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Sadly due to the policies of YouTube, my channel was removed due to a simple link to an affiliate program, but I like to look at setbacks as opportunities. As such I decided that I would change these videos to a simpler weekly format and setup two weekly guides on this website. Every Tuesday there will be content added to this page which will cover becoming a successful Cam Affiliate Marketer. Now we do already have the essential guide, but the idea for this page is to give ongoing and update tips and tricks for the newbies as well as those who are just looking to up their game.

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Those of you who missed all the content on the YouTube channel over the last year, then look out for a new Videos section that will be added to this website and I’m hoping to be able to get the full back catalogue added right here!

So I’ll see you this time next week for the first Model Guide post! Thanks for your continued support.

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