How Does Onlyfans’ People Search Work? A Complete Guide

One big problem with Onlyfans is you can’t find people on Onlyfans. Whether you are searching for an Onlyfans creator based on category or searching for an Onlyfans creator in your area, this guide will help you better understand how to search people on Onlyfans. We also mentioned some social media sites where you can find your favorite Onlyfans content creators.

Onlyfans has emerged as a leader in providing a secure platform for adult content creators to host their content and offer them an opportunity to make money. Although the interface of Onlyfans is simple, like Twitter’s, it is difficult to search for your desired content creators. So, how do you search for content creators on Onlyfans?

This article will familiarize you with how the Onlyfans search engine works, why it is comparatively more obscure than other search engines, and how you can make the search easier and fun to interact with your favorite content creators!

How does Onlyfans search work?

The search engine of Onlyfans is restricted deliberately to ensure the privacy and safety of the content creators who share their work on the platform. Therefore, it can be really hard for people to search for their favorite content creators, especially if they are new to the platform.

The search engine on the Onlyfans website may not be the best of all—but if you already know someone’s username, you can type that in and it’ll give you the results.

How to search people on Onlyfans based on Categories?

To make the search easier, especially if you are unaware of the name of the content creator, is to identify them through various categories. Most content creators will have certain categories associated with their profiles and work, for example, amateur, nude, lesbian, queer, etc.

As I already explained that one big problem with the Onlyfans search bar is that it is highly ineffective or bad. For this experiment, I searched the category ‘BDSM’ on Onlyfans and got ZERO results.

Searching creators or a category on Onlyfans results

You see, Onlyfans gives me zero results otherwise there are thousands of creators creating strictly BDSM-centric content but Onlyfans wouldn’t let me find them. So, it is better to use other platforms to find your favorite creators instead of using the Onlyfans search bar.

How to search people on Onlyfans through Google?

Searching for Onlyfans profiles through Google may be a bit trickier since most of these profiles are hidden behind a paywall or otherwise not listed publicly due to various safety and privacy reasons.

That said, if you do know the name of the content creator you are searching for, simply typing it in the google search engine will result in various helpful links and profiles. You can use other identifying information to make the search more efficient, such as category, location, etc.

Using Reddit to find your favorite Onlyfans creators:

Reddit is one of the best and the most concentrated platform with big NSFW communities. I have subscribed to many creators and most of the creators I have subscribed to found through Onlyfans.

Another helpful way is to search through the website which answers humanity’s most, if not all, questions: Reddit! There are a lot of subreddits regarding Onlyfans content creators and their usernames. You will definitely be able to find some useful information there regarding the content creators’ profiles and links!

I might write an article about the best NSFW subreddits for Onlyfans creators but let me list some of the best Reddit subreddits for you to find the best NSFW creators:








Using Twitter for finding Your Favorite Onlyfans creators:

Twitter are Reddit are very adult friendly platform where you can find a lot of adult content creators uploading their short videos and nudes or having sex with their partners or with someone else.

Twitter search is amazing and all you have to do is to search a category of porn you are interested followed by Onlyfans like ‘BDSM Onlyfans‘ or ‘Cuckold Onlyfans‘ and boom! you will have a lot of Onlyfans adult content creators to follow.

How to search for Onlyfans creators in your Area?

Can you be able to search Onlyfans near your country or area or based on your State? Yes and No. Yes, because you can find those who are already famous in your State or country. No, if an adult content creator just joined or is semi-famous, you might never hear of her unless your friend recommends her to you.

Onlyfans care a lot about the privacy of their creators and give them an option to block States or Countries where they don’t want to be searchable in that area.

One simple solution of searching Onlyfans creators in your area is by searching on Google like ‘Best Onlyfans creators in Texas’ or ‘Best Onlyfans creators in

How to search people on Onlyfans using the Onlyfans search box?

Of course, the most credible of all searches will happen directly on the Onlyfans website. You can search for content creators through their names or their categories.

In most cases, though, Onlyfans promotes anonymity and the safety of its content creators, so using in the browser search is the best way to find your desired content creator. Of course, replace the “username” with the actual username of the content creator you want to find.

As you already know how ineffective Onlyfans search bar is but if you search the exact words of a creators, you might get some relevantresults.  

searching for Onlyfans creators username on Onlyfans

Other Tips and Tricks to discover Onlyfans Creators:

One of the most helpful tips for searching for your favorite content creators is through social media! Lots of content creators love to share and promote their work publicly on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook. These social media sites are incredibly helpful in connecting you with these content creators and even introducing you to newer ones.

There is often a healthy and collaborative community of Onlyfans content creators on Instagram and Twitter. They promote and share each other’s work and encourage more people to join in, both to make and consume the content on the platform. It is a very good way to get to know more content creators and find their Onlyfans profile links often linked on their social media accounts.

Searching Onlyfans Profiles Through Fansmetrics:

Just like Onlyfinder, FansMetrics is another third-party site that crawls Onlyfans profiles to deliver you the results. You can input your location and it gives you an option for finding Onlyfans accounts near your location. You may even specify distance if you wish to.

Through Fansmetrics, you can search Onlyfans creators based on different metrics like; the country, the state, Onlyfans creators near your area, and adult content creators who give a free trial to you before you start paying for it.

Following are some of the questions you might have about searching Onlyfans creators:

How to search Onlyfans by email?

No. You can not search Onlyfans by email, credit card information, their real name, or any other information. All the data is stored on the deep web and only a specific user who created the data can access it.

How to search Onlyfans for someone or by name?

You can’t search Onlyfans by their real name. A lot of adult content creators on Onlyfans go with a pen name. Let’s say you met a girl or you know a girl with the real name ‘Sarah’, searching for Sarah Joseph Onlyfans and you wouldn’t find her even if she is an adult content creator, still, it will be hard for you. Sarah Joseph might be Josephy John on Onlyfans.

People who upload adult content, most of them don’t want to be seen by their friends or family and it is better that you should subscribe to other creators because it is impossible to find someone you know by name on Onlyfans.

How to search Onlyfans on iPhone?

Onlyfans don’t have any app on Google play or app store, you can only access Onlyfans through their website. If you are using iPhone, you have do the same as we have explained in this article but one thing is for sure; Google is your best friend.

How to find Onlyfans Creators?

Following are some of the ways to find Onlyfans creators;

Follow NSFW Reddit Subreddits. You will find a lot of Onlyfans creators.

You can also use Twitter to find Onlyfans creators.

You can also use Fansmetrics to find amazing Onlyfans creators.

Using Google, you can find creators by either searching for keywords like; ‘best free Onlyfans‘ or ‘Top Onlyfans creators’ or ‘Top girls to follow on Onlyfans

You can find Onlyfans creators by using this article: 17 Best Free & Paid Onlyfans Creators to follow

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