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This article will cover Clickadu Review. It is an Adult Popup/popunder network and you can easily Make Money using their popunders.

If you don’t know how I make money with my How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites guide then I will surely recommend you to check it. In this guide I give you a step-by-step method on starting and making money through your adult tube website. In this method the adult popup networks that I recommend are:

  1. Popads review – How I make $1500 per month
  2. Popcash review – How I make $900 per month

Recently I wrote an article about popads, check it out here: Reduced popads rates and revenue, income?.

It is not just popads, even popcash have reduced their rates immense. Earlier I used to make $2/1000 impressions and now I barely get a rate of 0.5-0.7/1000 impressions. So I decided to check other adult popup-popunder networks. I found clickadu and decided to give it a shot. They both are a good players available in the market.

This article will be a clickadu review and I will share my experience with them and how much money I am making with the company.

First let me share some income proofs. I am getting a rate of 0.5-0.7 /1000 impressions on popads which is piteous and hence here are my stats with clickadu:

Clickadu Review - Adult Popup/popunder network – Make Money

honestly they first promised me that I will surely get $1.5-2/1000 impressions but then again these are marketing gimmicks and I am still getting just 0.6-0.8/1000 impressions. Nothing new or fancy and attractive here.


Also they count individual IP as one impression, unlike popads which caters to multiple impressions per IP so overall impressions were comparatively low compared to popads. There should be only one impression from one IP.

What is clickadu?

Clickadu is a new company in the market but they have grown with rapid speed. They specialize in popup ads (no banner ads as of now) and have been aggressively promoting their company since their inception in 2014.

Even I received various emails in my Gmail inbox so I decided to give them a shot. If you don’t want to read the full review and just sign up on the network then you can do so clicking this link :Join clickadu.

What are popunder ads?

When you apply clicked code to your theme , popup and popunder will be displayed on the website. One thing which I saw with clickadu and not with popad is new tab ad instead of a popup rather a new tab opens with an advertisement. This is also another great form of advertisement.

Does clickadu have anti-adblock code like popads?

Yes, the company recently launched a anti-adblock code to help all its publishers hat are loosing a significant chunk of their revenue from adblock enabled devices.

What are the publisher requiremets?

Clickadu allows adult websites and hence Is suited for my audience. Just not any illegal content and you are good to go with your website.

Since clickadu is new in the market they are compassionate with the requirements. Also just like popads they have a simple dashboard for easy access to most of your important data.

You just apply and your website is approved within 24 hours. From there either you can use the direct script on your website or email them or skype them for the anti-adblock code (yes you have to perform this extra step to get the anti-adblock popup code).

How can I withdraw payments from clickadu?

There are multiple payment methods:

  1. Paypal
  2. Epese
  3. Webmoney
  4. Paxum
  5. Payoneer
  6. E-payments
  7. Wire transfer

Minimum threshold :$100

Payments are processed twice a month. This is where popads is highly efficient with $5 minimum threshold and everyday payment processing.

What is the average CPM I can expect?

I am getting an average CPM fo 0.6-0.7 for my tube websites. These are the same websites which were giving me a CPM of $2 earlier. So the whole popup industry is experiencing these lowered rates or will they increase in future or not. I am not sure but I do hope that something is done against these lowered rates or the publishers like us who are depending on these rates to make some decent money.

Should I join Clickadu or Popads or Popcash

Honestly I am using all there and all three are giving me pathetic results. What I can say is try all of them and then see for yourself which one gives you the most money and hence stay with that one.

How many impressions does clickadu gets compared to

Here is an image comparison from similarweb, the  traffic estimation company, clearly is a winner here.

Clickadu Review - Adult Popup/popunder network – Make Money Clickadu Review - Adult Popup/popunder network – Make Money


Join Clickadu now


I hope you like this article on clickadu review – Start your own webcam website business.

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