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Today will be discussing about Adult Landing Page 101 – Complete guide for Making money as an Adult Affiliate. If you are selling something or are using adult affiliate marketing in the you need to have an amazing and attractive adult landing page for the offer to convert and help you make money.

They are the only chance you get to impact your visitors, show the strength of your product, build enough trust with the audience that they are willing to sign up.


Note: The network that I recommend for affiliate marketing is crakrevenue  and I have been using the same network for years. They are just extraordinary and will easily help you make amazing cash. I have written many complex articles on adult affiliate marketing I will request you to check them out here:


For all my landing page creation, I use Lead pages (be it adult or non-adult landing pages). They are the masters in landing pages and creating landing pages is such a breeze through them. But I must say they are expensive and is not suited for all, only for people who are experienced and if you have some money to  spent. You can also use a great Landing page builder by Thrive. Thrive has some amazing products, the one I love and use already on this site is Flourish Leads, a great plugin to grab leads from your websites visitors. Again you will have to shell out some money to use these products. Or the last way you can create your own landing page.


But before moving forward on telling you how to do that, you first need to understand the basics of a landing page. Why are landing pages required and What is a Landing Page. What are their importance in a sales funnel and how they will impact your revenue or profits. What differentiates a good landing page from a bad. And What are the features/characteristics of a highly covering adult landing page.


Note: Since this website is focused on adult niche I will try to keep everything adult related, but the general concepts will remain the same.


What is an Adult Landing page?

Usually it’s the page the visitor is taken to after he click on an advertisement or a link that you have embedded or put somewhere for promotion. The page is a web page where your user will land/get redirected after clicking the advertisement.

You must first understand that a landing page is more like a helper to reinforce the qualities of your products in the eyes of the visitors. It is just like a elaborate YouTube review which tells about the various amazing advantages of your products before the person is actually taken to the sales page or the page where the person can actually buy the product you are selling. This  is the page that will generate you all the leads for you.


You have to understand that if the visitors is directly taken to the product sales page then it is especially difficult to convince him/her to buy the product. Why ? because they have not really connected with the product yet. They still don’t know why that product will be helpful to them in their life. A landing page comes into play here by helping and influencing user why this product is a great fit for them.

Advantages of an Adult landing page?

  1. You show or express about your product in such a way and also gives a reason to the visitor why your product is the one that he/she is searching for. If some one is clicking on your advertisement that means they are already interested in what you are selling, the landing page does the job of strengthen that belief and also helping them make take crucial decision of taking the credit card out of their wallet for payment.
  2. Also if you are new to the market or people don’t know about your product then a landing page helps in building that psychological trust relationship. You have to gain the trust in the market or in your landing page. Creating that connection through use of great copywriting, testimonials, pictures, etc.


Your landing page is the only chance you get to convince your visitor. you have to make it more creative and user friendly where user can easily find what they need easily. Once they hit the close or back button they are never coming back, so making sure that your landing page is highly converting is crucial for your success.

Things to remember while creating an systematic adult landing page

Creating or designing a landing page is not just about throwing some pictures on the page with some text and then expecting the people to take note.  It’s a cleverly designed process and one that need a time and focus.

You want to relate with the problems of your audience. The moment they and on your landing page they must be fascinated by what you are selling. You should not come across as too salessy, the process should look and feel natural so that the decision of making the purchase seems lightning.

Its is all about finding the right audience and then connecting with them.

Here I have listed the elements of an adult landing page:

  1. Header
  2. Body
  3. Call to action

Lets go through each one of them one by one:


Header of your landing page

It is the first thing that your visitor will see. The headline and the opening face of your landing page. The header must use a simple and productive heading that can correspond of the visitors problem and also offer them a working solution for the same. It should be clearly designed, must have great colors, relatable pictures or background and clear looking text.

This includes your title and title is very important for the effectiveness of your landing page. An attention grabbing title is what you desire. If you are thinking I don’t know how to write title or I don’t want to do the work for writing good title, worry not I have covered that area for you as well.

First you must understand that even small changes in your title can affect you conversion rate and this is why A/B testing your title is a crucial step. You must have to check all the changes carefully that you are making in your website.


Here are some ways to write amazing title for your landing page:

  1. Give them facts or numbers. People love actionable advice which involves a number. Fro example: Fuck 10 girls in one week – Proven step-by-step formula.
  2. Make it super simple for your customers. The only way to fuck multiple girls without going out of your home.

There are thousand other amazing titles that people use. Use google to find high converting pages like these and get inspired.



Body of your adult landing page

One thing you learn that will skyrocket your conversion is speaking your customers language.  So they can easily get to know if they have any query. Here is customer is the visitor to your landing page. They are already interested in what you are selling since they are on your landing page. Now you just need to convince them that you are selling an amazing product that will clearly fulfill the desire they have. This will only help if you use the language that your customer use.

For writing great copy you need to first research about the problem that your product is solving. See forums, blog comments, quora, reddit and see the language people are using for describing their problem. By speaking the language of your customer you are easily able to connect with them.


Keep your message and text of landing page, simple, clear so that your visitor understands the overall distinctiveness of your product within seconds. The content should be easily readable. No one has the time to read everything that your put across in your landing page.

Make every element relatable, if you are adding a video message make sure it is personalized and also the message is in context to what you are selling. You have to connect with your audience emotionally.


Call to action of your adult landing page

You have followed all the advice and have even created a great looking landing page, but without a call to action its like a car without the petrol. It should be easy and eye catching with full of creativeness. You need the visitor to take a specific action while he/she is going through the natural progression of their landing page. Here comes the part of Call to action. I have already written article on what makes a great call to action, check it here: Creating Call to Actions – Adult Media Buying.


