How to be a Indecisive Cam Model

Much has been written of the money to be made in fetish and female domination adult webcam shows, but submissive cam models are often not addressed. Just as some customers desire to be dominated, others desire to dominate, and require submissive models to fulfill their fantasies. Carving out a niche in this particular kink can require time, but for the right model being a webcam sub can be financially rewarding.

Do your research

If you do not have experience as a lifestyle or professional submissive (i.e. in a fetish/BDSM dungeon), make sure you read up on the dynamics of dom/sub relationships. Being a submissive cam model is not as easy as spanking yourself and saying “yes sir”. Check out other models in the niche, read some erotica, and look up popular videos featuring female submissives on porn sites. There is lots of information available on both general submission and DDLG kinks available online that can help you understand your customer’s expectations. A little research early on will help you start strong with your first customers.

Know your limits

Decide what you will and will not do on camera. Make sure you are completely comfortable with everything on the list of things you are willing to perform. If you are even slightly unsure, put it in the “no” column. Start with a limited list of shows you are willing to perform, and add to it as you get more experience. It is always easier to add new things than it is to remove something you used to do. Your limits may change over time, which is normal and to be expected. You will need to know your limits inside and out before you log in. Customers will ask for specific shows, and you need to be ready with your response. If you’re not sure what you might be asked for, watch other submissive models and browse their profiles. The outfits, toys, and props you have may also determine your limits. Once you’re comfortable with your limits, post them clearly on your cam profile.

Establish and re-establish boundaries regularly

Your customers will likely do shows with other models, so make sure they remember your rules. Review your boundaries with the client before each session to make sure you’re on the same page. During your performance, if a client gets too close to a limit you’ve set, gently but firmly redirect them. Most dominant customers will respect the boundaries you have set, especially if you are clear beforehand. Some will get caught up in the power play. But will happily shift their focus if you have to redirect mid-session. A small percentage of customers will insist on pushing your boundaries, often offering more money for you to agree to go past your agreed-upon limits. Although you are submissive, you are not powerless, and no amount of money is worth crossing the line. If the customer continues to push after you have refused to go further, end the session. Customers that do not respect boundaries do not deserve the services of a good submissive.

Set reasonable rates

Submissive models (and some customers) often feel that they cannot command the same high per-minute rates that femdom models do. This is not true! While there may be no equivalent to the through-the-roof rates of financial domination, a talented submissive deserves just as much as a talented domme. Do not let cheap customers try to persuade you to lower your rates as proof of their dominance. Let your rates weed out the guys who just want to hurt and humiliate models. Save your skills for customers that are ready to pay for the services of a submissive model who understands the true nature of a dom/sub power exchange.

Practice good self-care

Being a submissive model can be extremely draining, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is important to make sure you are taking care of yourself in order to take good care of your customers.

  • Find someone to talk to: If and when you feel overwhelmed in adult work, it can be difficult to find support in your personal life. Connect with other models on social media and forums for support when you’re struggling.
  • Take time off work: You need to take at least 1 day off work each week to relax and unwind. Plan for vacations, as well. You don’t need to travel to an exotic destination–a “stay-cation” will offer you the same chance to take a break.
  • Eat well and exercise: You don’t have to run a marathon or even hit the gym, but try to work up a bit of a sweat a few times each week. Eat your fruits and veggies, but don’t say no to a treat or three.

For models who are not interested in domination. Or those who are submissive in their personal lives, being a webcam sub can be lucrative. With a bit of knowledge and the strength to maintain your boundaries, you could be the next hot submissive cam model!

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