Review of BimBim Cam Girls, the newest adult live-streaming websites

Where do we begin with BimBim Cams? Well, if you’re reading this website then it’s almost certain that you have an interest in the world of adult camming, whether it be as a model, affiliate or simply a viewer. If this is the case and you currently use Live Jasmin, then you’re definitely going to want to check out the new platform by the same company, BimBim.

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In this article we are going to give you the low down on what the whole platform is about and why it is important to you whether you are a cam girl, affiliate or just someone who bloody loves cam girls.

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What is it?

What Makes it Different

As a Cam Girl

As an Affiliate

Our Impression



What is BimBim Cams?

The BimBim Cams platform grows on from the Live Jasmin assurance of having the best models on the platform, while they don’t have as many as Chaturbate for example, BimBim does have the hottest models on the planet.

The next thing that makes it stand out from all of the rest and its key difference is that it is not just your usual cam platform. The easiest way to describe this platform is it has taken the best parts of Instagram for us perverts that use it to search for hot models, stripped out the pictures of food and served it up for us.

The beauty of this is that whenever you land on the site you’re getting the content you want first and because the models can add to their “stories” just like on Instagram it means that even if they aren’t live you can watch the latest content. It also means that you can directly video call the models for a fee of course.

What Makes It Different?

As you can see above BimBim Cams is a very different platform for the general viewer of live cams but what makes it different if you’re an affiliate or a cam girl and why should you be paying attention.

As a Cam Girl

Whether you’ve followed our guide to becoming a Cam Girl (or Guy) or you’ve simply been working in the industry for a long time, you will know that there are a ton of platforms out there. However it isn’t too often that a new platform is released by one of the big four players in the market. AWEmpire is possibly the biggest revenue wise of them all and for them to launch a new platform this late in the game is a big statement.

The reason I think that no matter what platform you currently cam on that you should sign up for an account with BimBim right now is simply that it isn’t just a live streaming service. The beauty of this new platform is that it allows you to run your Only Fans style subscription account and your Cam Feed, all in one place.

Even better is that the users of this new platform are all coming from the marketing channels that AWEmpire/Live Jasmin has built up over the years which means that they are looking for your type of content right now. You don’t need to convince them.

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As an Affiliate

If you’re an affiliate marketer following one of our guides on how to make a lot of money using Adult Affiliate networks then BimBim Cams should be a no-brainer. The reason is that you can get in on the ground up right now. As you’re probably aware the competition in Adult Affiliates is huge and this can give you a massive leg up when it comes to getting in with very little competition.

The platform will pay you a 45% commission for all money spent through your links, for life, so if a user signs up through your link you will get almost half of everything they spend for as long as they are a member.

It also offers a new way to attack the target markets because the platform is new and different from all the others, this brings an opportunity in terms of content that you can write and demographics you can attack.

Get Started Right Now

Our Impressions

This’s not just your average cam site. BimBim is more of a social platform where you can interact and watch content created by the site’s models (creators). It’s the best option for sex cam on mobile, with a design and functions that make it feel like you are on Instagram.

The 30 FREE CREDITS on US will give you around a 10 minute private show, or a month of free viewing of model stories etc! During this time you can get a good feel for what it is all about.

The key takeaway in BimBim Cams that we have found is that this is a mobile first platform and while it does work on a normal laptop, it is primarily focused on ensuring that it can work correctly for a mobile phone. Hence the Instagram styling . This is an obvious step forward as most of the competition dates back to the early 2000’s or later, with Chaturbate starting in 2011 for example.

Now that over 70% of web traffic globally is coming from mobile devices it does make a logical step to start moving their platforms to mobile first instead of just mobile responsive like all of the rest.


The 30 free BimBim credits are great but they will not last you forever so here is the price breakdown of getting more:

4.99 Credits get 2.5 Extra – $12.99

9.99 credits get 5 Extra – $19.99

17.99 credits get 9 Extra – $29.99

27.99 credits get 14 extra – $45.99

67.99 credits get 34 extra – $99.99

97.99 credits get 49 extra – $149.99

157.99 credits get 79 extra – $229.99

They also offer 50% OFF on your first purchase of credits if you’ve used our exclusive links to start.


Whether you’re a cam girl, affiliate or just a good ole viewer, BimBim Cams is definitely one to watch and will give you a great leap forward in mobile adult entertainment.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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