How to Start an Adult Turnkey Business

Adult Turnkey Business

The general public is not aware about what the Adult turnkey business is and what does it mean. Many people know that this is a business which has a lot of money, but due lack of knowledge and guidance, they are unable to become successful. Most of them don’t even know how to start an adult turnkey website. Actually, the concept of adult turnkey business has always been of interest to me. I’ve always found it fascinating how anyone can become so rich with just a website. But, nothing can ever be achieved without hard work and proper guidance. Being in contact with some of the big guns of adult turnkey business always has its perks. They always tell their success stories, which is one of the reasons my interest in this field of business grew every day. Here I have compiled every crucial and essential nugget required to jump into adult website business and subsequently earn money with both hands.

Education and Knowledge:

Numerous people have started and failed in almost every business. No such field exists where one could achieve success without knowledge. The first step to gaining information about this business is to shop around. Visit and spend some money browsing through a handful of adult websites. This will give you some insight and experience as to how these websites work, and what strategies websites are using to attract more customers towards them. At the same time, get to know people related to the same. The more you will get to know someone, the more you will get to understand if they are legit from adult website business or not. Apparently, many of the prospective business entrepreneurs truly don’t understand the business they are getting involved into and they end up relying on a person who just sold them an alien product which they have no knowledge about. I’ve come across many people who just start an adult website, without a clue on their mind about how to earn money through it. Do you have any idea if you partnered with the right company, they will do everything they can to make profits not just for them, but for you as well? What really do you know about this company? Most probably, you don’t have enough information. So the first step is to research about this business in deep and then take your second step.

Niche Market:

The next thing on the list is Niche Market. It is where the money flows in the adult industry. And with time, it is progressively going to become more important. Gone are the days when just a blue eyed blonde girl used to do the whole magic in the adult turnkey business. The time calls for more. You need to have some creampies, midgets, squirting, lesbians, BBW models, bondage, gays and femdom. The niche market has turned up so well in the recent past, and it’s because people want to see something specific and they won’t pay you money unless they get to watch it on your website. This is something which has to be kept in mind during the initial stages, otherwise, it could result in a huge loss of membership signups. Unfortunately, most of the site owners don’t give this thought much credibility until they see the money flow decreasing, and not increasing. You need to have a plan and this is the first step towards keeping the content according to your audience.

Low Cost Risk:

Well, this seems quite easy. The concept behind this is quite simple. Invest less money, so in a case of any mishap, you won’t lose a large amount. Simple, eh? Not so much. I have seen many people who spend their every penny on their new business, when just a couple of hundred bucks could have done the job. I don’t really get it. Why do people think the need of spending more money than they have would do the job for them? Many people believe that if the cost is high, then it must be a good product. But they are completely wrong. Just think about it, if you had a choice between buying services from Adent’s xStreamer or xMember or xCams, which is fairly available for a onetime fee of $199, $399 and $699 respectively, for a lifetime license, with no recurring or hidden costs, and your other choice is to create everything from scratch, which might take more than a year to build-up and won’t cost you anywhere less than $15,000 to $20,000. Which one will you choose? The answer is quite simple, as for why would someone pay more when the same service or product is available for a much lesser cost? How is it going to make you more money if it is the exact same product? You could just save that extra money, which can be later spent on marketing of you adult turnkey website. While starting a new business, the costs and risk must always be kept low. Always think it this way, can you afford to lose the money which you are going to invest in your new business?


There are many ways you can get content for your new adult turnkey website. You have to first decide, whether you want to produce your own content, lease or buy content or partner with some adult content company where you can get the rights to use their best quality high definition niche specific content available and best yet you could get to use their content for free. I mean, what is the meaning of spending a large chunk of money when you can get the better, niche specific content for free? One of the main reasons this could be happening everywhere is that most of the companies don’t tell you that you can get the content for free, as they are more interested in taking your hard earned money. The solution is, don’t buy content without researching about well enough. Get in contact with content companies and partner with them. There’s no need to shoot your own videos or buy or lease content for a ridiculous amount of money when it is not needed.

Hosting & SEO Marketing:

As your site is just getting started, I mean, just about the start, shouldn’t you be paying the least amount of money for hosting? Yes we know, it can’t be just free, but why do you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for it? Many newcomers pay more than $100 per month for hosting, which is more than enough what they should be paying for it. It is quite clear that they didn’t do any research before jumping in this business head first. Don’t worry, I’m not just raising questions. I have a solution as well – M3 Server. You can buy hosting services from M3 Server, which is the hosting partner of Adent, and you will get 75% off on VPS hosting, along with a free domain name for a whole year. You just have to enter the promo-code ADENT at checkout. They have plans starting from just $12.50 for the first month. How good is that? You can save an immense amount of money this way.

How to Start an Adult Turnkey Business

Now about SEO marketing. SEO marketing is the number one way through which you will be promoting your new adult turnkey website. Many designing companies will make you pay a lot of money for SEO marketing. Sure it does costs, but the key is to do in-depth research before spending on SEO marketing. What good is your advertising strategy doing if it’s taking away a big chunk of money from your wallet every month and still you aren’t getting expected traffic. Researching is the key in this business and of you don’t pay attention to it before starting an adult website, then it can result in a big loss for you.

Many people think that starting and earning from adult turnkey business from the start is almost impossible. But it is not true. The main reason behind not being able to achieve success right from the initial stages is your inability to research profoundly. The easiest way is to work with a reputable company that can assist your adult turnkey business. Take the above-mentioned steps seriously and your turnkey business will reach the heights of success quite easily.

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