How to Join Fansly and Start Earning Money as a Creator using the Fansly Application

Are you a content creator? And searching for a platform to make money from your creativity? Why don’t you try on Fansly? You must have heard about the on-trend digital platform.

Fansly is developed only for content creators, and it is a free or subscription-based platform where a creator can earn through posting any content and make money. Here you can fix a profile price, and the followers will pay you every month to view your content.

The platform hosts adult content too. So, do not worry, as this platform welcomes every kind of content. You can post photos, videos, etc.

Don’t know how to sign-up? Don’t worry, and we will help you out. In this article, we will discuss how to sign-up on this platform, how you will be paid, etc. we will provide all the process details.

Sign up in Fansly account

You need to sign-up on the Fansly website. The website will verify your email address that has been provided, and then you will get verified as the creator. The signing process is pretty fast compared to other platforms.

You will need only three things while signing up as a creator, e.g., a selfie of yourself with a transparent background, ID, bank account, and a paper. You have to write “for Fansly” in the paper and the date.

See the following essential things while signing up with the documents-

You should provide a color photo, and it must be clear enough.

And the image should not be edited or resized.

Use a minimal background.

Your text should be visible.

Make sure the ID is in color and fully framed.

The ID must not be expired.

Keep your file in .jpg and .png format, and its size should be only 7 MB.

A valid bank account of yourself to receive payments.

The bank details will be required after being verified on the site.

Select a profile price

Fansly allows you to fix a monthly subscription price, or you can keep it free that totally on you. The fans will have to pay the monthly fee for following your account in a paid profile. And in a free profile, the fans can view your posts without any fee.

There is an advantage to creating a free account. You can show the followers what types of videos you want to provide them for free and keep some content lock, and you can fix the price on those locked contents. This way, the followers may suffer in curiosity and want to see the paid posts.

Start your Fansly

After being verified as a creator, you have to set up the profile. Make your profile setup wisely. Remember, you must add some of your details to your profile so that your followers can reach you. These may include:

A username

Display name

Profile photo

Cover picture

About (give a brief description about you and your content)

Provide social links

Give some details on the profile. Write about yourself little and your profile, like what type of profile it is, what content will be in it, etc. In short, make your profile genuine; it should not appear like a robot. Let your profile talk about your content.

Post content on your Fansly page:

Now it is time to post your content on the Fansly application. You are free to post any content on this platform. Before promoting the profile, you must post something in your account, and people will not subscribe to an empty profile. So, post some attractive photos and videos.

In Fansly, every type of content may help you to earn. But the difficulty comes in promoting. Therefore, you must select the content you are comfortable with and promote easily.

Look at these examples:

Non-sexual subjects like- food, fitness, art, music, etc.

Implicit nudity.

Nudity with and without contents.

Non-nude topics like fitness or bikini photos.

Or, Fetish contents like pictures with legs or hands, etc.

Before posting a video or photo, make sure it is picture-perfect. Means the quality. Your photo quality should be good enough to attract viewers. Here are some essential points to focus on to make your photo or video attractive.





Interactive objects


Join FriendsOnly:

FriendsOnly is an adult subscription platform where you, as an adult content creator can make money running an adult subscription business by creating vertical videos like TikTok. You can make money running a paid subscription page, make money through selling PPVs, and getting gifts from your viewers. The good thing about FriendsOnly is it give discoverability or exposure to creators. Sign-up for FriendsOnly here.

Promoting the Fansly profile

How will people come to know that you are a creator on Fansly? The answer is marketing or promoting. You need to promote your Fansly profile to external platforms, and this is the only and best way for a creator to expand their fanbase and subscribers.

The next important thing is where to promote? There are plenty of websites available in the digital market, and here are some social media where you can promote your Fansly profile easily and welcome subscribers in bunches.

Instagram- Do you have an Instagram account? And had great followers? Isn’t it a great idea to promote your Fansly profile here? So that your Insta followers may follow you on Fansly too. This platform concludes a content policy of the extent of over frank content.

Twitter- Though Twitter has stick rules on explicit content, it is still the best platform to promote the Fansly account.

Reddit- Several NSFW subreddits let you promote your profile with images, and you can attach your Fansly link to some subreddits’ comment boxes. Or, if you are a partner of Fans Magicians, then you may receive a user’s list from subreddits for promotion.

Cam/tube sites- Being a user of this site, you should encourage the audience to follow you on Fansly and enjoy the exclusive content.

Shout-outs- If you attain great followers on Insta, Twitter, or Fansly, you are welcome to promote yourself on Shout-outs.

Ways of promoting

Just knowing the platforms of promoting is not enough. You must make your promotional post attractive. So that the audience immediately follows you on Fansly.

To make your promotional post striking, you can include some necessary things in your profile.

Write about yourself in your profile like pretty lady, cute girl, etc.

Describe what type of content you create, such as partners, outdoors, cosplay, etc.

Do not forget to describe exclusivity as accepting the request for custom content.

Give a provocative version of the main content in promotional posts.

You can offer discounts on your paid content.

Even you can reduce the profile price to attract subscribers to your account. Try these tips and increase your subscriber.

PS: Signing up for Fansly:

In Fansly, you can make attractive money every month subscription. This platform is only developed for content creators, especially adult content creators. And the best thing is you don’t have to bother a lot to receive your payments.

Your payments are directly delivered to your provided bank account. Fansly keeps on 20% of your profit and gives you 80%. And you can also interact with your fans directly through massages.  Therefore, sign up in Fansly and start earning without wandering here and there.

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