Everything You Need To Know About Filing Tax On Your Onlyfans Earnings Regarding Onlyfans Taxes

Taxes are boring and it is hard to track. As an Onlyfans creator, you need to file taxes if you are making money. First thing first, your earnings are subjected to Taxes. Depending upon your country of stay, you should consult a tax accountant to help you with filling the taxes. This article discusses the Onlyfans Taxes for the US, the UK, and the Canadian creators.

A content creator making money on Onlyfans has to pay taxes. In this guide, we will try to cover all aspects related to Onlyfans taxes. The creators making money on the platform have so many questions about Onlyfans taxes, but it isn’t easy to find authentic answers on the internet. So, to provide authentic information about the Onlyfans taxes, we have researched a lot and written this guide.

If you are making a ton of money on Onlyfans or other adult subscription sites, you should definitely be worried about IRS showing up on your doorstep and asking you to file taxes otherwise face charges.  

Forming a company:

This is your first step toward going official as a business founder. You can file any of the following companies in the US:



or Partnership

Forming a company can help you easily solve your tax problems and now the IRS will treat you as a self-employed person.


You wouldn’t have to pay taxes if you don’t make more than $600 in a year. If you make more than $600 a year, you will receive a 1099 form. 

Do You Have To Pay OnlyFans Taxes?

Content creators living in the United States must have to pay taxes on the money they earn through Onlyfans. To determine how much tax you have to pay is, to sum up, all the earnings from PPVs, Subscriptions, Tips, Donations, and Live streams.

Onlyfans Tax Forms For Content Creators:

As a content creator on Onlyfans, I’m going to assume two scenarios; one is that you just started your career and the second scenario is that you are not forming an LLC, Partnership, or C Corp.

If that’s the case, then your tax life is simple, and according to IRS, you are self-employed. The Onlyfans content creators get form 1099 because they are self-employed, and this form indicates the total earnings of a content creator in a year.

There is one condition that you will get a Form 1099 only if you have made $600 or more in a year.

If your earnings are lower than that, you will most likely not receive or get form 1099, and the IRS will also not expect any tax return.

What If A Model’s Annual Earnings Are More Than $600?

If you have reached the minimum figure, we have written a guide on how you can file Onlyfans taxes.

While filing tax returns, the most important schedule is schedule C. Schedule C is known as profit or loss from business. In this schedule, you will be providing information about your earnings and the business deductions that are related to the business for which you are filing a tax return.

Many content creators file form schedule C, and they submit it to the IRS along with the tax return form 1040.

How Does OnlyFans Tax Work?

After determining your activity is a hobby or business, note every aspect and fact. If you are creating content as a hobbyist, then the income generated from the hobbies are aimed to be non-profit. Hobbies include those activities such as recreational, sports, or pleasure activities.

The creators who are making income from hobbies on Onlyfans will not qualify for deductions, but they will only have to pay income tax. The IRS stated in 2018 that they had suspended the ability to itemize or include hobby-related expenses. That’s the reason hobbyists do not require to pay self-employment tax.

If you are a full-time content creator and working as an influencer, you will have to pay income tax and self-employment tax. The percentage of tax on self-employment is set at 15.3% for US citizens.

What happens if you don’t file tax?

If you don’t file the taxes, you may get penalized for it. The penalty increases day by day, and interest is also charged. So, it is better that you should file your taxes on time and save yourself from penalties.

What Are Some Tax Deductions That Can Help Reduce your Onlyfans Taxes?

As a content creator on Onlyfans, there are some expenses that can help you in reducing your taxes.

These expenses are given below:

Transaction fee: You can expect a reduction in your tax because of the transaction fee you pay on Onlyfans. It includes the 20% you give on Onlyfans. Your tax is calculated on the total profit you earn.

Clothing: You can add the expense of clothing or costumes you purchase for the shooting of your Onlyfans videos. It will also be deemed an expense of business, and the tax deduction will be made.

Self-employment tax deduction: IRS considers self-employment as a business expense and allows the reduction in taxes.

Internet and Phone bills: A self-employed content creator can add the internet and phone bills as business expenses, and these expenses can help in tax deduction.

Health Insurance Premium:

As the self-employed model or content creator has to pay his health insurance premiums on his own, it is also considered a business expense.

Onlyfans Taxes for the US Citizens:

In the above sections, every piece of information we shared applies to the US citizens running successful Onlyfans accounts. The general rule is if you didn’t make more than $600 a year, you don’t fall into the tax net, if you make more than this amount, you have to file a 1099-form.

Onlyfans Taxes for the UK Citizens:

If you are self-employed in the UK and you make more than Β£12,500 a year, then you have to file taxes otherwise you are exempt from taxes. According to the Independent UK news, The company is planning to collect taxes on behalf of their creators; the following message is sent to creators:

β€œBy collecting and remitting tax on behalf of the creators that you generously support, we are helping our creators stay compliant with the current laws. Thank you!”

Onlyfans Taxes for the Canadian Creators:

The general rule of thumb is ‘if you are self-employed, you have to file your taxes, in every province in Canada, you also have a different set of tax regulations. If you are eligible for paying taxes in your province, you have to fill out the T2125 form. You can use another form of payment like Paxum or Skrill to reduce your exchange fee which in term will help you to save a big chunk of money.  

Onlyfans taxes FAQs:

1. Do every content creator on Onlyfans have to pay taxes?

Yes, every Onlyfans creator making taxable income has to pay taxes; otherwise, he will have to pay penalties.

2. Are Onlyfans content creators considered self-employed?

Yes, Onlyfans creators who are not working with any company are considered self-employed.

3. Can a good accountant help you in any way?

A professional accountant can help you save time and headaches caused by the complexities of the taxation work.

Onlyfans content creators are considered self-employed, and they have to pay taxes. However, self-employed persons can enjoy some tax deductions. As a content creator, you should pay your taxes on time. If you are having issues paying or calculating your taxes, you can take services from an accountant.

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