Chaturbate payment methods

Chaturbate payment methods

Chaturbate currently supports 7 different payment methods.

Chaturbate has introduced two new payment options for it’s International Broadcasters and Affiliates. Here are lists of all Chaturbate payment methods that are available for users and Affiliates.


Epayments ( No processing fee ): Epayments is an international payment provider that allows people to send and receive money across borders.  It makes easy to pay employees and providers and accept direct payments from websites like Chaturbate.

Epayments is authorized by FCA and they issue Mastercard directly so you can use them anywhere in the world. It’s a trusted payment method with more than 600.000 customers right now. Sign up here.

2-Mail check

Check sent by mail ( No processing fee ): If you wish to receive checks you can do so. Keep in mind this option is only recommended for USA based performers. Shipping can take weeks for international models so if you live outside the US, choose another option.

chaturbate payment methods


Payment by Wire ( $45 processing fee ): It’s the option I personally use. I don’t live in the USA and a $45 fee is something I can live with. I’d rather have the money in my bank account than anywhere else.

4-Check sent by FedEx

Check sent by FedEx: ( $40 processing fee in the US, $80 International ): If you still need to receive checks, you can pick this option. It’s faster than the checks sent by mail, but the fees are huge, especially for international models.

5-Direct deposit

Payment by Direct Deposit ( No processing fee, USA Only ): This is the preferred option for US-based performers. It is the fastest option and there are no fees involved, which is always a nice thing.


Payment by Paxum ( $0.50 processing fee ): Paxum is an e-wallet that you can use to receive your funds. After signing up and providing them with all the required id documents you can request a debit card that you can use on any ATM.

The card can take up to 20 business days to be ready to be shipped and after that, 5-20 days are required for postal mail delivery. It’s a handy option for those outside the US and with fewer fees too. The downside is that is not as safe as a proper bank account. You can sign up here.

7-Cosmo Pay

Payment by COSMO Pay ( $1.00 processing fee ): Cosmopay is another online payment processor mainly for UK based performers. The website looks a bit dated and we don’t know anything about its reliability.

Let us know if you have any questions or additional information in the comment section below. If you’ve had any experience with any of these sites, don’t hesitate to share. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Chaturbate payment methods.

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