How Much Do Cam Girls Make?

How Much Do Cam Girls Make

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to know how much do cam girls make.


First, the market is saturated – with 100,000+ models online at any given time. Some of the top models can make 100k in one month. Others make nothing and give up entirely. And in between that, all form of earning you can imagine (from a steady minimum wage to something quite respectable).

It’s all over the place because of the nature of the industry itself. And It’s nothing like a franchise, with predictable earnings over nice, clear charts and excel spreadsheets. It’s more like a small business owner – like one cafe making nearly nothing and one down the street just raking in the cash.

How much you make is determined by several factors:

  1. The style of the show
  2. Type of business strategy
  3. The work ethic
  4. The economic environment
  5. Your brand recognition


You can have any style of show you are comfortable with. There’s no right or wrong because everything comes with its inherent pros and cons.

For example…

If you go more niche market (like masturbating with balloon animals while dressed as a pine tree as heavy metal plays in the background), you’ll have less competition. However, your audience base will be smaller.

If you go more mainstream, you’ll have a larger pool to draw regular tippers from, but you’ll have a ridiculous amount of competition.

The STYLE that always sells well?


This means a decent webcam, 3-point natural lighting, good sound quality from a higher-level microphone, HD streaming capabilities, etc. This goes for your recorded videos as well as your live shows.

If you expect people to pay, make sure it’s not crappy quality.

How Much Do Cam Girls Make


You can’t just post what you’re willing to do, attach a price list, and wait for someone to tip you. It’s, quite frankly, boring … and lazy.

Too many girls do this. You need to set yourself apart.

Aside from allure, charisma, and a great personality, there’s also the fine art of creating an emotional connection with viewers; making yourself appear “attainable” and, therefore, someone they are more willing to tip.

Learn how to get more from your viewers

Cam Girl Tips – Changing Freeloaders into Tippers


Drawing from several income sources will increase your monthly salary. Things like:

  • Split camming across several platforms
  • Collab videos with other models
  • Selling used, intimate items online
  • Using “tip-activated” sex toys
  • Becoming a sex toy affiliate
  • Selling videos and clips
  • Having unique props
  • Made to order videos


Like it or not, this is a business.

Models can’t expect to turn on the camera, do the minimum, and then get a truckload of money – you can really only do that when you’re Queen Bee status (and even so, the ones that go to that level through hard work, rather than luck, still work hard every day.)

Having a consistent schedule, and sticking to it, will help by leaps and bounds.

Spending an extra hour or two throughout your day chatting, posting on Facebook or Instagram, building up anticipation towards your show hours before it actually starts etc.

SIDE NOTE: For anyone who hasn’t had their first show yet, make sure EVERYTHING is set up BEFORE your first show (from cam to lights to Twitter) – new girls and guys tend to have many viewers the first day.

If you make a good first impression, viewers are more likely to come back. But if you come across as unprepared and unprofessional, they probably won’t bother to “check back later” to see if your shows have improved.


When things get really rough, there aren’t many industries that avoid the financial squeeze. Even camming.

You’ll be aware of things like recessions because everyone will be talking about it. However, there are other factors to consider.

  • How do holidays affect you?
  • What times of day yield more tips?
  • Are you dealing with time differences?
  • Rising or falling conservative influences.
  • Political influences.

Yep. Even politics (and their effect on businesses) can mess with your bottom line.

A good example, as of late 2017, is the debate on net neutrality in the US.– If you haven’t heard about this, it basically means that internet providers must provide a consistent connection speed no matter which site you go to (based on the connection you bought). They can’t speed up or slow down your connection based on the site you go to. They also can’t block sites just “because.”

There’s a debate going on right now to do away with this. And there’s no doubt the porn industry would be hit HARD.


Established porn stars have the luxury of already having their name out there. So, if they choose to do live streaming, they already have a dedicated following. Newer girls and guys must build their brand name. Everything from your clips to videos to the website must reflect this.

Do you want to be known for your flexibility? Perhaps you love sex toys. Maybe you are a latex queen. Whatever you choose becomes your “style” and that style goes everywhere with you and then becomes your brand.

One example is Lark and Love, who is famous for having an inhuman tongue as well as doing “made to order” porn.

AN EXAMPLE: You want to be a cute princess while streaming.

  • Your colors, fonts, filters, images, and emotes should reflect this –  across ALL social media platforms as well as your live stream sites.
  • Your Twitter handle could have a princess crown.
  • Your Tumblr could have a pink background. Instagram photos could follow a pastel color palate.
  • And, for the love of God, be consistent in it. Starbucks might have a different store layout from location to location, but they have the same “feel” throughout them all. That’s what you’re aiming for.


All of this WILL lead you to more viewers. After that, it’s the ability to convert them into tippers and then into regulars. BUT remember, even with these extra steps, you’re still running your own business. You’ll have lucrative days and days where you make next to nothing.

Save for a rainy day. Invest in things that will improve the quality of your streaming or into education for another career. Put it into retirement.

And don’t forget to pay your taxes.

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