Most popular OnlyFans performers in 2020

Hot tattooed blonde MILF taking a selfie. Next to her is the OnlyFans logo saying: Where selfies pay

There are two sites everyone is talking about in 2020 adult social media circles are: AdultNode and OnlyFans. Why? Because the mainstream social media sites have really started to ban adult performers on their platforms…. especially if you are making real money there.

We know that facebook has been very strict about adult content for years now and it’s common knowledge that you cannot use Facebook to sell porn – but what most girls and even some guys are starting to realize now, is that since Facebook bought it, Instagram has become a very unsafe platform for adult performers.

So where should you go? There are really only two options at this time, that I can recommend, those are AdultNode and OnlyFans.

Today we focus on OnlyFans and the most popular models so far this year.

2020 Our Top 5 Upcoming Models on OnlyFans

108 posts
33 photos
74 videos

93 posts
89 photos
36 videos

60 posts
44 photos
11 videos

31 posts
29 photos
18 videos

There we have it, our top 5 upcoming OnlyFans stars. How much money are they making? Well I spoke to our top 1 and she told us that she makes around $2000 a month and all she does is post twice a week. It’s pretty crazy. It makes you want to be a hot girl, because for us guys, it’s much harder to sell nudes online.

If you want to learn more about what Social Media Sites to use as an adult performer, I have a whole section about this called Social Media Sites for Camgirls. And of course, make sure you sign up to my newsletter below.

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