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Cheap Adult Hosting

The best and Cheap Adult Hosting…

If you are searching for the best prices on cheap adult hosting which is at the same time secure for your adult business then this article is for you. If price is your priority when shopping for an adult host, I am going to explain why it is important to have a secure host and at the end of the article I am going to recommend you the host that I am using for my adult sites which you can get for a very low price.

First of all I am going to stress one thing here: not all hosting companies are adult friendly. Some of them are not ok with adult affiliates hosting their adult sites on their servers.

I have explained my story with hosting an adult site in a non-adult friedly host before on this blog. So, I’m just going to say here that I learned the lesson when it was late. Long story short: my site got down when I hosted it in a non-adult hosting company.

My bad that I didn’t read their terms of service ? So, I just had to start all over again and here I am.

Adult sites are not accepted by many of the hosting companies out there today.  Up to 90% of hosting companies place a ban on adult contents on their servers. If you have an adult blog and you are bothered about where to host it, this write-up will reveal to you a unique hosting company where you can easily host your adult blog or website. The beautiful thing is that the hosting company to be discussed also provides very cheap adult hosting.

Before we delve into that, we will consider some of the reasons why many of the hosting companies do not permit you to host your adult websites on their server. Some reasons are highlighted below:
  • Many of the mainstream hosting companies do not like to have any association with anything that relates to porn.
  • Many of the adult platforms out there generate a lot of traffic. As a result, they use up a lot of server space, which may cause the server to run slowly and affect other websites hosted on the server.
  • Many of the laws in many countries are very strict against pornography, including in Europe.

Despite the decision of many of the hosting companies to reject or ban adult contents, you can still find adult friendly hosting services around. All you need to do is to dig dip a bit.  What is more, adult-friendly web hosting service is even more affordable than other types. Despite the affordability of the adult web hosting programs, they still offer top-line top-level security and great value. They provide anti-hacking, anti-piracy and even anti-spam protection for their clients. You can learn more about how to make money from adult sites here.

Which is the most reliable web hosting service you have ever come across? There is none other than 247-Host.  What are the features that make this platform to stand out? Some of them are discussed below.

Cheap Adult Hosting
Cheap Adult Hosting

An overview

247-Host started operation in 2004, and the company is based in Montreal, Canada.  The services provided here are focused on top line customer satisfaction and top quality.  The platform is equally developed to serve the needs of both small and large organizations, including adult websites.  The platform is full of unique features, including merchant tools, e-commerce scripts, WordPress, shopping carts and so on.


247-Host is highly reliable.  Experience shows that the uptime is 99.999%! The infrastructure is highly secure, and the services are delivered from several data centers and servers located in places like Europe, Canada an even united states.

Check below for highlights of the various features that set this platform apart from the others and also make the platform reliable:

  • You can migrate freely from any other hosting company
  • The bandwidth is unlimited or unmetered
  • It supports CentOS Linux and provides Full Root Access
  • It equally supports KVM Based Virtualizor technology
  • The hosting service is fully managed and also provides free cPanel/WHM
  • It is built on Windows 2012 Server and also features Remote Desktop  (RDP)
  • 247-Host provides Windows Dedicated Servers
  • The client is free to choose among the various servers and data centers located in Europe, U.S. and Canada
  • It also features cPanel Dedicated Servers
  • The end user will have access to WebSitePanel Control Panel
  • You can register for web hosting, VPS hosting or even reseller hosting to make some money on the side.
  • The main features include unlimited sites, WordPress hosting, unlimited, and unlimited bandwidth
  • The platforms supported are Linux and Windows
  • The supported scripting languages are Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, and Perl.
  • The supported control panel is CPanel
  • The servers are located in the Netherlands, Canada, the UK, and the U.S.
  • You can easily install SSL, WordPress, MediaWiki, Mambo, Magento, Joomla, fantastic/Softaculous, Drupal and b2evolution.
  • The available databases are MySQL and PHPMyAdmin
  • The supported customer services are Tickets, Knowledgebase, live chat, and phone.


The cost depends on the type of web hosting you opt for.

  • Shared hosting ranges from $2.99 for a basic package to $14.99 for a Platinum package.  All the shared hosting plans provide an unlimited number of emails, unlimited domains, and unlimited bandwidth
  • Virtual hosting plan ranges from $29.99 for wVPS-1 to $79.99 for VPS-4.  Each of the plans comes with an unlimited number of domains and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Dedicated server plans range from $139 for Linux Server 1 to $349 for Windows Server 4.  The bandwidth varies from one Dedicated Server plan to another, ranging from 12TB to 20TB.

The major advantages of Cheap Adult Hosting

The main advantages that place 247-Host ahead of many other web hosting platforms are highlighted below:

  • It is one of the best for hosting adult websites.
  • The uptime is highly reliable
  • The setup process is equally easy and fast
  • Furthermore, customer support is simply awesome
  • What is more, the client can have access to various affordable hosting options.

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