Onlyfans Statistics 2022: Revenue & Traffic Figures for the Creator

If you are a new creator or a user of Onlyfans and are Interested to know about some of the stats about Onlyfans or someone just curious to know about the Onlyfans stats, this article is for you. In this article, we understand Onlyfans stats like how much creators are making on Onlyfans? and everything that could help you better understand the platform.

Onlyfans is an amazing platform for creators to start making money. It is like Patreon but opens for everyone to join and build their community. This article will discuss the following type of Stats for Onlyfans.

How Many Onlyfans Creators are there on the Platform and how much they are making?

What are the top 15 Onlyfans creators based on earnings? And, how much an average Onlyfans creator makes?

How much traffic does Onlyfans have? and, how much money the company makes?

What are the Onlyfans user’s stats?

What are the Onlyfans creators’ stats?

Key Onlyfans Stats:

Following are some of the key Onlyfans statistics you should know about;

Onlyfans have over 300 Million users as of 2022. The platform was at 170 Million users but keeping that almost 750k+ user added to the platform every day, makes the platform very successful.

In total, there are over 1.2 Million content creators on the platform.

Onlyfans receives over 50 Millions of traffic from search engines.

The top 1% makes the most money on Onlyfans. The Top Onlyfans creators are making over $100,000 a month on Onlyfans.

The top 10% of Onlyfans make less than $1000, the Top 4% of Onlyfans make between $1500 to $2000 and the top 0.1% make over $50,000 to $100,000 a month.

On Average, Onlyfans creators make $151 a month.

Bella Thorne made the most money in a single day at $1 Million.

Onlyfans is no doubt the No.1 platform for adult content creators but has a lot of problems such as they have weak customer support, buggy all the time, it takes 9 to 11 days to get paid and doesn’t give you discovery to your content, and verification of model takes 30 to 48 hours and some times they also reject model applications.

They still control a big chunk of the adult subscription business. Onlyfans is the most profitable on the face of the earth.

They have the following features:


Selling PPVs

Getting tips in messages and through content creators publish on their page. A paying subscriber can tip too.

Live streaming or camming.

Getting personal requests. It is similar to getting tips on messages but another way where creator fans have a personal request and leave a tip for it and the creator delivers the content.


Onlyfans actively use all social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, and their blog section to promote themselves or their products or produce more content.

Onlyfans Traffic and user stats 2022:

Onlyfans Stats 2022 showing Onlyfans traffic stats

The above data is taken from SimilarWeb. 80.79% of the users are male and the rest are female. The highest percentage of users are under the age of 18 to 34. 29.62% are aged 18 to 24 and 31.58% of the users are under the age of 25 to 34.

Onlyfans traffic stats by traffic sources

Because Onlyfans is No.1 site, most of the traffic is direct. Data source here

Onlyfans Creators Stats:

Following are some of the Onlyfans stats for creators:

Average Onlyfans creators make $151 a month.

The average subscription is $7 a month.

On Average, creators have 21 subscribers or fans.

Onlyfans have over 1.2 Million Creators.

Onlyfans have paid over 2 Billion dollars to creators on its platform since the start.

In December 2019, Onlyfans has only 100K creators, when Covid-19 happened, the number skyrocketed to over 1.2 Million in a matter of a few months. Onlyfans might have over 2 to 2.5 Million creators as of the mid of 2022.

Bella Delphine made over 2 million on Onlyfans in one month, she discloses this information in her Interview on YouTube.

Another popular YouTuber and Onlyfans creator, Corinna Kopf made over $4.2 Million in her first two months on Onlyfans. She discloses these numbers in her Interview on YouTube.

Onlyfans User or fans stats:

Onlyfans have over 300 Million users as of 2022.

The platform is getting over 750k+ users every day since the Covid-19 boom.

There are two ways Onlyfans (the company) getting more organic users; first, because creators often market their content on other platforms, and second because Onlyfans is such a big brand for following adult content creators who produce more personalized content.

Onlyfans takes 20% commission on every transaction performed by a fan. The amount is cut from the creators side and not from the user. Let say, you subscribed to a creators for $10 a month then this means creator will receive $8 and the rest 20% will go to the Onlyfans (the company)

Top Onlyfans creators Based on the content:

Following are the top Onlyfans creators based on the content and their earnings.

Blac Chyna: With 16.2 Million followers, she is making over 20 Million dollars a month on Onlyfans.

Bella Thorne: The creators that made over $1 Million on her first day on Onlyfans. She is making over $11 Million a month on Onlyfans. Her Instagram followers are over 24 Million.

Cardi B.: With over 81 Million followers on Instagram, she is making over 9.34 Million a month on Onlyfans.

Tyga: With 22 Million followers on Instagram and she is making $8 million a month on Onlyfans. She is one of the top Onlyfans creator.

Mia Khalifa: With over 23 Million followers, she is making over $7 Million a month on Onlyfans.

Search Creators On Fansmetrics

Fansmetrics is a discovery platform for fans or users who want to discover creators based on many categories or menus like Onlyfans creators free to follow or Onlyfans creators that give you a free trial and (or) you can also discover creators based on different categories.

Onlyfans Stats we learned through Our blog (Adultcreator)

This blog,, provides one of the best resources for creators. We have been writing about adult subscription platforms for a long and got over 50,000+ page views last month from adult content creators interested to start their subscription business on Onlyfans or other adult subscription platforms This year we are motivated to cross 100K pageviews/month from search engine traffic and we are actively working on it.

Following are some of the things we learned about Onlyfans and the creators during years of writing about it:

The majority of the Onlyfans creators are from the United States. If we give it a number, more than 90% of Onlyfans creators are from the US.

Almost 30% of the Onlyfans creators are at age of 19 to 25 years. The other 20% are between the ages of 26 to 30 years.

Onlyfans have big technical problems and are sometimes very buggy. But, the reality is that Onlyfans is one of the best platforms because being the first in the market to offer adult content creators an opportunity to start a subscription business.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Onlyfans statistics that I think we should discuss here:

How many users join Onlyfans every day?

750K+ users join Onlyfans every day. This is amazing and also at the same time a good news for the creators interested to join the platform. With time, the platform popularity will grow and more and more creators would be making more money.

How much creators are making on Onlyfans?

An average Onlyfans creator is making less than $200 a month. There are many factor that are taking into consideration like how attractive you are to majority of the man, your age, and how consistent you are in producing content as well as how you choose to market your content.

On Onlyfans, over 10,000+ creators join every day and the average subscription as we already discussed in the key Onlyfans stats is $7.20. Top Onlyfans creators are making over $100,000+ a month on Onlyfans.

PS: Onlyfans Stats 2022:

In this article of Onlyfans stats we discussed every statistics related to Onlyfans to help creators and users better understand the data side of the platform. We have shared how much creators are making and how much users are joining the platform every month as well as on average how much creators are charging?

If in future we get to know more information about Onlyfans stats, we would update the article. One of the thing I recently learned is 98% of the Onlyfans content is porn which is a revealed by the then Onlyfans CEO in a video.

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