Is Fanvue the most effective Patreon substitute?

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As social media evolves, algorithms shift, and content gets lost in a sea of boosted posts and advertisements, many creators have been left fighting to be seen by their own followers. This has become a problem for those who once used social media to share exciting news and connect with their fans, and many are struggling to keep up.

Throughout the pandemic, in particular, many creators sought a change and a way to reconnect with their followers – and online subscription sites have become the perfect way to do so.

As a creator, signing up to a subscription space where fans can pay a monthly fee to access your content will ensure that your most loyal followers will no longer miss out on what you’re posting. You’ll be able to earn an income from your online activity, allowing you to spend more time creating the content you love making and giving even more back to the fans that support you.

What is Fanvue?

Fanvue is a relatively new subscription platform welcoming content creators from all different avenues. There is no discrimination between content types, and the site has actually made an official promise that it will remain a “platform for all creators, now and always.” Fanvue has confirmed that they will never palace a ban on adult content, but remain a site for everyone, from chefs and artists to musicians and athletes.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is one of several subscription sites that allow fans to access exclusive content from their favorite creators by paying a monthly subscription fee to remove the paywall.

It is largely used by those in creative industries, such as musicians, visual artists, podcasters, and writers.

Ways to earn on Fanvue

To start earning money from Fanvue, you of course need to first set up your account and post some killer content. Once your account is created, you’ve filled in your bio, added an eye-catching intro video, and invited all your social media followers to subscribe, you’re ready to start earning.

Fanvue subscriptions work in a similar way to many other online subscription services. As a creator, you will a set monthly subscription price of your choice (this is usually around $4.99-$50 per month), and fans will gain access to all your existing pictures, videos, and any new content you post by paying the monthly subscription fee. Users can also choose to give tips to their favorite creators, which can provide a great boost to your mainstream income.

For some fans, a monthly subscription may be too much of a commitment, which is why Fanvue has launched a unique feature where fans can purchase individual pieces of content. This means that even if somebody isn’t subscribed to your channel, you can still earn money from them by selling access to individual video clips or pictures (if you would like to). This is also a great way for new fans to gain more insight into your content before making a full commitment and subscribing, which can really help with conversions.

When it comes to getting paid on Fanvue, creator funds are released 7 days after payment and can be withdrawn once they hit a $20 balance. Withdrawals take up to 3 days to appear in your account but are usually instant. You can choose from a variety of different payment methods, including bank transfers and cryptocurrency payments.

Fanvue takes a commission of 20% on subscription fees, but until the end of 2022 will be taking just 15% for 12 months for those who sign up early. Another great way to earn a little extra income is to refer your creator friends to Fanvue. If somebody signs up using the personalized link you provide them, you’ll earn 5% of their Fanvue income – for a lifetime.

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Ways to earn on Patreon

With Patreon, there are three models that creators can choose from Lite, Pro, and Premium. The Lite model is the most basic, giving creators limited features and taking a 5% cut of their earnings.

The Pro model is the most popular, taking a slightly higher 8% cut but providing more advanced features such as additional insights and analytics, membership tiers, and priority customer support.

The Premium model takes a 12% cut and provides the highest level of support and extra features. Creators are paid monthly via PayPal, Payoneer, or if in the US, by Direct Debit, and will be subject to additional processing and payout fees.

For creators who choose to sign up with the Pro or Premium model, different levels of membership can be offered to their fans. This means that subscribers can choose to pay higher monthly fees to gain access to additional content and perks.

Support on Fanvue

When choosing a subscription service, an important aspect to consider is the level of support offered. Many great websites can be let down by poor customer service and lengthy response times, creating a stressful and frustrating experience for users.

Taking this into account, Fanvue has created a dedicated space that allows creators to get in touch extremely easily should they have a question. Common queries can often be solved via a quick solution on the website’s help center, but if further assistance is required there is a live chat function to get instant feedback. The chat feature is usually answered in less than one minute, and users will be speaking directly to a core member of the team rather than to a bot or an employee with little knowledge.

In addition to its excellent customer service, Fanvue openly welcomes feedback from its users. There is a ‘Suggest a Feature’ section on the official Fanvue site, allowing both fans and creators to suggest and vote for new features. This ensures that the site remains up to date with the needs of its users and functions at a high standard.

Fanvue is particularly focused on embracing the future of connection, ensuring that their site is constantly adapting as the needs of their users change and moving towards web 3.0. The development team is continually keeping the site up to date and fixing glitches as soon as they are reported to ensure a smooth, user-friendly experience for all.

Support on Patreon

The Patreon site offers email support via their online “Community Happiness Team”, which is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm Pacific Time. For quick queries that are not related to issues such as billing or security, users can also reach out via Twitter, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm Pacific Time. This could potentially create difficulty for those experiencing issues at a weekend, for non-Twitter users, or for those who live in a different timezone and require assistance quickly.

The Future of adult subscription sites

Though still relatively new in comparison to its competitors, Fanvue is continually evolving to adapt to the needs of its users and is, therefore, an excellent choice for creators of all types. A user-friendly experience, non-discriminating values, high-quality customer service, and flexibility of earning on the site allow for an easy way to reconnect with your fans, build up your following, and earn an income doing the things you love the most.

If you’re ready to reconnect with your followers, gain new fans and start earning an income doing what you love, sign up to Fanvue here!

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