Methods for taking money out of Onlyfans

OnlyFans is a social networking site. It is considered as a platform where content creators share their content.

Creators can share any type of content related to photography, recipes, blogs, content writing.

This is the only platform which got highly used by the people in the coronavirus lockdown. Its mostly used by the sex workers on high scale to promote their content.

This social networking platform was launched by tim stokkely in 2016. It got popular in the covid lockdown.

You can earn a handsome amount or money by selling your content on it.

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Cashout Onlyfans: How to withdraw money from onlyfans (2022)

Are you searching for the process to withdraw money from the OnlyFans account then just get relaxed now because you reached the correct place.

Before we start we will understand how only fans actually work.

Automatic Transfer

The amount you earned in the OnlyFans account is safe and secured and could be withdrawn or transferred easily. It can be transferred to your account easily from automatic recurring payments.

Manual Payment

In this method, you can manually request for the payment how much you want and you can send the payout request after that.

These are the two methods by which you can carry out your cash from OnlyFans account. You don’t need to pay tax on every transaction, but obviously you will pay the taxes once in the year.

According to the Megan ‘s advice it is important to save the amount from your income to pay the taxes and 25% of the salary for the savings.

Direct Transfer

This is the platform in which you will receive the payment via VISA DIRECT. In this you will get the minimum withdrawal of $20.00 and it will just take a single day to reflect money in your account.

There are no limitations on the transactions you can withdraw up to $1000 in a single transaction.

Your money will transfer into your account via VISA and VISA debit cards only.

International Bank Transfer (SWIFT)

Payments are transferred in the bank via SWIFT payments. You will have to withdraw the minimum amount of $200.00. in this mode money will reflect in your account in 1-3 days.

There are no limits on the number of payments. Payments are done with the account via the INTERNATIONAL SWIFT banking system located in any UK bank.

E Payments

Payments are added to your e-payment wallet. But there are limitations of just $100. You can just withdraw $100. It will take one complete day to reflect money in your account. You can withdraw it from your e-wallet by bank transfer.

What are the new withdrawal methods on OnlyFans

Onlyfans recently added the new features for the withdrawal of your earnings. They have added the quicker bank transfer as well as the international transfers and e-wallet payment methods. You can select the options from the banking section of the OnlyFans account

They had launched direct transfer(OCT) which lowers the minimum withdrawal limit to $20.

This mode utilizes the push payment capabilities of VISA direct which is processed by secured pay. These payment modes are faster than the bank with the maximum processing time of just 24 hours.

So here below is the breakdown of different regions.

UK creators

There are 3 payment modes available for the UK creators. The first payment model is related to the direct transfer in which the withdrawal amount can be minimum $20 and in this transaction time is linked with <1day.

The second payment model is “International bank transfer” in which the minimum withdrawal limit is $200 and the transaction time is 1-3 days. The third one is E- wallet is $100. 

European creators

In context to European creators, they have 3 payment options which are available to them. The first one is direct withdrawal with the minimum withdrawal of $20 and the transaction time is <1day.

The second one is again international transfer with the minimum withdrawal of $100 and the transaction time is 1-3 days. The next is an E- wallet with the minimum withdrawal of $100.

So, these are the methods which can be considered by the European creators. 

Canadian and Australian Creators

They both will have 3 options as it is important to consider the different payment methods which are available. The first one is linked with direct transfer, the next one is related to international transfer and the third one is E- wallet.

In direct transfer the minimum withdrawal amount is $20 and the transaction time is <1day. The third one is international transfer with minimum withdrawal of $100 and the transaction duration is 1-3 days. 

USA Creators

For the USA creators, only one option for payment is available as compared to other creators. Only Bank transfer is the source through which they can send and receive their money.

In the option of bank transfer the minimum withdrawal is $20 and the transaction time is 1-3 days. 

Creators from Other Countries

For other countries the payment options may vary, for more information you can just contact or reach to [email protected]

What are the Pros and Cons of Onlyfans?

It has been examined that there are some Pros and cons linked with OnlyFans.

PROS are: 


OnlyFans allows you to make your account for free, which makes it a highly used online platform. It will only charge you once the influencer starts to earn.


OnlyFans has the highest premium adult content if comparison is done with the other websites of adult content platforms. 


It provides its users with the best content creation groundwork to educate them to make the best content.


You can earn money by monetizing your content or work and can easily withdraw the money through different simple ways or the payment options available for the creators.

CONS are:


On every transaction they will ask you to pay 20% commission between you and your followers.


It is only used to sell adult content and it is predominately for adults.

How to Make Money from OnlyFans?

OnlyFans provides you various methods to make money with its different platforms. You can make money by the following methods:

Monthly subscription is the most popular way to make money with your fans. People will have to pay to watch your live streams and even they have to pay for pay-per-view content.

You can make handsome money but for that you have to figure out a niche for your fan to take their earned money earned by the paid subscription.

In case you are not interested or comfortable in showing your naked figure, you can show your talent by showing you crafts and engineering. You can teach the language course or you can teach different things like cooking, workout, yoga, dance and skating.


So now you are completely clear with what is onlyfans account used for and how you can earn money with it. It is necessary to consider the different modes of payment before initiating any payments so that it would be easy to earn money easily.

If the payment mode is not smooth then it would be difficult to proceed with the transactions. So, the creators should always keep in their mind regarding the payment modes which are available to them.

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