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As always you should watch where you get your adult industry related news from. If you google something like OnlyFans drops adult influencers, you will see a lot of articles saying they do and a lot saying they dont. Notice how those that claim they don’t, will send you to OF with an affiliate link.

Why are (some) mainstream sources reporting that OnlyFans aren’t banning adult?

Think about it for a second. Why should they? They want to grab the attention by reporting things like “fact checks” with no sources – and why would they use referral links if they do? If you notice, all my referral links for OnlyFans now go to Why? Because I know that sending adult creators to OnlyFans will make me ZERO money, because they will be banned soon.

Why am I reporting that OnlyFans is banning adult creators?

Because they are. It’s started with shadowbanning, it’s 100% the same that happened with Instagram. Do you remember when adult creators were making tons of money with instagram and it stopped more or less overnight? I do. This is the same.

I can’t show you a source for this, but imagine you would prepare a way to silently offload millions of profiles from your account because you are preparing an IPO? How would you do it? Manually? No, you need an algorithm to detect this. First way? Start by getting everyone to verify and then run those facial images through a filter, so you can detect their images and then shadowban them first. Later, close the accounts.

Don’t believe me? Search Google. There are tons of articles indicating this – and very few saying the opposite. Why aren’t OnlyFans commenting on this? Why are they silent? You decide.

What if I am wrong?

You know what. I hope I am. For your sake. I’ve messaged hundreds of creators already, telling them to diversify and start migrating their fanbase to – why? I’ve turned them on to OF and feel responsible for making sure that they aren’t being screwed over.

Most of these models don’t remember reading my guides here.. so they reported me to OnlyFans. They closed my account, I asked what went on and it was instantly opened. OnlyFans knows what I’ve been doing. And when their algorithm close the account, a human opened it. Why? They want adult creators to find a new home.

Make sure you pick a new home that works. One that will listen to your needs and that will never ban adult creators. Made by adult industry veterans, by creators for creators.


If you don’t believe me, fine. But ask yourself this: Can I afford to be wrong? How much extra work is it to start posting the content I was going to post on OF, on AdultNode also? How much work is it to DM my fanbase, telling them to register with AdultNode? How much would an extra 5% income mean for me? (AN has lower fees).

Then decide if it’s worth it.

AdultNode is now the #52 most popular adult website in the world, to comparison OnlyFans is number #14. world wide rank in the adult industry.

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  1. I did not know this.

    So, in a while Onlyfans will close its doors “only” to those who upload hot images on their profiles, and for those who want to continue sharing their photos they will have to use the substitute called “AdultNote”. I don’t blame them, really, but I have to admit that the internet is becoming a real nuisance when it comes to the Adult industry. It seems to me that there are too many blocks and impediments, and this makes me very nervous.

    Thanks for introducing me to “AdultNode”, I was not aware of it.

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