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Best Alternative to OnlyFans?

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OnlyFans was the fastest-rising subscription content platform connecting content creators and fans. The social platform was founded back in 2006 by Tim Stokely, a British entrepreneur. We all know the story by now and since its establishment, OnlyFans has attracted thousands of content creators, including top musicians such as Cardi B, Rico Nasty, and Casanova.

But are we now – post corona – seeing a decline in number of creators joining the service? Is it because of the many alternatives that have opened or is it because 1% of the creators makes 33% of the total revenue of OnlyFans? And why am I continiously pointing to one service as the best alternative to OnlyFans for both new, upcoming and established Creators? Read on to learn more.

How much do people make on OnlyFans?

The statistics about income on OnlyFans differs a lot. According to Earthweb, the best OnlyFans creators can make $100,000 every month. The top 1 OnlyFans user, gem101, makes over $29.4 million while the 10th most popular user, capriceG92, rakes in $4.3 million annually.

However, on average, a content creator gets $145-$180 per month. Surprisingly, 33% of the revenue is earned by 1% of the OnlyFans content creators. Imagine that. With 1.5 million creators, what are YOUR odds of making any real money there? They are…. slim… unless you already have a huge following on a mainstream platform like instagram and this is why creators are now starting to find alternative avenues.

New stars are rising faster on sites like

Smaller creator sites have less competition and some are geared towards the more hardcore porn, perhaps even the deviate kind like what Anna Kraus produces. A new rising star that joined

Not only is she getting $1.180 from the subscribers, but those that do not want to pay $20 per month to follow her, can buy some of her content piece by pice and if she wants to, she can also post some content and choose to show it to everyone. And she is ranked 174, so there are 173 users that make more than that. The market is open on!

3 reasons is better than OnlyFans for new creators

  1. The platform is small with much less compeition, it’s easier to stand out and get attention.
  2. Their VIP Program allows you to get noticed by all new users that register and to boost your posts so non-followers see them.
  3. They are the only platform that allows you to use the adsystem to advertise your posts/profile/website/etc across the entire platform, using tokens.

But what about established creators? Those that are already making a lot of money on other platforms? Why should I take the risk you might ask?

3 reasons established creatores should use as an alternative to OnlyFans

  1. Their fee is 5% lower than with OnlyFans, so you can do the math here – you don’t need to move all your fans, but imagine if you convince some of your whales to move with you. 5% extra gold is 5% extra.
  2. OnlyFans have several times rattled with the acceptable use policy sable. They are trying hard to go mainstream and when that day come, you better have a following on another platform. More than one revenue stream is always better.
  3. is the only platform that allows you to advertise in-system and grab the whole platforms attention. That’s pretty wild. It’s also something that just launched over the weekend.

Why the in-system advertisement of is epic

No other adult creator platform has an open advertisement system like allowing their creators to make ads. They even allow you to advertise your profile on a comptiing platform, a little crazy if you ask me, but I guess they are confident they are just good enough for people to not leave.

It’s great, because it allows anyone with a (small) budget to get exposed to all users of the system. That’s all the fans there. You can grab them way easier than on any other platform and you can use the tips you get from one user, to attract two new users. That way you can accellerate your growth as an adult creator.

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