reputation in the adult industry. If you are just starting out they have an extensive webmaster guide to help you start.

How can I receive my payment from Pussycash?

There are two options which you can use to take payments, check or payoneer . You can receive this payment twice in a week and the minimum payment threshold is $100.

How can I promote my offers?

Just like any other adult affiliate website pussycash also offers a range of promotion techniques like banners, links, gifs etc. There are several other creative ways to promotions techniques you can use.

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I hope you like this article on Pussycash review – Adult affiliate network, program for webmasters.

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