How to QUICKLY become a Full-Time Affiliate for Adult Cams

When it comes to becoming a Full-Time Adult Cam Affiliate I prefer to view it as a way to get to the ultimate point of doing about an hours work every day and earning a living. However getting to this point can take up to a year when you are starting from zero. I have recently spoken to someone who managed over the course of 2 months to get their cam affiliate business to replace their full time income. They treated it like a 9-5 and he is now making an average of $7000 per month working in this new kind of 9-5. If you haven’t even looked at the basics of this then it’s worth checking this post or this course first.

Today I’m going to run you through the strategy that he uses and also add in the content side that he has now added. He has added this given my advice that he could earn the same by working only an hour a day if he just adds this for the next 12 months.

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In this article I’m going to explain what he does for 8 hours a day and what I do for 1 hour a day. Just to note on becoming a successful Full-Time Adult Cam Affiliate, he now does 7 hours of his side and my 1 hour a day for a combined 8 hours. In each section I’ll break down what I do and what he does, with the reasons for each. I will therefor going forward reference my way as the Organic Long Term Strategy and his as the Fast Hands On Strategy.

Getting Users to earn Token Commissions

Organic Long Term Strategy: When it comes to attracting viewers to my different strategies I prefer to direct people to my content strategy. The one I like to highlight is Galacticams where we post photos of Cam Girls and somewhat advertise their feeds. We build up a ton of different websites over time with content, adding 1-2 posts a week which Google will then index over time. This has generated a lot of revenue for us, however each site does take around 8 months to fully rank on Google and convert traffic. We use tools like pop-under and Cam Embeds. I went though the different marketing materials in this post.

Fast Hands On Strategy: On the other hand he uses a brute force method. Directing traffic directly to his white labels and directly to the affiliate links given to him by Chaturbate, Bongacams and LiveJasmin. He goes to websites such as PornHub, Fetlife, Reddit and directly into chatrooms like BabbelSex or 321 Chat. There he engages in comments, conversations and builds up his reputation as a “Porn Viewer” and starts to share things manually. He also spends a lot of his time building up conversations people on Social Media such as Twitter and Instagram. The basic idea is to Mr. Miaga style “become the Porn Addict” and walk amongst them, engaging in conversations before sharing his “favourite cam girls” with the users. This also means he can check whether they are currently on cam sites, be more persuasive etc. Think Direct Marketing instead of what I do which is Indirect Selling.

Getting Cam Girls (and guys) to earn Token Commission….commissions

Organic Long Term Strategy: My way of attracting Cam Girls (and Guys) to join as broadcasters though my links is similar to how I attract content. In this way I create content which people interested are likely to find and click through. Over the last year this has grown and now by doing 1-2 posts per week along this line, along with my YouTube, I get around 30 clicks a day which on average generate around 2-3 model sign ups per day. This doesn’t sound like a lot but it adds up fast.

Fast Hands On Strategy: His once again brute force strategy once again is to do along the same lines as the above. He has created this simple copy and paste text which he tweaks slightly and then targets girls on PornHub who are already creating content, the same on Fetlife and other sites similar. Finally he goes on the hunt for Instagram Influencers and messages hundreds a day. He gets around the same results as me at the moment daily. However he got to this point much faster than I did.


I love you content and have been following you for a while. I’m currently working in the space of live broadcasting and I’ve wondered if you’ve every thought about also adding your content to live streams? Some of the girls/guys I watch earn up to $10,000 a month from this. Check out the details at This Page/Cam Link/Other Affiliate Link, just wanted to send this to help in return for viewing your content.

If you have any questions let me know and I hope things are going well, seriously LOVE the content.



Notice he’s not selling or asking for anything, he’s offering advice. His goal is to contact as many people as possible per day. His only interest is to get them to click the links. He doesn’t even care if they respond. He’s just pushing them into Chaturbate (or whateverservice) sales funnel and then letting them do the rest of the work!

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments.

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