I Use Fansly’s Tiers? How Much Should Your Fansly Subscription Cost?

This time we have brought the information regarding multiple tiers in fansly. Everything related to multiple fansly accounts and how to handle them to drive more traffic to your page. In the next half of the segment, we will cover how you should be deciding on the subscription price. So, shall we start!

First, understand fansly and then its tiers:

Fansly is a subscription-based website. It is free to join but to watch premium content, and the user is supposed to subscribe to the creator’s account. Next comes the premium content. Well, creators on fansly create their content, which is 100% original, unique, and available nowhere else. They upload the posts, and the casual fans hide the premium segment.

Now, here comes the story of subscription. If the fan is willing to access the premium segment, they must subscribe to the creator’s account. For that, they have to pay a minimum amount to the creators. After that, the fan becomes a subscriber and can access everything uploaded in the premium segment.

How does payment mode work in Fansly?

Fansly is an authentic website that adheres to originality and safety policies. If you are here, then one thing is for sure, your bank details and money will be safe. There are a few safe and secured online payment gateways, like bank transfers (ACH/SEPA), Skrill, Praxum, and Paypal, which fansly.

All these mentioned gateways, whether online wallets or net baking modes are 100% secure. None of your bank details will be saved by the website. This means that while adding the details or linking your bank accounts and other transaction processors to fansly, you do not have to be worried.

The process is also straightforward. Fill your details in the form available on fansly, get it approved, and that is it. The entire process is done within 24 hours. Once done, you are all set to do the payments and receive the payments.

Now it is time to know about fansly tiers:

Fansly tiers are the other accounts of the same creator. This is to get a more significant number of followers and subscribers. Since fansly believes in 100% original content, available nowhere else, people love to visit the profiles here. But it is, simply creating and uploading the posts are quite not enough to attract fans. It is about making money, and then you have to have some marketing and promoting strategies. The purpose of having multiple tiers is that only.

It is completely up to the creators to have the other tier. To understand clearly, read the points carefully:

Niche-Specific Account: Few creators are passionate about uploading new posts. Few do that daily. Since fansly welcomes all kinds of genres and niches, it allows a creator to develop a niche-specific page. This means if the account posts something related to travel, the followers will find everything related to the niche. The same goes with the health segment etc. The subscribers have to pay for a different niche.

Basic Account: This account is only for marketing. The creators connect it with their main account and post the premiers of the upcoming posts on the second tier. This creates suspense in the audience. Also, using the second tier, you can attract more people and encourage them into subscribers.

Paid Account: It is up to the creators if they want their other tiers to work as paid accounts. If you want to upload the premium segment contents on all of your accounts, you have to treat them only like your primary account. You can also connect them to your other accounts to drive their already subscribed and honest followers. They would love to pay for the content you have posted there. Fansly subscribers are at fansly because of the original content only. They are not afraid of paying for that. So, do not worry.

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How to create multiple tiers in Fansly?

It is quite easy to understand, but you have to work hard to sustain. How? Keep reading to know:

You open the other tiers like your primary account only.

Do not fake with the details.

Then, link the secondary (or more) tiers to your primary account. Now, upload the information regarding your upcoming content like videos or photos, even live-chat here.

Also, link these tiers with your accounts on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Make sure all the details you have given are real. We are repeating, do not fake around.

Now, it is time to add your bank details with the tiers. If you have linked the tiers with your main account, you do not have to link the bank details every time you create a new tier. But if you are treating every tier as discrete, you are supposed to add the bank details to them.

Now, what will these multiple tiers, their link to each other, and other social media accounts do? Now, even if you have a small number of subscribers or followers, they will know about the rest of the posts. The multiple tiers give more exposure to the fans to explore your different pages and contents. This creates a natural chain of followers to come to your profile page(s) and become your subscribers. This eventually increases your earnings as well.

How to set a price for your fansly subscription?

Finally, we have reached this point. How do you decide the rates? First, know about the minimum and maximum earnings you can have in a month. It starts with $5 to $499.99 a month. Now how will you charge:

Start With low and then gradually increase. Since you already have a minimum set criterion, the rates will increase depending on your popularity and your content.

It depends on the amount of traffic you can gather. Driving enough traffic to your account means the fans have liked your content. Increase the amount until you realize any pessimistic change.

Learn to understand the mindset of your followers. This can be understood by the number of comments you are receiving on your posts and their writing.

Before finalizing any price, explore the other creators’ profiles. It does not have to be the profile that uploads posts similar to yours. To understand how they are charging their subscribers and their success rate. Based on that, you can have a fair idea of setting your subscription price.

Never try to set a higher price at the beginning only. Because if you disappoint your subscribers for any reason, then reducing it again might give a wrong impression of yours.

It is essential to understand the promoting strategies and their proper implication. Then only your money-making plan can work most effectively.

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