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How To Get Quality Adult Backlinks

Quality Adult Backlinks

If you talk about good quality adult backlinks in an adult website and a well-done adult SEO campaign, you have to really flaunt your skills on full throttle. If you own an adult website or going to have one (maybe, that’s why you will read this blog). Whether, it is an escort website, or a sex store or a website to make connections, or a porn website, to make it a successful online adult business, you need visitors, and statistics have proved that the highest percentage of website visitors come from search engines (obviously!). So, all you need is to be in the best position in search engine result pages. But the problem is your list of competitors, who are trying equally hard to stay at the top and get the majority of visitors to their website. To beat your customers and get all the traction, you have to understand the basic SEO requirements of success in this niche. SEO is basically a blend of top-notch site work with technical excellence and high-quality backlink authority and off-site work with high relevance factor in equal proportions.

The on-site work is totally straightforward, you won’t have much difficulty in getting a competent on-site SEO implementation on your website, most SEO professionals can do it for you.

But backlinks are just a completely different scenario. And in the online adult industry, getting backlinks is known for being one of the hardest nuts to crack. Because in the mainstream industry, nobody wants to link them to an adult website. Do you think a big-time news website ranked in the top 1000 of the ALEXA rankings will like to link to your adult website? No Chance!

In such a case, the best place to get the highly relevant backlinks will be to link to other websites in the adult niche. However, linking with another adult niche site is a symbiotic process, as the other site too gets little benefits of linking an adult niche site too.

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How does an Agency create backlinks?

Some backlinks are easy to get. Like social media, forum postings, commenting on blogs, etc. All these techniques have been used by adult SEO agencies have worked pretty well for them. But, in the past few years, these techniques have been grouped into one of the two categories. One is that either these backlinks are completely useless and possibly spam, according to the search engine crawlers or they work out to be completely fine with the search engines as it considers this tactic as a genuine on-topic link, and add these backlinks as additional relevance points to your website.

The next step is to target the generic links. These kind of links are the ones which will work anyway, irrespective of its niche. We have vast experience with these links, as we have been using these links for backlinking for many years now. One of the good examples of generic links are directories, directory submission is one of the most important steps in the SEO strategy, Directory submission helps a lot, especially if it accepts the website with adult content.

The PBNs (Private Blog Network) were disapproved by Google as a legit SEO strategy, but when you talk about the adult industry as it works really well. This backlinking technique works as a fact of life for the website owners who want to mark their spot higher in the highly competitive keywords. The PBN in adult industry comes with a risk factor of getting penalized by the Google, but there’s a hint of risk in not building them as well, as not doing this might hurt you in your ranking as your competitor who applies this technique earns all the visitors and your website loses the chance of getting a huge number of visitors and generate some revenue from it.

The best practice in earning quality adult backlinks is getting them through your own niche’s relevant and relative websites. But one can wonder, how to earn these backlinks? These websites are your directly/indirectly competitors. In such a case, you can take the example of a traditional wedding, where the decorator builds the link to the photographers or photographers trying to link up with the musicians. However, in the online adult industry, you can relate it with an online sex store linking up with adult videos or images site, or a Video/images site builds the link to the related pornstar’s website.

“If it’s called the web, there must be a reason behind it, you need connections to survive in the online world”. In the adult industry, no matter what connection you have, try to explore it for more potential leads and always look for the right set of circumstances to work and grow together. The other website must be your closest competitor, but these competitors are also the best chance for your survival in this highly competitive world.

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Backlinks are basically one of the major poles of a Search Engine Optimization professional or agency. The best ones in the industry earn the quality backlinks either with guest blog posts and sharing substances or sharing content or tools with the one they earn a backlink from. In the delicate and specialized niche of the online adult business, these links should be definitely chased, be the best you should focus on building the best links in this restricted world of the adult industry.

The SEO agency or a professional dealing in the adult niche have to put in a considerable amount of time and effort in competitor research, backlink research and making the most relevant and best adult network, so they can ponder upon all alive opportunities to assist an online adult website in their growth.

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