Earn more than $1,000 per month with adult tube website method and adult content

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Today I will tell you an easy and very simple way to Earn $1,000 per month with adult tube website method. The best part about this method is that you will be able to achieve this figure in just 40 days. you have to work from your home computer only. To get you equipped with all the tips and tricks, I would request you to go through How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites, Since this post is an extension or an upgraded version of that article. This is a complete step by step article will full information’s.

The method and steps will remain the same, only some new things will be added which I have tried and tested and it has worked wonders for me. I hope you already know that I have more than 15 adult tube websites, which make me close to $6,000 per month from Ad-revenue. My total cost for running all the websites is $90 per year (I am using a shared hosting account with multiple domains).

Without digressing from the core topic, I will get straight to the point. So how did I achieve this figure in just one month?. Well some of you might think I am joking or I am a liar, to prove them wrong I am attaching screenshots of Popads, and Popcash earnings (the two best popunder networks that I use), See here the proof:

Popcash earnings:

popcash adult tube website make money method

 Popads earnings: 

popads report adult tube website make money method


Apart from popunders, I use Juicyads for direct advertisements which was making me $6 per day on average. (read: Trick for giving a boost to your your Ad sales in Juicyads).

In total I am earning $33-35 per day in just 40 days of efforts. Here is the screen shot of Google Analytics and Google webmasters report.

google analytics report adult tube website

google webmaster report adult tube website make money


In the Google Analytics report you would have noticed that after 10 days of setting up the website, I started getting decent amount of traffic and then gradually each day it increased at a super fast rate. Also after a month of setting up the website, approximately 70% of traffic was organic which is a huge advantage as I do not have to rely or work harder for direct traffic. Although my direct traffic was also very targeted giving me close to 5 page views per visit. Also you will see I saw 4.25 page views per visit and an amazing 3:47 minutes per visit on the website. This is a great achievement for a new beginners. The Google webmaster report is again a testament about the great organic traffic I was getting, now my target is to reach number 1 rank for my focus keywords to get close to 60-80 thousands visitors per day and make $10,000 per month from just one website.


So how did I achieve this all, you might ask?

Well the method was the same How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites, but the execution differed a little. So you will find all the solution here in this website in different articles, so just read them and follow them.

I spent a lot of time in finding the right niche, How to select the right niche for my adult tube website (also read: General vs niche adult tube website). I visited various tube websites to check the popularity of the niche, and saw top 10 Google results for my focus keywords to check how hard it will be to outrank them. After almost like 5-6 hours of thorough research I finalized on my niche (sorry guys cannot disclose my niche)

Then the steps were pretty much same as of How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites, bought a good domain which had my focus keyword (How to choose a domain name for your website), set up my website on the hosting (How to install the WordPress in your Godaddy hosting), Added he best setting and plugins. you can find these articles with complete guide here on this website.

Adult seo remained the same. Regularly made backlinks which helped my website gradually start getting organic traffic from Google. To give my website an initial push, I tried direct traffic (Trick: Drive enormous free traffic from adult tube websites , Adult porn tube websites to submit videos for traffic , How to get Free Unlimited direct traffic for adult tube website ).

I started getting close to 3,000-4,000 direct visitors from xvideos.com alone, since these direct visitors were also targeted I was getting high number of pageviews which in turn helped me generate more revenue. Once you have direct visitors and its in huge figures then it mean you are getting more money.

Gradually after setting a name for my website in my niche and also getting organic visitors, I stopped posting videos (as it is time consuming) , an now I work for just 1 hour a day and the website is currently making me $35-40 per day.

I hope this article will serve as an inspiration for you all an will help you achieve your target of passive income. If you have any query feel free to post it in the comments section below and I will be prompt to reply.

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