Learn How to Make Homemade Dildos (100% pleasurable) with DIY Dildos in 2019

How Can I Make a Dildo at Home?

A Word of Advice

While the idea of using a makeshift dildo to satisfy your orgasm may feel like the urgent need, there are some precautions you need to take. You need to take precautions because you do not want a big patch of allergies inside or skin close to your vagina.

Likewise, if the makeshift dildo breaks inside your pussy, you will find yourself in ER of some hospital in a few minutes into your masturbation time. Thus, ladies follow these tips carefully before you decide to penetrate anything inside your vagina.

#1 Put Some Dressing on Your Makeshift Dildo


#2 Get Something Hard and Strong

We advise you to get something hard and strong to insert inside your pussy because we would like to see you reading another post on our website. If you insert something which breaks and gets stuck inside your vagina for a long period, it can cause all sort of things.

The vaginal canal is where urine exits out of dear ladies, if something big gets stuck down there it is going to cause big harm to your bladder and health insurance.

You will suffer from a crazy amount of problems you cannot even imagine of should something get something down there. A guy’s boner is not simply hard for the simple reason as even nature know pussy is no place to break things.


#3 Heat in Luke Warm Water for Extra Safety

Sexual organs and diseases down there should be taken extra care of honey.

If the object is hard enough to bear some warm heating along with water, do it. This essentially kills all the germs and bacteria which can make way into your body through masturbation.

Thus, check the object, heat the object and insert it deep down your drains and go have some amazing time with yourself in the freaking bed or washroom.


#4 Start with Something Small

Ladies the idea of larger things may sound nice, but it is not exactly like it. You will not be able to fit the mammoth sized things inside your pussy with ease because you know the hole down there is tight.

Unless you have a dinosaur-sized pussy, it will be difficult to fit the cucumber in your kitchen which you think will provide you with a better orgasm than your man’s small dick.

We hope you take our advice and the small thing inside you especially if you are a beginner because some women still have unbroken hymen whose tearing can cause big ass pain.

Even if you are a veteran, you should never try something bigger than your vajayjay hole because the whole thing may get stuck down there and take you to another bed. The bed apart from your bed is the hospital bed.

Stay safe and try something comfortable because you are into pleasuring yourself and not into the competition of taking a bigger thing inside you with someone.


#5 Test Your Homemade Dildo for Allergies

We never know the things which can cause us rashes or other kinds of allergies on our body. You should especially take care of thing you are substituting for dildos because the skin on your vagina is extra sensitive to foreign bodies.

It’s not like the normal skin on your body so make sure you put non-allergenic things down in your pussy. To check whether or not the thing you are using is non-allergenic or not try testing it on other skin parts of your body.

After you are done testing, and you are sure it’s safe to put it down your vagina for some real fun to have some awesome fun.


#6 Water-Based Lubricant is a Must



The Dildo is Not Far Away

Yes, we have finally reached to a part where we suggest you various items which you can use as a dildo to insert deep down inside. The very first thing you insert inside your pussy is not far away from your bedside at times.

While on other occasions you may need to make a trip down your kitchen or bathroom for some supplies to create your dildo from. Make sure you buy an extra pair of these things and stock up on them for fucking yourself when you go to the nearest Walmart store ladies.


#1 Electric Toothbrush


#2 Markers or Sharpies

Some places call it markers while others call them sharpies. However, we are not concerned about what people from different places call it. Our primary concern is making a makeshift dildo out of them.

Make sure you tightly close the lid and the ink on the marker is not dripping in anyway before your penetrate yourself with it. The cum dripping cock will turn you pregnant but an ink dripping sharpie is going turn your pink pussy colorful.

The ink may even cause some allergies if you don’t scan your sharpie thoroughly. After you have examined it properly and made sure the ink does not drip hold it from the side with pen cap and insert the backside of the sharpie to fuck yourself out with the greatest weapon of all time the pen.

We advise you go with an even better idea of choosing an empty sharpie to do your thing with it. The empty sharpie can be heated in water without any problem to make it sterile plus you do not run risk of painting your pussy.

We do not think we need to remind you for putting some condoms on the sharpie.



#3 Hairbrush

Hairbrush is another item you can use for masturbating yourself with dear ladies. You can use the hairbrush inside your pussy to stimulate your pussy not brush your pubic hair. Your hairbrush has a handle on its back if you can remember.

The handle can be used to penetrate and stimulate your pussy if you are just beginning to masturbate because you cannot fit a dinosaur dick in your pussy right away.

The handle on most hairbrushes are equal to the size of guy’s dick and can act as a better substitute for fucking yourself than your man’s dick. Be sure to put a condom on this one rather than washing it with warm water or heating it in a hot water.

We are suggesting you to dress it up with a condom because the oil, hair spray, gels, and other hair items accessories stuck on it do not come off easy.

You may end up doing a hairbrush cleaning chores rather than entertaining yourself with its handle. Spend a little amount of cash ladies get a condom.



Household Items you Should NEVER Use as a Dildo

You are better off buying a dildo or using the things on the list above. However, a few things are lying around your house which you should totally avoid using as a dildo.  These things are going to become the source of harm to you rather than providing you with some entertainment.

Thus, guys follow the points down on the list carefully and avoid these things.

Conclusive Thoughts

Thus, fellow ladies, this brings us to the end of the article where we bid our goodbyes to you. We hope you are clear now about the best things to use as dildos in your household pretty ladies.

We ask you to get more creative than us and find new creative ways of creating dildos out of regular stuff. However, do follow these important guidelines for creating dildo before you create one.

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