Celebrity earns $1 million in a day with OnlyFans

Bellla Thorne is a readhead celebrity that joined OnlyFans and make a lot of money. She is a hot readhead sitting with her arms open, in a bikini with a necklace that spells SEX

It’s a staggering number. Sure she already has a following of 24M on Instagram, but even so, making $1 million on OnlyFans in 24 hours is out of this world even for a celebrity…. and the crazy thing is that it’s monthly subscriptions, so that means she could be doing over $30 million in the first month!

She sells her monthly memebership at $20/month. That means that the first day, 50,000 fans signed up. She has a following of 24 million on Instagram, that means the ratio for signups were 1:480. Assuming that ALL of her followers saw her post the first day – and we know they didn’t, so lets be conservative and lower that ratio to 1:400.

Ask yourself this dear creator; How many fans do I have on my social media platforms?

If you have 5000 followers, that means you can expect 12 signups (5000/400 = 12,5 so we round down). That’s an extra $240 a month.

So let’s scale it up a bit, what if you have more followers?

10K means 25 signups = $500 extra income a month

25K means 25 signups = $500 extra income a month

50K means 125 signups = $2500 extra income a month

100K means 250 signups = $5000 extra income a month

I am sure you get my drift. So how many followers do you have on instagram and twitter? If you are a celebrity, or an adult creator or adult performer or just a fitness guru or someone with a large social media following, you can absolutely make a lot of money by creating a profile with OnlyFans!

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    1. That’s great. You should check out adultnode.com then, lots of people are uploading the homemade porn videos there and getting paid by other users. Sort of like OnlyFans mixed with Facebook/Twitter. But real naughty 😉

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