How much can you earn as an affiliate for adult cams?

Over the past year I’ve seen the biggest uptick in the percentage of the population that are now looking to create an online business. This could either be a situation where they are looking to replace a lost job, just a change to full time income or those who want a side hustle. I help businesses move their current income online or extract more from E-Commerce. I make my income from courses, affiliate marketing and crucially, Adult Cam Affiliate Income. One of the biggest questions that I am asked is “How much can you make as an Adult Cam Affiliate?” In this article I want to run you through what the honest expectations can be over year one in this business. I will start on a positive note though, let’s have a look at the possibilities.

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Top End

Let’s be honest, when people ask how much they can make, they are rarely asking about realistic figures. They are asking about the possibilities. So let’s start there. In my research of this industry, while most platforms don’t do leaderboards, Bongacash does. Their numbers seem to be pretty on par with the other platform’s top earners. Now I’ve been doing this for over a year now and I can tell you that FlowerPower, Bongacash’s top earner, does these kind of figures on a consistent basis. This means that their earnings are about $7,800,000 per year pre-tax. That’s not bad. I also know that the longest running affiliates on both Chaturbate and Live Jasmin make similar figures. Chaturbate affiliates tend to make a chunk less, this is due to how the model bonus payouts are done. Live Jasmin users also see their figures fluctuate more due to a similar reason. I’ll explain below as I break down some realistic expectations.

However there you have it, can you become a millionaire as an Adult Cam Affiliate. Now let’s move on top how to make the most, why Model Bonuses make such a difference and the expectations you can have in your first year of work.

Model Bonuses and why they are so important

When it comes to really pushing yourself into that top tier of earnings using the Model Bonus is really important, and it is one of the reasons why if you want to go for a serious long term strategy then Bongacash is possibly the best way to go. The reason for this is due to what you earn when you sign up Models. In order to understand this, let’s look at what you earn for each model you sign up:

Chaturbate affiliates – $50 bonus when the model earns her first $20

Live Jasmin – 10% of the models first year earnings

Bongacash– 5% of the Model’s Lifetime earnings.

When you look at the above, it becomes pretty obvious as to why Bongacash has such high earnings in the long term, while the other two main platforms have greater short term earnings. If you were to push models solely to Chaturbate, you will get some decent quick cash if done correctly. If you push towards Live Jamin, it will take longer to convert but you could have a solid 12 months of earnings. However with Bongacash if you can bring a good group of models then you will earn solidly for years. Make Sense?

So if you’re wondering, how much can you make from Adult Cam Affiliate Marketing, then knowing whether you can bring models to the platforms makes a huge difference. A model who does well on the platform could bring in $10,000 a month or more. Your commission on this would be $500 per month. Now look again at the top earner above. If he has brought 300 of those type of models to the platform over time, he’ll be earning $150,000 a week. Even without focusing on users below.

Year One Possibilities

Now that the high income model discussion is out of the way, let’s talk about what is realistic in your first year. I’m going to break this down to 3, 6 and 12 months from my experience and my research with plenty of others. I’m not going to cover what individual users can bring in as this is covered in another post you can read here which talks about what users spend on these platforms.

3 Months

If you are starting from scratch, without a following or marketing funnels, then you want to view this first 3 months as building the foundation. You will have a chance of earnings in the first 3 months depending on how aggressive that you can be with your time and efforts. However I would say that for about 70% of users it will be hard to get much in terms of money in this period of time. The reason for this is the time to conversion and the learning curve. In this first 3 months you will taking time to learn how to get cold leads (random visitors) to your content and white label to convert to free registrations. Then research from the platforms themselves say that it can take users 3-12 months on average to convert to paid users. Therefore you can get lucky if you manage to convert enough free users. In my experience getting to around $600 a month is possible in this time frame if you are willing to be agressive.

6 Months

This is where things will start to get interesting as a percentage of your registrations from the first three months will start to convert into paid users and if you’ve been working on a model strategy then you will start to see some of the $50 bonuses from Chaturbate and possibly some earning splits from the other two. This all adds up to start giving you more of what I would consider a part time earning. I would say that by the end of the 6 month period, you could be making $1,000 to $2,000 average per month.

12 Months

At the 12 month period, you should be over the learning curve and been moving much faster, at this point you could easily be making $5,000+ per month if you’ve done everything right and most of the platforms tell their affiliates that this will be the “turning point” in growth.

Not earning anything year one?

It is possible that you are reading this, you are 9 months in and haven’t earned a penny. That’s ok. In fact I was told by some people at the wonderful Crakrevenue that a lot of Adult Cam Affiliates earn nothing in the first 12 months. If this is the category that you are in, then worry not. This can happen, especially if you’ve never done Affiliate Marketing, web design, etc before. This just means your learning curve is a little steeper. However don’t worry, you will get there! Just don’t give up and of course, join our Facebook Group.

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