How Do I Report a Fake Fansly or Onlyfans Page Created in My Name?

Vice News reported that there are a lot of scammers who have made profiles of Instagramers on different adult subscription websites like Onlyfans where they are making money by fooling their followers to think that they are the real Instagram creators while in reality, it was just their Instagram old pictures and videos.

Onlyfans has a strict account review process and you need to verify your account before you add a paywall to your videos and pictures.

Fansly or Onlyfans is the adult-content providing website. Here you can upload videos, pictures, and live sessions. Although an adult-based website, it welcomes content from other niches and genres. It is free to join, but to access the premium content of the creator, the fan has to pay a certain amount.

Since it is a subscription-based website, where creators upload their original content and get paid by the subscribers, the website deals largely in money transactions through various safe and secure payment gateways.

Create content and make money:

Now you understand the website, it will be easier for you to understand various issues. You are here because you are dealing with the problems when someone makes a fake page or account on fansly or Onlyfans sing your identity or clones your profile page.

To attract more people, creators have to post original content created only. Copying from somewhere else and uploading for the fans can never work at such large-scale websites. Fansly or Onlyfans is known for its unique content. So, do not play with that. But fraudsters are habitual of faking around. They cannot copy the content from somewhere else, so they create fake fansly or Onlyfans pages.

What do the fake page account holders do?

The fraudsters are always searching for something that can work beneficially for them. And, nothing is better than making money from someone else’s hard work. Let’s understand what they possible do:

Having a fake fansly or Onlyfans Page: The fraudsters create an account on fansly or Onlyfans and start using some famous creators’ public photos or videos to tempt people into subscribing to their fake content.

Getting paid for your content: Subscribing involves money. Whatever has been created by others is now making money for the fraudsters.

A Potential Onlyfans and Fansly alternative:

FriendsOnly is an adult subscription website where adult content creators can create vertical videos like you do on TikTok and make money by getting paid subscribers, selling their videos and pictures as PPVs, and getting tips or gifts from their viewers or fans. Sign-up for FriendsOnly here.

Having fake accounts at another social networking website:

It is quite hard to understand how far these fraudsters can plan things to cheat. You are serious about creating quality content, and who is devoted and can never think of stealing content. Creators have to use several other social media platforms to promote their content and drive traffic to their pages. It is one of the essential promoting strategies that cannot be skipped at any cost.

This means the followers you have on every social media platform need to know about your fansly or Onlyfans uploads. This will be how they visit your fansly or Onlyfans profile page and subscribe to it. This is one of the most accurate methods of driving a maximum number of followers to your page. But unfortunately, it also attracts fraudsters.

The fraudster creates a fake account on other social media platforms (Insta, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). It gets it linked with your fansly or Onlyfans account.

There are cases when these fraudsters replicate your account on other social media sites and then get that account linked with their fansly or Onlyfans profile. This works as if you are copying the content from their fansly or Onlyfans account and posting on the other media account.

There is no doubt that these impostors play very smart. Apart from your money, this whole faking is related to your hard work. Your efforts to create so much unique and original have all been taken away from you by someone fake.

Fansly or Onlyfans are not that easy to be faking around. There are quite a few solutions to protect yourself from such fake people. The best advice would be, always be conscious of what is happening around you and your profile page.

Now it is time to know the solutions at hand.

How you can report it?

It is necessary to adhere to the Terms & Conditions and Terms of Services of the platform you are using. You do not have to wait for anything. That moment you realize your content or profile has been copied by someone, report at once.

TOS or Terms of Services Violation: Prohibit-users policy. Anyone copying or faking will be deleted or banned by the website. The users have to be lawful, or cannot be the fansly or Onlyfans users. Anything harmful, defamatory, illegal, fraudulent, or threatening that encourages illegal activity or violence is considered an illegal act. The website will ban you within a minute.

DMCA or Stolen Material: This is related to copyright infringement. If someone has stolen your content, then report it under DMCA Policy. Your complaint will be forwarded to the copyright infringement section, and the situation will be solved as early as possible.

Abuse: Using any intimidating tone or harassing attitude is unacceptable at fansly or Onlyfans. The site reserves the right to investigate such users strictly.

Spam: Do not post anything that affects or impression of copied content. Anything misleading, low quality, repetitive, artificial, or inauthentic comes under illegal circumstances.

These are some of the reports, and you can complain under these titles. Fansly or Onlyfans is linked with the law enforcement agencies. The site reserves all the rights to investigate such complaints against the fraudsters. The further actions of the site depend on the harm and degree of offence caused by the imposter.

Stay cautious

Fansly or Onlyfans is a fine example of authentication, but not being cautious should not be the option. Whether you are already a user/creator or planning on joining the site, it is advisable to closely read all the Terms & Conditions, Terms of Services, and Agreement Policies.

It might be time-consuming, but for the rest of the future experience, the action protects you from anything illegal or fake. So, stay only but stay safe.

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