Earnings on Fansly: How Much Do Fansly Models Make?

Fansly is an adult subscription platform where you, as an adult content creator can start earning money by running a subscription-based fan page. The platform is open for everyone but 99% of the creators are adult-content creators so if you are someone who is interested to create adult content, Fansly is the right platform for you.

As a model or content creator, you can upload photos, GIFs, videos, and more to grab followers and subscriptions. This platform is only developed for content creators to grow their profiles and subscriptions.

How much money can you earn on Fansly?

The most impressive part is a model can earn the highest amount on Fansly. The platform divides the profit into 80, and 20 percent, where the bigger part, 80%, is for you and the rest 20% is for the platform. On average, you can earn in a year a minimum amount of $20,000. Isn’t it a great deal?

Then what are you waiting for? Oh! Don’t know how to earn on Fansly. Don’t worry. We will tell you all about the platform, and we’ll discuss the following topics to help you out. So if you are interested then go through our article till the end. Join Fansly as a creator here.

How does Fansly works?

Here we provide information on how this platform works to help to use this platform.

If you are a Fansly model, you can make a paid account so that your fans can pay you monthly for posted content on your page.

Or you can produce a pay-per-view post at the best price for the followers. This can get you a one-off fee on an exclusive post, which is an advantage for the free models of Fansly.

As a model, you can also communicate with the fans and get new ideas.

On Fansly, your subscribers are most important. To gather more subscribers and followers, you need to promote your content on other platforms. The more followers you gather, the more you will earn.

Creating an account on Fansly:

To take advantage of Fansly, a creator must be an adult (above 18 years) to open an account. After that, you will have to go through the following processes.

First, Go to Fansly.com here. And Make an account.

Account verification and Bank Info: Fansly is a very genuine platform and follows a strict security process. Therefore, a model or content creator must provide their bank details and verify the account. You have to provide your legal identification cards like- Driving license, passport, or other legal ids. This process can take some days to approve your application.

Select a Profile price: You can choose the profile types, either free or paid; that’s totally on you. You can create a free account so that your fans don’t have to pay for the subscription. Or you can fix a subscription price monthly so that your fans will pay you to follow you.

Setup your Profile:

Set your profile appropriately so that your followers can find you easily. You will need to create the following essential things.


Profile name

About (write something about yourself, about content, content genre or theme, etc.)

Links (provide other social media links- Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Profile photo

Cover picture

Your account must not look strange but simple and real, and the followers must be aware that they are paying a genuine person. Do not make your profile appear like a mysterious account, and it is better to keep it simple.

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What is Fansly? Fansly Review And How You Can Make Money As Adult Creator?

We discussed; What is Fansly? Reviewed the adult subscription platform and let you understand how you can make money on Fansly.


creator economy

A potential Fansly Alternatives:

FriendsOnly is a platform where you can make money as an adult content creator. In FriendsOnly, you can upload TikTok style vertical videos and make money the same you do in Fansly or Onlyfans.

One of the things I liked about FriendsOnly is it gives you exposure or shows your content to a lot of users. Fansly or Onlyfans doesn’t have this feature and this is why you need to diversify your content to make more money. Sign-up for FriendsOnly here.

How much money do Fansly creators make?

When Onlyfans August announced that they are banning adult content creators from uploading content and making money (they later reverted the decision), many Onlyfans alternative platforms emerged. Fansly was among one them that benefited from this Onlyfans mashup and they are the ones who get the most creators.

If you want to Join Fansly or looking for how much money do Fansly creators made till now? We will answer these questions by looking all over the internet and sharing stories and stats about creators who made big money on Fansly.

In a Reddit thread about; How much money does a Fansly creator make?  

There is a great reply by someone.

What is a realistic amount of money someone starting out as a YouTuber or Instagram model can expect to make? No one can answer this because it entirely depends on your capability to create high-quality content and promote it consistently and effectively and run your page in an efficient way. Money correlates with time, effort, and intelligent marketing.

So, platforms are independent of how much money you can make on Fansly as an adult content creator, it all depends upon you. How much effort you can put in?

Uploading a content

What should be your content? It’s totally up to you, and you are the owner only you should choose the contents. There is plenty of content to post and select such contents that are easy to promote as some subjects are occurred little challenging to enhance.

You should be comfortable with your content. The contents must be in the following criteria.

Pick non-sexual content like art, music, food, etc.

You can choose nude content but without a face.

Nudity is implied.

Semi-nude like fitness or bikini photos.

Fetishes contents like pictures of legs, feet, hands, etc.

Then comes the qualities of your content. How? Here are the tips.

You must buy an expensive camera that provides better picture quality. But wait, still, you can make your videos or picture quality better. Without expanding your budget, you can make your video or picture resolution attractive, and you be able to grab lots of paying subscribers on your profile. You need to follow some tricks such as:






Interactive objects

Marketing & Promotion

The next important process is promotion. Marketing your Fansly profile helps you to gather followers or subscribers. If people are unaware of your Fansly profile, how would they subscribe to it? Therefore, you will need to promote the Fansly profile on other social media platforms like- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Shout-outs, etc.  This will help your profile to reach more people.

But how to market promote the write way? Here are some tips.

Marketing and promoting your Fansly profile:

There are plenty of platforms where you can promote your Fansly profile. But your promotion should be that appealing and unique to grab subscribers immediately. You can add some information about the profile to promotional posts to attract viewers.

Give a description of the profile, like what content it has, e.g., outdoor, partners, cosplay, etc.

Say something about yourself.

Give an exclusive description of the profile.

Make a preview of your Fansly content in the promotional posts.

Or, you can offer discounts. Like you can reduce the profile price for a limited time, which may bring more viewers to your profile.

Here I have discussed Fansly Marketing in great length.

Important tricks for posting content on Fansly

Patience and dedication: If you want to earn from Fansly, you must treat it genuinely. Promoting yourself in the digital market to bring more subscribers is not as easy as it sounds, and it depends on your efforts. You must be enough dedicated and have patience. Keeping patience is very important; at least for 3 months, the digital platforms are not for you if you don’t have patience.

Well organized: If you want to earn, you must be well organized on the platform. You must be active on Fansly and post content regularly. For that, you have to make a proper timetable for shooting and posting. It helps in keeping the fans engaged with your profile. If you ever delay posting new content, your followers may lose connectivity.

Make your Fansly profile look professional: Your profile picture must look professional to grab more subscribers. Therefore, the profile picture should appear classy and appealing. And also, add some details of yourself on the profile.

Be Confident: Be sure and confident that you want to run Fansly. Otherwise, leaving this platform on the midway is meaningless. Think twice before starting. If you can organize your content correctly and are confident about it, then go on.

Ignore Trolls: The Internet can give you famous positive and negative ways. There are various kinds of people on the internet; some may support you, then some may try to put you down. All you need in this situation is to ignore those people. They may troll you, but it would be best to avoid them.

PS: Fansly earnings: How much does the model make on Fansly?

So, now you know the ways of creating an account and the process of growing your profile. Then, open an account on Fansly and start earning through your creativity

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