Call to action is another very important part of your landing page. Make sure you have a clearly visible call to action. You don’t have to keep the visitors guessing what their next step should be rather drive them naturally to your call to action so that they can move forward with the next step that you desire them to take, like buying the product or creating and account.

Make sure you have multiple call to actions, one in the header or above the fold and one later below the page when the visitor has scrolled through the landing page

TIP: make sure you landing page is mobile-optimized. As mentioned on many websites that mobile traffic is surpassing all kind of traffic for your website. I have a network of website and even in my google analytics I can see that approximately 50-60% of traffic is coming from mobile phones


These were the tips and my advice for creating an amazing and results oriented landing page. Now lets move forward to other important stuff that is equally important and needs proper mentioning


If you have starting testing your landing pages now, then you must already have seen a boost in your conversions. You leads will be higher then previous. You might be smiling and already be writing an email to me for a thank you (by the way you can do that at [email protected]). But that is not all. What if I tell you that you can still double or triple your conversion rates. Yes, it is possible and that my friend comes through A/B testing your adult landing page.


I have already written an article about what A/B testing is check it here before proceeding: A/B testing adult ads – media buying.


A/B testing is especially crucial if you are selling something. You need to have the best conversion for your landing page and that will be accompanied only by testing various version of your landing page and then keeping the highest converting one.


Here is how you do the A/B testing of your adult landing page the right way:

  1. Testing one parameter at a time. If you are testing multiple areas then how will you decide which parameter is affecting the increased or decreased conversion rate.

If you are sending traffic to various landing pages from various ad banners you wont be able to decide which one is working for your as you have no idea for where the traffic is coming. So rather go slowly, here are the steps:

  1. Choose one ad banner that gives you high clicks.
  2. Now A/B test various versions of your landing page and see which version gives you the most conversions. You can track it for marketing purpose to improve
  3. Voila, you have found the highest converting adult landing page for your product


Note: You have to understand one thing. These tests are highly varying and the results might differ for some different traffic source.This is no exact scince to need to keep testing and adapting in order to get high conversions. It’s not like one type of landing page will fit everywhere.


What are the types of Adult Landing pages?

Depending on the type of results you want there are two types of landing pages:

  1. Lead capturing adult landing pages: This is like normal lead generating landing pages so that you can connect the email address and then convert them later by sequencing the emails. This is most important. This is the most prominent way of how internet marketing industry is making all the money.
  2. Click-Through Adult landing page: This is the kind of landing page that we talked about a lot in the above information. Warming the audience about your product so that before taking them to the sales page you have convinced your visitors enough to help them decide to make the purchase.


Lets decode a perfect landing page so that you can create and convert like crazy. You need to understand the basic elements of a landing page and also connect them coherently in order to get high conversion rate.


Clearly establish what you are selling to your audience

If you cannot describe in clear and concise manner what you are selling then the conversion rates are hit badly. The primary title is very important and you must test various version of it to see how well it is helping.

You can also use Hotjar to see how people are navigating through your landing page. You will be able to check , how they are scrolling, how their mouse is moving and all such important information. You have to tack each and every movements of your users in the landing page.

Subtitle is also very crucial. If you see any popular online courses you will see a highly creative and enticing title, along with a great subtitle that is supporting the title very effectively. A sub title also help in clearing the confusion and describing your product in few words.

Using video for high conversions in an adult landing page

Using media elements in your landing page can really enhance the conversion rate. You can improve your conversion rate just adding the media elements there. Especially video elements are believed to be more realistic and creates a better connect with the audience. If you check Leadpages ( a leading landing page company) they also use Video in their own company promoting landing page


Highlighting the benefits and advantages of the product on your adult landing page

This is where you have to show off in a very natural looking way. You don’t want to come across as to salesy while also highlight in the key benefits of your product. You can do this with the help of a story, bullet point sin clear and efficient manner. Or paragraphs explaining them. Using the customer language becomes very important here as they should feel as if their own subconscious is peaking directly in front of them.

They should feel, yes that’s exactly the problem I have and then your solution will solve the problem.


Capturing your Visitors attention and faith

You can do this through various ways. You have to gain your visitors attention and faith by adding some copyrights, and some users feedback and testimonials. A great way is video testimonials. They are working really great these way as the doubt of having a fake testimonial is removed completely. If you cannot get video testimonials, then make sure get customers comments through your Facebook group (if you have any). Or ask your previous customer to write a realistic testimonials to help you put in the landing page.


Bringing in the urgency to get more conversions

This has been a tried and tested formula when getting higher conversions. If you can show a timer that states that the offer will expire in 7 days or 48 hours then that creates a urgency in the visitor’s mind and hence you can get a higher conversion rate as well. Try to make it on the sale for a short period time so user will get it instantly.


Now lets talk about the important stuff. The two most important part of your adult landing page:

  1. Title of your adult landing page
  2. Call to action (CTA) of your adult landing page


There is no doubt that these are the two most important areas of your landing page and can make or break your conversion rates. If you are into adult affiliate marketing then this will be extremely crucial for your success.


For getting better at improving conversion of your landing page is test and more testing. One better way is to learn from the pros, and this is why I would ask you to read blogs of , . These two companies have millions of impressions on their landing pages and hence have statistics to back their claim. They have a good visitor daily. Learn from them, get inspired and test various new tricks and tips on your landing pages and see how it affects your conversion.

If you don’t want to do this then you can hire a freelancer who have expertise In building landing pages and ask him to do all the work, title, copywriting , CTA etc.


Some other important articles that you must check out:


I hope you like this article on Adult Landing Page 101 , the Complete guide for Making money as an Adult Affiliate. Please share this article on forums or various communities you are part of in order to help everyone.

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