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How Can I make $1000 Per Month – Juicyads Review

juicyads review


When I say Juicyads is the best adult advertising platform then I am not just making a random statement but rather a judgement that is based upon two years of research. Today I will do a Juicyads Review for all the people who still have confusion over which is the best adult advertising platform.

If you don’t know already and have not read my journey to make $3500 per month from a tube website, then I will request you to read it and get inspired to start your own journey to making money online. One of the major constituent of my revenue comes from Juicyads.

When my adult tube website started getting traffic the natural choice for me was to search for advertising platforms that allow adult content. I started with exoclick, eroadvertising, plugrush and many others. But only after six months of struggle and only few dollars of earnings I finally found the one network that will become my major source of income for upcoming years. Yes, you guessed it correct it was juicyads.

What differentiates juicyads from others?

There are a couple of things that makes the difference.

1) With all other adult ad networks I found the CPC (cost per click) to be more or less same as well as very low for all the ad-types. One thing to notice here is that the Selection of type of ads to choose is very predominant with juicyads. Some ads will pay you much more than other. What I mean by that is that the CPC  will be much higher for some ads compared with the others. I have created the list of the best ads that you should include in your website to get maximum earnings.

2) This is by far the best feature of juicyads and that is the Juicyads marketplace. Here each of your ad is available for sale and any advertiser if interested can directly buy your ad from the marketplace and you will earn much more than your regular earnings. This particular feature has made me thousands of dollars, just in few months of work.

Note: Trick for giving a boost to your your Ad sales in Juicyads

Juicyads Payment Proof

Here is a screenshot of the money I requested through wire transfer. I requested $3480.79 which after converting into the currency of my country became 207,663.93.


Sign-up, Approval, Requirements and Restrictions:

Signing up is very easy and very fast. All you have to do is go to this link Juicyad signup and fill in your details (it will not ask for the website at the time of registration) and verify your email. After verifying your email you can then add your website and verify it by copying a small code in the header of your website and you will then be eligible to use juicyads on your website. (if you face any difficulty during signup or any other related query, please use the comments section below, I will be happy to help).

Go and signup now to juicyds : Juicyads signup.

Click on the image to go to signup page:

Juicyads popunder review

Let me get straight to the point. Avoid juicyads popunders. The reason I am saying this is because when it comes to popunders, juicyads is just not upto the mark. Alternatives such as Popads and Popcash are way ahead in this particular ad type.

I have personally used juicyads popads and wasted a lot of money when compared to if I would have joined popads and popcash sooner. The CPM rate as well as the number of impression provided by juicyads are much lower compared with popads and popcash.

To give you a reference, of my overall income from tube websites, close to 65% income comes from Popunders. Yes, you read it correctly. I know 65% is huge but believe me choosing the Right Popunder network is very important to maximize your earnings. This is the reason why I always prefers popunder networks that I personally use : POPADS and POPCASH.


Juicyads Mobile redirect review

I have been in adult content making money business for almost 7 years now and I can assure you that you should completely avoid Mobile redirect ad type in your website. The reason being why send your precious hard earned visitors to some other website when those valuable visitors can be transferred to give you much more ROI (Return on Investment) when they visit your own website.

Firstly there are chances that the visitor might get annoyed by going to some other website, so there is a high probability of loosing a repeat visitor.

Secondly you never know, that one particular visitor might end up buying a affiliate product or joining a cam site that you are promoting and thereby earning you much more than what you were earning through mobile-redirects.

Thirdly and most importantly, Google has started penalizing websites with mobile redirects, so if you are ready to lose only SEO advantage then its your call in the end.

Juicyads Payout (as of 3rd May 2015)

Juicyads Paxum account Payment requirements:


My Juicyads Paypal account Payment requirements:

Juicyads Cheque Payment requirements:

Juicyads Payza account Payment requirements:

See My Juicyads Wire Tranfer Payment requirements:


What are the pros of using Juicyads:

1) High CPC ad types.

2) The juicyads marketplace to buy sell ads (their best feature yet).

3) Excellent live customer support.

So what are you waiting for. Don’t be that guy who just loves to gather all the information but never takes the action. Go and signup now to juicyds :

Juicyads signup


I hope you like this article on How Can I make $1000 Per Month – Juicyads Review.

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