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Adult Affiliate Marketing Program, network for webmasters – Clickcash review

If you are a regular user of this website then you probably already know that I am a big fan of Crakrevenue Adult Affiliate network . Another great Adult affiliate network for adult webmasters is Clickcash. This Clickcash review – Adult affiliate program, network for webmasters will cover everything you need to before joining them. You will get a good information here about Clickcash.

If you are new to adult affiliate marketing and making money through that then you need to check out few articles before you read this review. There are lots of other helpful articles in this website you can get a complete step by step guide about affiliate network marketing. These articles will help you get your basics right and I have also included few methods that are used to make money using adult affiliate networks.

What is Clickcash?

Clickcash adult affiliate program is one of the oldest website that serve to affiliate in adult industry. They have been in the business for over 20 years now, so you can trust them that they are not just a newbie company trying to make money. Clickcash have a good reputation in the market now. Clickcash started in 1996 and has been going strong.

How can I make money through Clickcash affiliate program

You make money by multiple methods, here is one:Adult affiliate marketing Make Easy Money.

Primarily you make money by making people or your adult traffic join some kind of a program. You have to clear your basics about adult affiliate marketing. If you are new to adult affiliate marketing then I would request you to first go through these basic articles:

If you have an adult website then you can show banners or display ads, and if someone clicks on it and then visits a landing page and performs a specific action (for example signing up) then you will get a commission. You will get this commission for a life time till the users is making/spending the money from the network.

What makes clickcash different to other adult affiliate programs like Crakrevenue

Although both are great platforms, few specific features that clickcash offers are:

  1. Free $50 welcome joining bonus.
  2. Weekly payments.
  3. The best part is not just customers, you can also refer webcam models and make big money. $100 for each new model.
  4. Since you are promoting one of the best website iFriends, the chances of making money is high.
  5. Huge variety in terms of webcam models, 18+ , teens, milf’s etc.


You can even make more money by referring other webmasters to clickcash with your affiliate link and make 10% of their earnings for lifetime. These are really great ways to make a good passive income from affiliate marketing.

I hope you like this article on Clickcash review – Adult affiliate program, network for webmasters. If you have any query feel free to contact me on my email or you can ask your questions on the comment section below.

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