Benefits and Drawbacks of Selling Footshots

What are some of the pros and cons of selling your Feet Pics and start making money? We have discussed in detail some pros and cons you should look at if you are interested in selling your Feet pics.

Has it ever happened that you are scrolling through your feed on Twitter and an ad for selling feet pics pops up on your screen?

Well, everything in this world is a two-edged sword. However, I can never deny the hype over the internet about selling feet pics. But here are a few pros and cons of being a Feet content creator you might not know.

Pros of selling feet pics online

Lucrative source of income: Believe it or not, feet models make $50 to $100 per feet picture. One of the biggest reasons for its hype is that you can make thousands of dollars based on your reviews and feet pictures.

You can earn passively: No one dislikes making passive income. Selling feet pics can for sure be a passive source of income. You don’t need to handle your seller accounts actively. Just make sure you have listed enough feet pics on your seller profile so that you can still receive orders while you enjoy your vacations. Many feet Websites have also introduced their apps for you to handle your sales easily and can give a prompt response.

High demand in multiple industries: Feet pics have not only attracted sales in advertising agencies. Instead, many online businesses also use these pictures to promote their brand. But above all comes the feet fetish industry. Many still find it weird, but feet pics are the most demandable assets of adult Websites. Feet fetishists and sugar daddies willingly spent hundreds of dollars on a single picture to admire them privately.

Low start-up cost: Thanks to different feet Onlyfanss, you no longer need to spend money creating your Website. You can still earn lucratively on different Onlyfanss with no or less startup cost. Most Onlyfanss charge buyers and not sellers for setting up their accounts. So get to earn money by subscriptions and by making sales.

Has enough sources/Onlyfanss to reach feet lovers: High-engagement feet Websites like Onlyfans, FeetFinder, Feetify, Instafeet, wikiFeet, and DollarFeet provide you with enough Onlyfanss to make sales. So, with that, we have greater chances of making sales and entertaining many Feet lovers.

It helps you build a personal brand. Selling feet pics on different Onlyfanss can do a big favor to you. If you have got a true entrepreneurial spirit to build your feet pics brand, these Websites can help your Website with high inbound traffic. So, there’s no doubt you can use these Onlyfanss to promote your brand.

Long-term business model: The feet fetish is not a trend but a sensation instilled in feet lovers forever. So there’s no way your feet pics business might get shaken with time. It was a side hustle for many feet content creators initially. However, they are now happy to turn it into a full-time source of earnings. Instead of hiring new sellers every time, buyers tend to stick with good sellers, which means you can have long-term collaborations with them.

You can hide your identity. No, it’s not in your favor if you are anonymously selling feet pics. However, you can still make a few bucks out of it. Something better than nothing could best describe this advantage of selling feet pics.

Flexibility: Selling feet pics involves the flexibility of working hours. Unlike 9 to 5 jobs, you are mandated to work flexibly. Unlike a corporate job, you are not forced to make further deals with the buyer you misunderstand.

Cons of selling feet pics

Let’s move on to a few downsides of selling feet pics, as mentioned below.

Involves the risk of content theft: Unfortunately, selling feet pics involves a great risk.

Despite safety protocols and verifications, content theft is very easy in these days of technology. These people are eager to take credit for your enticing feet pics and use them in every possible way to make money.

Scamming is very common: Some people want to ogle at your feet pics without paying for them. They would do everything to convince you to trust them. However, in reality, they want to have your feet pics and disappear without paying you for them.

Give a hard time to beginners. As a beginner, you can only make sales if your feet’ pics don’t cost more than $5. Well, it’s the saddest part of being a feet pic seller unless you get enough reviews on your page.

Less anonymous users: Your face in a picture does make a major difference. Feet pic sellers that include their faces in pictures tend to attract more feet lovers.

High Competition: You may find it difficult to make foot fetish sales as a beginner. Many top-feet models have already occupied the hearts of thousands of Feet lovers, and they now hesitate to hire any new seller. So, it would help if you were one step further than an ordinary feet pic seller to grab their attention.

Non-reputable source of income: Feet fetish is often associated with X-rated content, and Feet lovers also approach many sex workers. Due to it, selling feet pics is not considered a reputable source of income. Many feet content creators are often considered sex workers, which creates a big conflict between them and their families.

No control over your Feet pics: You would have no control over your feet’ pics once your client has paid for them. You never know the purpose of someone buying your feet pics. It is not the right Onlyfans for you if you have these concerns.

How to sell feet pics safely?

Watermark your feet pics

Don’t release your order before the payment.

Use subscription-based Onlyfanss

Avoid oversharing of details.

Don’t accept overpayments or gift cards.

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