Non-Nude Cam Modeling: A Growing Industry in 2023 and Beyond

It’s really hard to make it as a Cam model. We go through it all in our Essential Guide. Being a non-nude cam girl is even more difficult because the men who view these cam sites are generally looking for, to put it bluntly, a “quick fix.”

However, we’ve been researching Google Trends and also the traffic to our cam sites. The good news is that Non-Nude Cam Models are on a massive uptick. This means if you were ever going to start, then now is the time.

In this article we’re going to cover some of the questions, tips and options around non-nude modelling. Primarily put some questions in your head that you will need to ask around your comfort level and what suits your personality.

What does Non-Nude Camming really mean?

There are different levels of non-nude models on the different platforms. It can be anything from strictly non-nude (as in wearing full clothing). Only getting topless in private shows, and everything in between.

When you’re beginning to get into this side of things, you need to really think. I would advise, make a list around what you are comfortable doing. Comfortable, as opposed to willing. I don’t think anyone should get into this industry because they need to, it should be something you enjoy.

Are you comfortable in skimpy lingerie? Only comfortable fully clothed? Topless in private? Write down these questions and start thinking about your limits. Then you will be able to clarify these things to your audience using your profile and we’ll come back to why this is important later.

The Best Platforms for Non-Nude Models

Our advice when it comes to getting started as a Non-Nude Model is not to jump straight into Chaturbate or Bongcams. The men viewing these websites tend to be overwhelmingly want to get a “quick fix” and aren’t interested in much more. There is a small percentage, of bigger spenders, on these platforms who are willing and looking for more than just this but we would suggest getting used to camming on other platforms like LiveJasmin and StripChat first, you can try the other two when you’re more comfortable.

LiveJasmin is a great place to start, as it hosts a lot of incredibly wealthy customers who are more into control and dominance than anything else, they want to try convince you to take clothes of even though you won’t and will pay to try, they want you to talk to them dirty and some of them are just looking for companionship and will pay for private talk. LiveJasmin has always been seen as the high-class cam site and this means that you’re more likely to succeed as a non-nude model on this website.

Control the Audience with Your Options

This, we think, is the key to success in this line. Be upfront and controlling with your comfort level, set your prices for what you’re willing to do. Display those for the users the moment they land on your profile. A lot will assume that you have a price to go nude, and if this is not the case, then you need to be upfront about it from the start.

Setup very specific activities that you can be paid to do/perform that are within your comfort level. Let the audience know that these are what you would like them to focus on.

Expect some bad comments

The last thing that I will point out when it comes to non-nude models is that you will need to expect some flak when you start and to be honest, forever. The majority of the guys who browse these platforms are interested in seeing you naked. The rooms are sexually charged and the men will let you know their frustration that you’re still dressed.

Just let it go like water of the camels back, ignore it and focus on the nice comments. When it comes to anything online, this will always be the case. Let the haters hate and focus on yourself.

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