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One of the key problems with the western world in our modern times is that people will try to do everything at once instead of simplifying their work. One of the rules that has changed my life comes from the way Russians treat the gym, “Consistency over Intensity”. So I want to talk about how this applies to making a passive income. It can be in any field, however I will use this specifically for growing your Chaturbate Affiliate account. It applies to even becoming a cam girl, which we’ve got a guide for here by the way. Let’s talk about making a consistent content calendar.

Prefer to Watch? No Problem, here you go!

The Russian Method

When it comes to working out, the Russians do things differently. They prefer to workout every day but not to extremes, they don’t push to the limits every day. They prefer to just consistently work out instead. Something must be working because all Russian Guys are massive and all Russian girls are stunning! What I’ve found is that this applies to everything online too. If you want to grow your following then it’s better to stick to a consistent schedule, than to create a crazy amount of work.

Advantage Algorithm

When you stick to a consistent content calendar then the algorithm’s will give you an advantage too. YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t measure the amount of content you have but if you post every Tuesday and Thursday consistently for weeks on end, they will start pushing you up the order. The reason for this is that they want to ensure that the traffic that they push your way can rely on you to constantly keep them up to date and entertained. I’ve found this applies to almost anything. If I keep to a schedule of Mon, Wed, Fri with this site, my traffic goes through the roof. If I do 7 days of posts and then nothing over the next month. My traffic either stalls or nosedives.

The Beauty of This

The best part about this method is the less is more approach. You can create a calendar within your schedule. Instead of seeing the work as a big task, when you’re creating your new website or simply starting to broadcast on cam. Then start by just creating an hour or two every week where you will put in the work. Once you’ve consistenty done this for a month, then if you want to increase this in month 2, then do. If not, no wories.

Just remember. Consistency is Key!

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