Our Big List of Websites to Make Extra Money from Surveys

Looking for a way to make extra money in your spare time from your laptop or phone? Make extra money in your free time using our big list of survey websites.Ever since the gig economy became an everyday part of our lives, more and more people are trying to find easy ways to make money in their spare time.

One of the oldest ways to make extra money is through sharing your opinion. This used to be done primarily through in-person focus groups or telephone polls. But things have changed.

Today there are a ton of websites that will pay you to take surveys and share your opinion.

We’ve mentioned survey and opinion websites elsewhere on the site, most notably our monster post of 50+ online and at-home side hustles.

The purpose of this post is to have one big list that is updated semi-regularly of all the websites where you can make extra money from surveys.

Let’s get to it!


Our Big List of Websites to Make Extra Money from Surveys


  • Swagbucks – Swagbucks has been around for years and is more than a survey website. You can also watch videos and use their portal to earn cash back. You can even use their search engine to gain rewards.

    I’ve personally used Swagbucks for years and have redeemed my points for gift cards (typically Starbucks and Amazon for me, but there’s tons of other options.

  • Nielsen – When you think of Nielsen you probably think of TV viewership ratings. With more time spent on our phone, laptop, and other devices, Nielsen is trying to measure provide meaningful research beyond just the television.
  • PineCone Research – PineCone Research is one of the leading consumer research companies. You can get paid to take surveys and occasionally test products as well.
  • Nielsen Beta Panel – Another Nielsen option. This one is specifically meant for mobile devices. You get $5 for signing up and installing, and $5 for each month you are a user.
  • Sample Hawk – This isn’t a survey website, but I figured some of you may also be interested in getting free samples, which is what Sample Hawk specializes in.
  • Survey Junkie – Survey Junkie has been around for a long time. Like most sites that pay for users to take surveys and share their opinion, Survey Junkie is a market research company. Without opinions from consumers, they don’t have a business. That means Survey Junkie is willing to pay consumers – like you – to share your opinions on products.
  • MobileXpression (mobile only) – MobileXpression is similar to Nielsen. Their goal is to track trends and how individuals use their mobile devices. User behavior is an important thing for companies to understand, so instead of filling out surveys they track your usage.
    Check out the full FAQs before you sign up to make sure you agree with what data the company is tracking, but here is a snippet that I found useful: “Maintaining our panel members’ privacy is our number one priority. Therefore, we do not collect or view the text or other personal content in any of our panel members files. This includes the actual content of text, email or instant messages, image files either downloaded or captured via the camera on a phone, or contact, address book or calendar entries saved on the phone or tablet computer.”

You won’t get rich taking surveys and sharing your opinion, but it’s something that can be done easily (and dare I say lazily?) from the comfort of your home, or really wherever you may be.

My suggestion is to give some of the sites a try and see which ones are worth your time and which ones aren’t. There’s plenty of options.

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