How To Get A Twitter Shadow Ban Removed

How To Get A Twitter Shadow Ban Removed

Twitter: FOSTA, Shadow-Bans, Switter and Adult Advertising

There has recently been a lot of disturbance in the community in regards to FOSTA/SESTA and how they will slam the ability of cam girls to advertise. It has been postulate the all social media will become even more anti-adult, and many are worried about what may happen to their Twitter accounts. Since Twitter has already began shadow banning models, it is definitely practical to believe that they could ban adult posts entirely, which is very disappointing considering Twitter has always been the “safe social media” where adult performers could post pretty much anything they wanted to. So what can you do if you’re worried about losing your Twitter down the line?

Switter: The Sex-Worker Twitter Alternative

First of all, there is a new alternative to Twitter that was made for sex workers called Switter. It is new and was knowingly made due to the changes that were being caused by FOSTA/SESTA. This is their welcome page information:

“Welcome to Switter! A sex work-friendly social space. In light of the FOSTA/SESTA bill and the recent shadow-banning of our accounts, we’ve decided to take social into our own hands. This is an open and free community and your space to release new shoots, announce tour dates and whatever else you’d like to do!”

Switter is performing very well in the cam model community as well as within other adult communities (escorts, pornstars, etc.). Clients have been moving towards the app as well. Evidently Switter is not currently at the volume that Twitter is at, so if you’re not quite ready to let go of your Twitter here are some tips for that:

Using Twitter While Shadow-Banned

You can continue to use your Twitter Shadow Ban, but it is kind of counteractive to the purpose of what Twitter is in the adult community, which is a form of out reach to current and potential customers. The adult community is very large, you would have better luck reaching a larger base if you were not shadow banned or if the people retweeting you aren’t shadow banned.

There are two ways to get around this problem: you can get yourself un-shadow banned, or you can post more relatable content that will reach a larger group of people because it is being retweeted by groups which aren’t shadow banned.

AdultNode: The Sex-Worker Alternative

First of all, there is a new alternative to Adult Social Media that was made for sex workers called AdultNode. It is new and was intentionally made due to the changes that were being caused by FOSTA/SESTA. This is their welcome page information:

Welcome to AdultNode – The adults only playground
Express yourself freely, share photos & videos and engage with others. Earn rewards and get paid.
As a Model or Influencer you can turn your fanbase into cash with AdultNode.
As a fan, you can get close with the ones you follow, get access to exclusive content, make friends and even get laid with the friendliest adult community.

Getting Un-Shadow Banned (Deleting tweets/replies/media)

If you’d like to keep your account strictly adult/advertisement related and aren’t very funny, there are other ways to get more traffic to your page. You can do it yourself (but it’ll take a while) or you can use a website to do it for you, but you’re going to want to basically wipe your Twitter clean. Delete all tweets/replies/media. I used and paid the membership fee to do it one time then cancelled my membership after, if you become un-shadow banned it is a worth while investment.

If you use a website it’ll take a day or two depending on how much you tweet, I had over 25,000 tweets and it took me a full day. Make sure to go through and save any photos you’ve posted that you want to hold on to, because everything will no longer be accessible once you go through with your tweet cleanse. Once you do that, you’re going to want to make sure all of your auto-tweeting sites are turned off unless it is a site that does not use hashtags.

Automated Hashtag Tweets – Major Cause Of Shadow Bans!

A huge malefactor of getting accounts Twitter Shadow Ban is the #MVSales hashtag, which if you search on Twitter you will find barely any tweets (unless it’s people you follow) so make sure your MV promo blaster is off. If you will miss the vulnerability from the promotion, you can create your own censored previews/photos and every time you make a sale tweet out the preview and link to the video without hashtags. It is more work, but it’ll also make sure you don’t get Twitter Shadow banned. It sucks, but think one day if Twitter becomes all non-nude everyone will actually have to start paying and value nudity again! This could be a step in a good direction (besides the obvious flaws, let’s try to look at the positives!)

Doing This Got My Shadow Ban Lifted!

After doing a full cleanse of my Twitter account and only posting SFW images, and making sure all my auto-tweets were off, it took about 2 weeks for my account to return to normal. I still follow and associate with shadow banned members of the community and it doesn’t seem to effect my account. I’m officially not shadow banned, yay! You will notice that your reciprocity will start to go back up again.

How To Check If You’re Twitter Shadow Banned

Not sure if you’re shadow banned? Head over to Twitter (not signed in) and search your username, if you don’t automatically pop up as an option to click, you’re probably shadow banned.

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