How Can I Sell Photos Of My Feet Without Being Scammed?

If you want to be in the feet selling business, there is one thing that makes it very boring and might bring you more stress: getting scammed selling your feet pics. I have received a lot of messages and even answered requests on Quora about getting scammed selling their feet pics on different platforms. What are some tips and tricks for you to better cope with not getting scammed online and make sure you are getting paid for your hard work?

I have shared everything in this article to help you understand why you are scammed and what strategy you should apply, so you don’t get scammed selling your feet pics?

Selling your feet pics on social media platforms and the risk of getting scammed:

I have an article discussing how to sell feet pics on Twitter, and you can sell your feet pics on other platforms like Instagram and Reddit, and on these platforms, you are more vulnerable to being scammed.

People contact you on these social media platforms and ask about feet pics with some additional requests of how it should look like? Here is the blueprint for someone selling feet pics on social media to avoid getting scammed:

Someone contacts you and asks for your feet pics.

You greet them ask them for any special requests.

When they deliver the request. Ask them about the price. How much would you pay? How many feet pics do you need?

When the person gives you an estimated value and agrees. Tell them to send a 50% upfront in advance or if they think you will scam them, direct them to a page hosted on FeetFinder or Onlyfans.  

Boom! you sold your feet pics with confidentiality and without getting scammed.

Selling feet pics on FeetFinder or Onlyfans without getting scammed:

Onlyfans and FeetFinder are the two essential platforms for feet sellers. I have a deep comparison between Onlyfans Vs. FeetFinder where I explained the difference for the reasons like getting exposure, the commission they charge, the long-term prospect of these platforms.  

If you want to sell feet pics through FeetFinder, one of the best things is you can promote yourself on social media platforms, and whenever someone asks you for custom feet videos or pictures, you go on and create a feet album for them and price it as discussed and send link to the FeetFinde album. Boom! You are making money without being at risk of getting scammed as FeetFinder is a legit website to make money selling feet pics.

FeetFinder is a website where anyone can sell their feet pics and make money in two ways; selling their feet albums and making money selling their recurring subscription. According to their blog, creators on FeetFinder made over $90,000 in 2023, and they are going to reach over a million dollars this year, hopefully as they have over 350,000+ creators and over 500,000+ users. The best thing about selling feet pics on FeetFinder is it allows you to get exposure as the website is mainly for the feet sellers and buyers.  

Selling feet pics on social media and involving third parties in selling your feet pics help you a lot and run this business peacefully. These platforms can also help you get discovered organically on their platform, which is a plus.

Some general tips and tricks to not getting scammed selling your feet pics:

Following are some tips and tricks for feet sellers to not get scammed;

Use social media platforms only for promoting and getting more clients.

Use third-party platforms for selling. My favorite is FeetFinder.

Never share your details with anyone if you want to be anonymous. The best thing to do to be anonymous and sell feet pics is to use third-party platforms for hosting your feet pics like FeetFinder or Onlyfans.

Give a review of the social account of the buyer before making any deal. It is a waste of time to create feet content while, in the end, you didn’t get paid for it.

Be consistent on the platform.

I hope this helps you not get scammed online selling your feet pics.

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