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Since the parent company of pornhub was under attack from the woke crowd and lost their credit card processing, some creators have reached out to me asking what to do about the decline in income. Hey, I feel you – I’ve seen this happen so many times and I still don’t understand why anyone would put all their eggs in one basket – but PornHub has been a rock for many years, so they could never go under right? Wrong. Every empire crumbles at some point, so you should take your precautions and start expanding yours. Diversify. Not focus.

Remember what happened in December 2020? Are you verified? If the answer is yes, probably not – if you aren’t – then you remember. wiped out 10 million videos from their platform.

Ready the story here if you need a friendly reminder.

Best alternative platform for adult content creators

You are probably getting a fraction of the revenue earnings on pornhub, maybe you are on OnlyFans and got worried that they are moving away from hardcore adult content or perhaps you just have some common sense and know, that different platform has different audiences and if you want to secure your adult income streams, you need to be on more than just the few biggest platforms.

So here is an overview of the platforms that I can recommend. You should consider creating an account on at least a few of these.

Best forCreator Platform
Adult Content CreatorsFanslyFanCentroAdultNode
X-Rated Content with Lower Fees (15%)AdultNode
Newbies and Mild X-Rated ContentFanslyBongacams, AdultNode
British CreatorsAdultNode
European CreatorsAdultNode
Mainstream, Non-Adult ContentPatreon
Adult Content for Gay MenAdultNode
Selling individual videosManyVids, AdultNode
Creating your own OnlyFans-style SiteAdultNode

How to Maximize your income as an adult content creator?

I think that OnlyFans taught us all, that while live streaming is profitable, it’s the ability to store content in a social media like interaction platform that allows us to really maximize our content. So why aren’t I just recommending OnlyFans to everyone? Simple: They are moving out of adult. They’ve said it publicly. They tried. Now they are launching with no nude in it. How many red flags do you need?

If you have an active OnlyFans account, sure, keep working on it. If you don’t, stay way from OF and work on the above platforms.

So on to the topic at hand. Maximizing the revenue.

While we know that not all fans are on more than one platform – most aren’t actually, they just use one – it really is a no brainer; SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMS.

You should make sure that you cross promote your account on the different platforms, using the referral links they offer.

Why is this smart? For three reasons:

  1. Using the referral link earns you extra money, even if they decide to spend it on another creator.
  2. If one ship sinks, you aren’t dead in the water and have to start from scratch.
  3. You can recycle the content on all platforms. So whatever you create on OF or another platform, you can share to the others. Don’t worry about watermarks, users don’t care and most platforms doesn’t either. It’s all about the content.

Make sure that you just have all the platforms open when you work. You can often copy/paste responses, content and even live stream to the platforms all at once.

I have seen creators triple their already very solid income doing this.

So why aren’t you? I recommend that you start your account with today and then go with the ones on the list above!

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