Feetify? How Does It Function? How Can I Earn Money? And Is It Valuable?

Do you want to sell Feet pics? There are a lot of platforms out there where you can sell your Feet pics and start making money.

Feetify has turned the tables of many foot pics sellers who started from scratch and are making more than $300 in a single month. All this can be true if you sell feet pics on platforms like Feetify.

So before you start your journey on Feetify, here is an honest review blog for you guys to sell feet pics and make money online.

Following are some of the platforms where you can start making money:

FeetFinder – Best Platform for selling your Feet pics.





And Stock Photographic sites.

What is Feetify?

Feetify is feet fetish pics selling platform. Feetify is a website that allows many of you to earn from the side hustle of selling feet pics. The platform has no subscription policy for buyers/sellers. It is free for both parties and can be used worldwide.

Feetify has more than 18,000 active users. Some make $10 per picture, while others make $100. The platform has also introduced an app so that you can easily handle your sales and continue to explore more in the feet fetish world.

To sell feet pics on Feetify, you need to make an account. Here’s how you can make money on Feetify.

Start Selling Feet Pics on FeetFinder

You can make money on FeetFinder by selling your Feet pics. On FeetFinder, you can make money in different ways, like starting a subscription business around your content, selling your Feet albums, and receiving tips from your fans. Sell your Feet Pics on FeetFinder. 

How does Feetify work? How to use Feetify?

Selling feet pics with Feetift is the easiest and most convenient way of growing your feet pics business. As long as I have worked in this field, I have found Feetify the most convenient platform for selling feet pics. You must make an account, list your feet’ pics, and bid for them.

Here’s how you can count yourself as a Feetify seller.

Visit the website and click on register.

Fill in your details, including your password, username, birthday, email address, and country in which you live.

Mention the mission for registering on Feetify i.e., to sell feet pics and videos.

Upload your feet pics and videos. Ensure they are of good quality to avoid getting them deleted by Feetfinder.

And you’re all set to welcome buyers in your DMS and pitch for your feet pics and videos.

Now, you can enjoy making your sales on Feetify. Connect with buyers through messaging. However, the premium plan can offer you more tools to increase your sales.

Why subscribe to Feetify Premium?

Subscribing to the Feetify premium plan has a long list of perks. The premium plan costs around $50 per year and has the following advantages.

Feetify pays active premium sellers for actively managing their accounts whether they make sales or not. Remember only to post quality feet pics.

You are free to earn by selling custom feet content.

Premium sellers can list unlimited pictures and videos.

You can unlimitedly sell your feet pics and videos to enjoy more sales from your listed feet content.

Everyone is allowed to text and reach you.

You can accept cash tips from buyers.

Feetify features the profiles of active premium sellers on its homepage.

Premium sellers are given more preference from buyers and customer support.

You can receive and respond to messages from buyers all over the world.

So, all in all, the premium plan is worth it. It costs you around $49, which stays active the whole month.

Feetfinder extends the premium status to 24 months for free if you can stay active and abide by the rules the whole time.

Why sell feet pics on Feetfiy?

Artists, Feet lovers, bloggers, modeling agencies, advertising companies, foot accessories brands and outlets, footwear shops, etc.

Not to mention that Feet sellers get most of their sales from the fetish industry. Feet lovers don’t leave a single chance to buy intimate feet pics.

So, make sure you capture your feet, keeping in mind the fantasies a feet lover has in his/her mind. To be more specific, following content sales the most,

Painted toenails.

Feet feature foot bondage.

Footsie videos.

Crushing soft objects between soles.

Pedicured feet.

Feet captured in sex positions.

Talking about the market, female feet pics sell the most. The female foot is more beautiful and delicate than foot lovers see in their dreams.

So, adding intimacy to your foot’s content is the key to making more sales on Feetify.

What are some Pros and Cons of using Feetify

Pros of Feetify

These differences make Feetify a better platform to sell your feet pics. Here are some more pros of selling feet pics on Feetify.

User-friendly setup for the best experience.

Free for sellers.

Feetify doesn’t reduce the quality of posted content.

Unlike Feetfinder, you don’t need a subscription to list feet pics.

Unlike Instafeet, Feetify doesn’t need your sensitive information and has no strict approval system after you register.

Feetify features the most active profiles on its homepage.

Sellers can search for buyers on the Featured Buyers page on the platform.

You can also get some tips from a 20+ page guide at the start of listing feet pics.

Feetify pays premium sellers for actively posting feet pics on their profiles.

Cons of selling Feet Pics on Feetify:

The long list of pros has reduced the list of cons of Feetify. Still, there are a few cons to using Feetify.

Costly premium package.

You can make sales easily for anything that costs more than $10.

According to some reviews, users were unable to withdraw their earnings.

User Reviews for Feetify

Feetify has got perfect ratings of 4.6 on Trustpilot. So let’s talk about what good and bad reviews say about Feetify.

Feetify has got around 89% of positive reviews. The platform is praised for being good at customer support and keeping fraudsters from reaching sellers. It seems that it is a true foot-selling app. So, there’s no way we can doubt the legitimacy of this platform.

A small percentage of users were dissatisfied with the payment methods of Feetify. According to many complaints, users were unable to withdraw their earnings.

FAQs: Is it worth using Feetify for selling feet pics?

Feetify premium plan says it all.

The website has more benefits than any other feet platform. However, we still recommend you sell feet pics on more than one website to get more discoverability.

Feetify genuinely values your work when you know that the website offers cash prices to their premium sellers for being active and posting quality Feet pictures.

P.S: What is it? How Does It Work? How To Make Money? And Is It Worth it?

Feetify is the most demanded platform in the foot fetish industry. You can sell feet pics, videos, and custom content to make $300 or more in a single month. Nothing can beat the perks of being a Feetify premium seller.

Whether you make sales or not, Feetify premium offers you cash awards. However, your gallery should only have quality Feet content to be able to win cash prizes.

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