Is it Legal to Start Making Money on FeetFinder?

Want to sell your Feet pics? There are a lot of sites where you can sell your Feet pics and make a lot of money, but there are very few that provide amazing services and help you make money selling your Feet pics. FeetFinder is one such website where you can make money by uploading your Feet albums, getting paying subscribers, and getting tips from your fans. In this article, we have discussed, is FeetFinder is a legit site to start making money.

FeetFinder users are so satisfied with their earnings from this platform. There are many reasons why experienced users defend this platform for its legitimacy and the ease of making sales.

However, I have collected more valuable assets of Feetfinder, and how can you make your feet pics sales here?

Everything you need to know about the Feetfinder platform?

The word “feet” in Feetfinder has given us an idea about the type of content. The need of the hour is that we should realize the importance of this word in the fetish industry and its connection with Feetfinder.

Feetfinder is feet pics selling/buying platform.

It is a subscription-based website where you list your feet pics for feet lovers to buy.

Many users, mainly from the USA, Canada, Australia, America, and Europe, are making sales worldwide. The platform also has an authorized payment method to keep your money safe.

Who uses Feetfinder? Who buys feet pics from Feetfinder?

As discussed earlier, FeetFinder allows you to make passive income by selling feet pics to Feet fetishists.

However, the market value makes feet more valuable in the fetish industry than in commercial sectors. So, it’s mostly feet lovers scrolling through your profile to find the perfect match for their fantasies.

Start Selling Feet Pics on FeetFinder

You can start selling Feet pics on FeetFinder and make money through different ways like selling your Feet albums, getting paying subscribers, and getting tips from your fans. Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder here. 

How To Become Feet Seller and Make Money on Feetfinder?

Here are some conditions to sell your feet pics on Feetfinder.

It would be best if you were 18 or older according to the ID card issued by the government.

You should have the copyrights of all the foot pics and videos you will post on your profile.

It should be legal in your country to sell feet pics. Many Asian countries consider it to be against their religious beliefs. Make sure you are not doing it illegally.

To sell your feet pics on FeetFinder, you will have to:

Visit the website.

Provide your login details, which include your passport-size selfie and ID card.

Create a unique Feetfinder bio that can depict your feet’ content. Try to target Feet lovers through your bio.

Pay for the subscription charges. You can also subscribe to a premium package.

Upload the best quality feet pictures. Don’t compromise on the quality of your content; Feetfinder deletes any low-quality media.

Connect with buyers through your DMs and entertain them with your feet.

Tap on ‘Popular Categories’ to see what sales the most.

Things to keep in mind before uploading your feet pics on Feetfinder

Your feet pictures should not be more than 1 GB.

The video limit should not be more than 10 minutes.

You should be able to afford a monthly subscription of $4.99 or $14.99 per year.

Why should I sell feet pics on FeetFinder?

At this point, you must have a basic idea of what Feetfinder is used for. However, you can also earn through referrals on Feetfinder.

The platform pays you a 10% commission when your referrals make sales. Feetfinder surely has the back of all potential sellers who are here but are finding trouble in making sales.

Some other reasons to sell feet pics on FeetFinder are as follows:

You can list unlimited feet pics and videos on your profile.

It has no subscription barriers. Anyone can see your Feet pics.

Feetfinder is a legit and safe website.

Premium sellers can sell resale their feet pics and videos.

It has no subscription barrier for buyers.

It is a niche-based platform allowing you to interact with and impress pet lovers.

As a premium seller, you can receive buyer incentives even if you are not making any sales.

There are many subcategories of feet fetish.

Premium sellers can extend their membership by actively managing their profiles.

Premium sellers can also take 100% of their earnings.

The platform pays you through Segpay or Paxum, which are safer than other payment methods.

No cash-back policy prevents scammers from signing up here.

What type of Feet Pics are sold best on Feetfinder and why?

You cannot sell pictures and videos of your feet and legs. Feetfinder doesn’t allow you to post any nudity. However, you can be creative and naughty with your feet.

Feet lovers are interested in steamy feet content. It mostly includes feet foreplay and Feet bondage. You can also post pictures of bare feet. However, nothing can replace content that shows feet in intimate actions.

Feet massage, Foot licking, tickle play, Toe sucking, and footsie are some most popularly sold feet content. There’s no limitation for any Feet content on Feetfinder. However, you can look at the ‘Popular categories’ option to get an idea of feet pictures that are mostly sold. You can also see the sale prices if you want an idea.

Feet fetish content sales the most on Feetfinder.

Is Feetfinder a legit site to start making money?

A single feet picture can be sold for $50 to $100. But to reach there, you will have to start with as low as $5 to $10. So, your income on Feetfinder varies according to your sale and selling prices.

However, if you think your feet pictures are worth more than $5 to $10, I encourage you to pitch fair prices. Feetfinder creators are making around $300 to $500 per month. Experienced sellers can be expected to earn around $1000 per month.

Why is Feetfinder better than other platforms?

There are many reasons for choosing Feetfinder over other platforms. Unlike OnlyFans, Feetfinder is a niche-based platform, so technically, you have more chances to find buyers.

Unlike Instafeet, Feetfinder buyers cannot buy a subscription to see your profile. It helps you in bringing more sales easily as compared to Instafeet.

Feetify new sellers are featured as ‘feet models’ for the first two weeks to help you attract more sales. So, in many ways, including its legitimacy and safety payment methods, outstand Feetfinder from other platforms.

The FeetFinder premium plan comes at $29.99 per month. As a premium user, you can accept gifts, prized cash, and buyers’ incentives, even if you don’t make sales. The e-book, which costs $46, allows you to enjoy a premium membership for six months. The website also helps you with the promotion and marketing of your profile.

However, I would never encourage you to focus on only one platform. Feet fetish buyers are found on every other platform, so until you establish your profile, try selling on as many platforms as possible. Feetfinder is just the better option. But this cannot be true for everyone. You might make more on other platforms.

P.S: Is FeetFinder a Legit site to Start Making Money?

If you are looking for a free, easy-to-maneuver platform to sell your feet pics, then you can try Feetfinder. It is one of the few platforms designed specifically for Feet lovers only. Consumers of this platform are mainly feet fetishists, and intimate feet pics can land you more buyer requests.

You can make up to $100 selling feet pics on Feetfinder. Rates are not fixed. It depends on the quality of the feet pics and how pleasing they look. Customized foot content usually sells at high prices.

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