Adult Alternatives to Tumblr UPDATE 2020!!

2020 UPDATE: I have gotten a lot of complaints about users getting removed with no reason. I am NOT affiliated with that site and I do not recommend that you use sites based on those cheap tumblr clone scripts. 

The same goes for newtumblr, those guys are running the exact same script as bdsmlr. Stop wasting your time there and just find an alternative that isn’t running on a $20 script.

So if you want an alternative to the tumblr clones, go join

As you probably know, tumblr is closing down all adult related posts and blogs as of December 17th.

Tumblr will ban all adult content Decmber 17th

So what shall we do now? Tumblr was a great source of traffic and a good way to market your content if you are a cam girl or someone selling nudes online.

UPDATE DECEMBER 5: GO TO ADULTNODE.COM – it’s the new tumblr for adult and porn. 

Adultnode is the new tumblr alternative

It’s pretty cool actually, it’s like facebook, twitter and tumblr had sex and spawned that site.

Luckily for you, this blog has a lot of guides up that will help you gain adult traffic and promote yourself to a growing market of adult consumers.

UPDATE 2019: is still the best tumblr porn alternative.

I totally recommend that you check out these guides:

So there you have it, there are plenty of good alternatives to using tumblr. Please comment with your tips and share your own alternative places to post adult content.

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  1. I have found a site where i can continue the NSFW blogging after the ban of tumblr. I transfered my full tumblr blog to the plinner cant waiting for the launch.

    1. Yes a lot of those clone sites are out. Most die before they even launch (sadly). When you decide it’s not worth the wait, I know the owners of and can say with certainty that is THE place to go now.

  2. Also what about providing 2257, IDs, model releases like some Top sites claim to want, I mean I have amateur videos all this is not even possible.

  3. seems to be getting tons of traction, I’ve gotten web traffic to my site from my profile there

    1. Very strange with such a laughable name, but I will check it out for sure. It’s just my experience not to water too much time on the sites built on that Tumblr clone script.. they rarely last that long.

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