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Different Ways to make money from adult websites

Do you wants to make a huge passive income? If YES,  then do read about how simple it is to make a huge passive income: How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites. Today I will tell you about ways to make money from adult websites.

In my five year experience of making money from my adult methods, I have tried and tested all there is to maximize my earnings and today I will share what I have learnt with you on ways to make money from adult websites. You can make really good amount of money from adult website. There are many ways a website can make money , I will list down all the best methods.

  1. Display advertisements: This is probably the most common method of earning some money of your adult tube website. If you do not know already, of my total earnings (Which is close to $5000 per month from all my adult websites and methods) close to 25-30% of comes from direct advertisements. I only prefer juicyads (Juicyads Review – How I make $1000 per month)  because it is the best adult ad platform. I would also recommend you to read Trick for giving a boost to your your Ad sales in Juicyads to make some extra cash fast. (you should also read How to maximize your revenue from advertisements).
  2. Pop under ads : This is the second biggest component of my earnings after affiliate programs. I use Popads (Popads review – How I make $1500 per month) and Popcash (Popcash review – How I make $900 per month) as they are the best popunder networks I found after working in this industry for almost 5 years. Beware that using popups can lower your pageviews and might interfere in a good visitor experience. If you are making enough money from affiliate programs then I would recommend you to not use popups. popups make users uncomfortable to closing all those.
  3. Selling Ad Spaces: This is a great way to earn a regular monthly income which is almost always greater than what a display advertisement by an adult network may offer. You choose the rates and all the negotiations of your ad spot is done by you. you can make a good money from this when someone wants to display their ad in your website. The only problem you might face is about How to find adult advertisers to sell advertising spots on your website. But the article link will help you with that. I would recommend this method to all.
  4. Affiliate Programs: If used correctly this will become the major chunk of your earnings very soon. Affiliate programs means helping other websites find customers and in a way getting some commission out of it. For example you might help a dating website get sign-ups, sell some adult product. Go through our affiliate programs section to find all the easy and simple ways to make money online. To give you a reference I make close to 40% of my income through affiliate programs. Primarily I use Crakrevenue which I found to be the most reliable and offers best rates.
  5. Subscription based: This mean that you charge for a premium service. For example you may ask your visitors to buy a membership to get AD-free HD videos. Or to unlock any cool features of your website if people buy some membership. Although I must warn you that with the multiplication of torrents and free tube website this method of earning money has become obsolete and no one these days see any good results. So you can try your luck buy my experience says to avoid it.
  6. Link sharing ads.
  7. Mobile Redirects : I have made it very clear from the start that Why you should avoid using Mobile Redirect Ads . They are just not worth it. There are many more ways to make money. So avoid mobile redirects to make money online.


If I missed some point or you were not able to understand something, please share your query in the comments section below. I will be quick to reply to all the queries.

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