How Can I Start Making Money With Adult Affiliate Programs

These days each new webmaster come into this industry with the expectation of making a lot of money in a very short time. Every single day bitter and disappointed people leave this industry feeling that they have somehow been bypassed out of the fortune that was rightfully theirs.

These days there are no guarantees and the only way you are going stand even the indeterminate chance of making money is by putting in long hours and a lot of very hard work.

The assumptions of people on the outside of this industry is that there are bucket loads of money just laying around waiting for someone to come along and pick them up. In the early days it was easy to make a lot of money and success was almost guaranteed.

Short-cuts and controversial business ethics are not a fast-track to success either. If you want in invest time promoting a product you can make a good income from a site hard work, this offers people the great chance to set up a businesses with little expenditure.

That is not to say that there is no money to be made here anymore, because there certainly is and a very few lucky people will make fast money. However if your goal is to make good money as an adult affiliate then you are going to have to work hard and work smart to achieve your goal. Many have tried and just when success is in their reach most cheaters get caught.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is it is something you can do as a bit of fun to pay the bills.

So, what is affiliate marketing? Quite simply, you promote the product of someone else and get paid for every sale. That is made to a person that has been sent to them from your advertising.

How do you choose a ‘good’ adult affiliate and how do you know if they are?

With so many ways to make money, now you need to find the perfect sites to promote. Every new adult affiliate wants to know which sponsors are good and which are not. Which convert and which don not.

Which affiliate network is giving good money and which not. The short answer is that they are all good. They all convert but whether they convert for you is a different matter all together.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the niche / product you wish to promote, once you have that decided upon you then need to find an affiliate you are happy to work with. As I am happy with the Crackavenue.

Affiliate Marketing

Finding an affiliate would seem to be a simple task, there are thousands available covering every possible genre, type the classification you wish to promote in to the mighty Google and add the word affiliate and you will be presented with thousands, so, why is it in fact possibly the hardest part of the process.

The easiest way to find this is to ask for recommendations from people on the board and websites, what affiliates do they use in your chosen target classification or who have they used in the past that they had success with. You can also check out adult sponsors that we recommend promoting.

Once you have optimized your search down to a couple of recommendations. Drop them all the same email asking them a series of questions relating to their site. What their going to give you for marketing tools, when they pay et cetera.

Quite simply the problem lies in the quantity there is to choose from. How do you know if an affiliate is any good or not until you have tried promoting it for a while. Does it convert and more importantly, do they pay you on time, every time?

Keep Following

The email is not actually to find this information out as most of them will have it on their websites. Anyway, the purpose of the email is to see how quickly they respond to you. If they take 20 days to return your email when you are looking to join. How long will it take them if there is an issue with a payment?

But do not leave it at one email. I recently put forward an email to a DVD affiliate as I was having lots of issues with the one I was using at the time. The first response came the next morning (good start). After replying to that one. it took them a further 5 days to get back to me. That was weeks ago and apparently their “just finishing off setting up my system”. And they will get back when it is done. Do not think we will pursue that one.

Use More Than One Sponsor

If you are working in the affiliate game, pushing different types of affiliate programs, be sure to use more than one sponsor. By doing this, you spread out your risk if something happens to a sponsors program.

Sometimes small programs come and go so fast it is amazing, but even big sponsors have problems sometimes and either close the doors or get too challenging to work with. If you were only working with one sponsor and they closed, what would you do?


Research is the key to any successful site whether you are new to the business in general or just to a specific category. Miss out the niche research means you miss information you need to make a success of your site. And you are simply pissing in the wind hoping to strike it lucky, you will not!

But what ever classification of affiliate scheme you choose to promote, your job remains the same, to drive as much targeted traffic to the affiliate site as possible. To do this you need to understand your market place and that takes research.

So if you are ready to put the effort into this business, then the information on this website is designed to help you. Follow the articles to learn more about the basics that you will need to know to succeed in this industry. Start with promoting websites which we have listened on our site.

Don’t Give up Keep Following

Find out the list of the most trusted adult affiliate programs that will never rip you off. Above all, take Winston Churchill’s advice: never, never, never quit. Keep working hard and one day you will be successful. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below, hopefully I will answer them all.

I hope you like this article on How Can I Start Making Money With Adult Affiliate Programs.

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