How Do I Increase My Fanvue Following? A Marketing Guide For Fanvue Creators

Fanvue is in my opinion a better version of Onlyfans. If you make an account on Fanvue and want to make money producing adult content on Fanvue, your next question should be; how do I reach more people so they subscribe to my Fanvue page?

This is a marketing guide for getting more fans on Fanvue and to helping creators reach more audiences.

The one problem with Fanvue:

I love Fanvue but the platform is more like Onlyfans design-wise and it promises very little to give you exposure like how you can get followers on social media like Instagram or Tweet on Twitter and get organic exposure but the same case isn’t valid for Fanvue or for Onlyfans. So, creators have to go for promoting themselves on other platforms to grow and attract more followers.

But, Fanvue recognizes the problem and they have launched a program called ‘Creator+’ where a selected few content creators are selected and they give you guidance about growing on Fanvue as content creators.

Using Reddit as a marketing tool to get more fans on Fanvue:

Reddit is one of the best platforms for adult content creators to reach potential viewership who could subscribe to your Fanvue page. Video is the new great marketing tool and if you combine creating short videos of your adult content and share it on some of the NSFW subreddits, it could help you reach more potential viewership.

But, there are dozens of NSFW subreddits where you can share the same content and 10X your reach and exposure. The most confusing part for the adult content creators when it comes to Reddit marketing is they get banned by subreddits for posting there when their account is new, so what you need to do is to spend some time commenting on famous subreddits and spend a week or two interacting in comments or posting memes to increase your Karma so you get eligible for posting into NSFW subreddits.

A great strategy for good Reddit marketing your Fanvue is to add your Fanvue profile in the Reddit bio so whoever visiting your Reddit profile, can go for subscribing to your Fanvue.

Using Twitter as powerful social media to grow:

I have worked with an Onlyfans creator a few months ago and she was only active on Twitter. She posted every day twice on Twitter and I helped her with some content ideas as well as what she need to change in her profile. After a few weeks, she becomes the top 4% of the top 16% of Onlyfans creators.

What we learned is; if you want to win the Twitter game, go for the posting multiple times a day and be consistent in this game. Add your Fanvue profile link in your Twitter bio and create more vertical videos, this would really help you get more subs on your Fanvue profile.

Using TikTok and Instagram to grow your Fanvue page:

For an adult content creator, TikTok and Instagram have been in the grey area for many adult content creators and most of the people lose their profile because they think that you are violating their sexual content. I think Instagram might be finer with some content than TikTok. But on Instagram and TikTok, you can reach a huge audience and get more fans.

I read a story about an adult content creator on Onlyfans and she got over 10K views daily on TikTok and this helps her get 10 to 12 subs every day. With consistency, you can achieve all your goals.

This was a short marketing guide for adult content creators working on Fanvue to use these social media platforms to get more fans or subscribers on their page. A lot of content creators faced issues and some are even quitting because they don’t see any results but in my opinion, it is a game of more content creation and playing the long game.

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