How to use Instagram to increase adult cam site registrations that result in sales

This is an ongoing series of articles and videos which follow on from our main How-To on setting up you’re own Cam Site, which can be found here. This post is all about attracting Adult Cam Registrations.

So now that you’ve setup your Adult Cam site and you’ve got your content strategy ready to go, what more can you do to ensure that you are earning as quickly as possible and building your passive income? Getting free Adult Cam Registrations is key to this strategy.

Why Free Adult Cam Registrations are So Important?

If you’re using the $1 per registration method of earning from the affiliate program then it’s obvious why the Free Registrations are so important, however if you’re doing the Revenue Share model, then you might be asking are registrations more important just sheer traffic.

The answer is yes, the reason for this is that we want this to become a passive income, as opposed to something you need to be working on 8 hours a day. This works by allowing Chaturbate to market for you and they will do exactly this by following up with the registrations that you bring using their email and other marketing channels to try get these people to spend.

Therefore you need to focus on getting registrations if you want a truly passive income over time. However, the right registrations are also important, you could get 40,000 people from India to register for example, but the likelihood that they’ll spend money is so low, that you’d be more probable to earn by getting 100 US registrations.

This is where using Targeted social media comes in.

How to use Instagram to get Free Registrations?

Over the next few days, I’ll be giving you some other ways you can drive registrations with social media, but they will include investing money in ads. The beauty of Instagram is that you can target the users you want exactly and then over time, once you’ve built a following, keep this running and growing with only a few minutes a day.

Setting up the Bio

Before you make your first post, I would go ahead and setup the account to have something similar to the following in the bio:





Then when it comes to the link in bio, you’re trying to get registrations, so don’t just point them to the homepage, you want to point them to “” so that they land on the registration first, this will decrease you traffic definitely, but what you’re doing is cutting out the time wasters and people who won’t register.

Getting Images that won’t get you banned

The first issue that we need to get out of the way when it comes to using Instagram to promote adult content is that their guidelines are against this, but like any good team sport, loopholes are always a factor and all of the money is made in the grey area along the shadows.

This means, don’t show full on Nudity, instead use underwear and bikini models as the images on your instagram feed so that you don’t get banned. To find these for FREE you can head over to or and find hundreds!

Targeting Users by Location

When you start posting, don’t post more than three times per day, and then make sure you are targeting the correct users that you want. Thankfully, when posting, you can target users on their interests and locations using hashtags and tagging the location.

In terms of location, you only want to target cities in the following locations:





There are other locations but this is where you will find the biggest spenders and I don’t waste my time on anyone else. There are also places like Dubai and other rich countries in the Middle East, but bare in mind, porn is banned in most of these places so Instagram’s algorithm will work against you trying to promote here.

Getting the Correct Hashtags

This one really depends on tweaking and testing, you need to look for interests that work for you over time and the choice of your domain name can have an impact here, however just a few tips when it comes to what hashtags to use.

First of all, whatever topic/location you decide to try target, search for the top 30 Hashtags trending on that topic/location using Best-Hashtags to make you’re life easier than searching them individually.

I don’t have an exact formula for the best hashtags but really think about who you’re target audience is, then look at what other industry leaders use in this area, check the posts of Live Jasmin, Pornhub and even Strip Clubs in the target location to see what is trending and working as they are selling essentially what you are.

Following Users

As per the hashtags advice above, you can also go to accounts like LiveJasmin or your local strip club and follow users that have liked their posts, as these are a cross section of your target audience.

However when you’re account is new, don’t follow more than 20 people an hour or you will get your account suspended or worse, banned.

Have any more advice? Post it below in the comments!

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