Bryce Adams’ $8 million investment in Onlyfans rival Fanvue

In August 2023, OnlyFans announced that they would ban adult content creators starting in October 2023. The decision was later reverted, but it was a big warning sign for the creators of OnlyFans, so they started looking for more Alternatives to Onlyfans.

Fanvue emerged as a potential Onlyfans alternative and has been working for more than one year to get creators a safe space to produce content and build a sustainable business around their content.

Bryce Adams is one of the top 0.01% Onlyfans Creator and made over $6 Million on OnlyFans invested money into a reveal platform of OnlyFans called Fanvue.

Fanvue is a platform that we could say is a better version of OnlyFans. If you are a creator of OnlyFans, you might have experienced a lot of bugs and issues with the verifications, and it takes 7 to 11 days to get paid on OnlyFans.

In Contrast, Fanvue offers a lot of features and helps you with a lot of things like:

You can get paid in minutes on Fanvue.

You can find all the features like getting subscriptions, making money through selling PPVs, and receiving Tips from your Fans in messages and on the content you share on your public Fanvue page.

One of the best things about Fanvue is that you can request a feature, which will be available in 48 hours.

Data-driven content creation. Fanvue offers features to help you decide based on data to help you create relevant content for your fans.

Get discovered. It is hard to get discovered on OnlyFans, but Fanvue made it easy for you to get discovered on the platform.

After a successful launch in January 2022, Fanvue has just closed it’s second investment round, raising over $1 million. With the biggest investment from one of the top OnlyFans creators who makes over $650k per month. . Investment from top Onlyfans Creators into the platform shows trust and the potential of this platform. If creators with hundreds of thousands of followers are moving to a platform, it is a good sign and shows that Fanvue is doing something right.

Fanvue has been growing 100% month-to-month since it is launched.

According to Byrce Adams, she sees his Investment in Fanvue as:

“ a chance to ingrain herself deeper into the space, and a chance to raise standards and opportunities for other creators”,

Byrce also commented on Fanvue as a company  and how did find out about them:

“I first learned about Fanvue 9 months ago, and I heard it was a new platform for creators, by creators. That caught my attention. After getting to know the Fanvue team, and having personally met with them in the USA, I was impressed with their ambition, their ability to build tools and their commitment to build products to help creators grow their revenue. It is clear they welcome talent across all sorts of cultural areas and want creators to be successful. They have a hunger to make a platform that delivers an amazing experience for fans and creators alike.

Now, they are spearheading the creator economy by being the first to offer creators who use the platform, the opportunity to invest directly into a platform! I’m very excited to be the first creator in the industry to invest in a platform. I’m hoping it inspires fellow creators to use their success as a springboard to investing in themselves.

Fanvue Co-founder, Will Monange, commented on the investment:

“Fanvue has been built on putting creators first, empowering them to build big audiences and increase revenue. Offering them the chance to become part of the business as an investor marks a new phase for the platform, and further evidence of our mission to develop creators’ entrepreneurship and be part of an exciting growth phase for Fanvue.

It’s a significant statement, that a creator like Bryce, who has made millions on a rival platform is our first creator investor and we’re delighted to welcome her onboard.”

Fanvue Success Stories:

Fanvue’s recorded 100% growth month-to-month since its inception. There are a lot of creators on Fanvue that are making thousands of dollars every month. Like Onlyfans, Fanvue is also a platform that accepts content creators from any industry; it isn’t just a platform for adult content creators.

Also, creators with big social media followings are joining the platform, a green signal that Fanvue provides top services to content creators to ensure they make more money and have an overall good experience using their platform.

The future is looking interesting for content creators, especially when more and more creators are moving to a subscription-based business model, as it allows them to make a living without relying on brands or sponsorships from companies. Fanvue is the platform that could help you start a business around your content. Join Fanvue here.

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