How to Make $5000 Month as a Webcam Couple?

Make money as a webcam couple

Are you thinking about making money from live webcam modeling? What do you think about starting in the webcam couples niche?

Since the internet went accessible to masses, people have been coming up with innovative online business ideas; webcam modeling is one of them. Entrepreneurs today see camming as one of the most profitable alternatives to traditional porn production and streaming business. Individuals are rigging their lives with webcam and selling intimacy to the internet audience. Although cam modeling is everywhere, countries like Romania and the Philippines have adopted it as a trend. 

Unfortunately, like every profitable business idea, camming too is now crowded with harsh competition. Especially when you are thinking about making over $5000/month, the traditional live cam modeling is not the correct way to start. You have to come up with something more interesting to attract eyeballs. 

That’s where the couple category comes out as a big alternative. People these days are loving live webcam performances by the couples. In fact, many of the popular cam couples are making over $10000/month for your kind information. If you and your partner have been noticing the trend, and ready to make money webcam couple style, this guide will help you do that. Let’s start by understanding the concept of the couple webcam genre. 

Why webcam couples are popular?

One of the biggest reasons is the pleasure of watching real-life couples doing their thing, rather than seeing some actors faking their orgasm in porn movies. The audience today is no more interested in orchestrated scenes. They would rather pay to watch a real-life couple doing it naturally on webcam. Moreover, the real-time nature of the cam shows, with live interactions, makes it more authentic and sensual.

This is probably a reason why Amateur porn is a thing these days. Even big porn production companies are now coming up with Amateur category content. Although they hire professionals who fake and pose as amateurs, you can understand the demand for genuine experiences from this.

The ways to make money as webcam couples and as a solo performer are quite similar. However, the competition is very less in the couple category, as not everyone does that. The best part is that most people have an affinity for both solo and couple category. Hence, you won’t diminish your audience size by choosing the couple as your niche. In fact, most of the webcam sites have dedicated tabs for couple segment, which users can easily see.

Therefore, when you are featuring as live sex cam couple, you are automatically beating thousands of solo performers in the race. 

What affects your income as couple cam model?

Even in a niche like live sex cam couple, it’s not easy to beat the competition. Besides the best practices of general webcam modeling, you have to ensure that you stand out on the following fronts too:

  • Spend some significant time live on webcam

Time and patience is the key to live webcam modeling. The amount of time you stay live decides your chances to leverage as many prospects to make money. However, the amount is not the only time-factor. The income also depends on your target time zones, peak hours, number of repeat visitors, and your schedule. Avoid being random and fix a schedule to let your fans know your working hours. 

  • Perform on multiple webcam sites if allowed

Some sites do not allow working on multiple sites. So be careful while signing up on such sites. You would make good money if you could fix different time slots to go live on different sites. Doing so will increase your prospects by multiple folds and you will have fans on multiple sites from multiple regions, niches, and fetishes. Find some good sites that do not demand exclusivity from you.

  • Don’t depend on traditional channels alone

The earning largely depends on the integrated revenue streams of your website. Some sites offer only traditional channels, such as tips, private shows, and private messages to their models. However, many other sites use modern methods besides the mentioned traditional channels. Look for sites that offer a hybrid of channels such as, IoT enabled sex toys, integrated eCommerce stores, selling subscriptions, two-way video chat, phone sex, etc. 

Sites with innovative revenue channels for models:

Here are a few well-known sites that offer advanced revenue channels to the cam models to make better money. If you have just started with live sex cam couple, you should sign up on one or all of them to make money from webcam business:

Besides these, there are so many other sites too. However, we found these five quite impressive for webcam couples. Most of them also offer geo-blocking, using which you can hide your profile from your local region. They also offer most of the extra revenue channels besides tips and private shows, which we talked about earlier.

How to increase your prospects as webcam couples?

Apart from the factors we talked about earlier, you can adopt the following methods to increase your revenue and even cross the $5000/month mark in no time:

  • Use all the traditional channels

As we talked earlier, traditional revenue channels like tips and private shows are important. Try out innovative channels but never neglect the legacy streams. Most of your income will come through these channels itself. So focus on getting more tips and private show requests.

  • Sign up for phone sex services

Many cam sites also provide phone sex services. Even if they don’t, you should sign up for phone sex service on dedicated sites. Phone sex is easier than camming, and you would be making some great extra cash out of it.

  • Use IoT-enabled sex toys

IoT-enabled sex toys are one of the biggest trends in camming these days. Especially IoT vibrators whom you can program to vibrate depending on the tip amount. For example, five tokens to vibrate for 5 seconds or 1000 tokens to vibrate until the orgasm, and so on. It encourages users to tip more and more. 

  • Sell your pics and videos

Selling nudes and clips is an independent way to make money. In fact, there are dedicated sites like ManyVids and OnlyFans that allow models to sell these to their fans. You can sign up on such sites and make some great cash selling your couples’ nudes and clips. Some cam sites also have this feature. 

  • Sell social media access

Some sites allow you to sell subscriptions, which you can use to trade your SnapChat access with your fans. Snapchat access or Snapchat takeovers are popular ways that models have been using to make extra cash. You too can leverage this channel.

  • Sell on the eCommerce store

Most of the popular cam sites also allow their models to sell physical items to their fans. These sites offer integrated eCommerce stores, which models use to list items like used-panties, bra, and bathwater on their profiles. You must use this feature wherever available.  

  • Use Skype but be careful

It’s a risky job but can help you make great money as webcam couples. While most of the sites do not want their models to conduct Skype shows separately, some of them offer integrated Skype sex shows options. If your webcam site allows you to perform on multiple sites, you can sign up on sites like ManyVids and Skyprivate to make extra cash. 

  • Do model affiliate marketing

This is one of the most popular ways to increase your revenue as webcam couples. Most of the webcam sites have affiliate marketing programs. If you refer a model on such a site, it will let you claim a percentage cut from the model’s lifetime earnings on the site. Sites like LiveJasmine and Chaturbate have such affiliate programs. Hence, you can start referring new models on these sites and generate some good passive income.

Capitalize on your fan-base

Last but not the least advice would be creating your fan-base and capitalizing on it. How you can do that? It’s not simple but achievable with some strategies. Try to create your loyal fan following by caring for your viewers. Interact with them, be regular, talk about how they are doing, offer somethings free of cost as well, ask about their fetishes and do customized fetish-based shows for them, and so on. There are N numbers of ways to let your viewers feel connected with you.

Once you establish a connection with them, you can get them to attend your shows regularly, tip you more, purchase your merchandise, and follow you on social media. Finally, you can also drive them to your own fan-site, if you have enough followers to start a dedicated site. Creating a fan site is not tough; you can use an affordable adult webcam script to build your site in a few hours. You would be making much more than just $5,000 a month if you can achieve such followership.

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