Sell Adult pictures and Videos on BentBox

Can you believe that you can make money easily by selling your nude pictures on the internet?

If your answer is YES to the question then think no more. This is the time to take action on your thoughts and earn money using BentBox platform.

BentBox is one a platform where you can sell your naked and erotic pictures for whatever price you wants and earn money without much of a struggle.

In this step by step guide, I will tell you how you can earn money for your nude pictures on this unique platform called BentBox.

This article will let you know all the tips and tricks of this platform and will help you perceive your dream of earning money through your hot, sensuous and naked pictures without any trouble.

Let’s begin by first understanding what exactly is BentBox and how will it help you in your scheme of earning money by selling your pictures.

What is BentBox?

BentBox is a network or a simple web application that works on the principle of creating a group of pictures of the user called “Boxes”.

Models, pornstars, cam girls and any other person working in adult industry can register themselves on the BentBox as a seller.

These “Boxes” store the files, such as pictures and videos and other type of files, of the user on the web server.

Once registered as a seller, they can use the platform for selling their adult videos, pictures, and more such content.

Not only BentBox has the section of adult pictures but it also features SFW section.

How Much Money can you make as a BentBox Seller?

Now, let’s talk about the most important question. You must be conjecture that you have signed up yourself as a seller and uploaded you “Boxes”, but how will I get money and how much money will I get for selling my adult content.

The revenue plan of the BentBox is easy to understand but the revenue-share might be a little bit complex and will take time to get used to.

When you sell your pictures or videos or any other adult content for that matter, you will receive 100% of the payment. You will not be charged for any commission for the sales you have made.

But then how does the BentBox make money if I get the 100% payment from the buyer?

The standard fee of BentBox is 35% which leaves the seller with 65%, but BentBox does not charge any fee from the seller but it charge free from the buyer. This is why the seller is left with whole 100% of the pay.

Split Revenue on Boxes between Multiple Users

What if two or more models are participating on a “Box” or a studio is making a “Box” for their models?

What happens to the payment in such cases? Don’t worry, BentBox has got you covered. BentBox has a unique and ingenious feature that lets the sellers split the revenue that they have earned from a “Box”.

And this can be done inside the portal of the BentBox thus eliminating the need any external help to split the revenue.

This way models that are associated can spilt their revenues with each other without any inconvenience.

This also works for the studios that has hired models and are using their adult content to form “Boxes”. They can split the revenue with the models.

These features of the premium BentBox ensures that not only you get the best pay for your “Boxes” but also you get the chance of increasing the exposure of your “Boxes”.

This feature of the BentBox is a premium feature only and can be purchased from the website for $5 per month.

This premium feature also enables a lot of handy features such as promotional tools and increasing the number of buyers on the site and the “Boxes”.

Request for Custom Content Boxes

What can I add in my “Box” and can I customized it? In your “Boxes” you can add as many pictures and videos and other adult content you want.

There is limit to the content that you can add in your “Boxes”.

This comes in handy when you are looking for buyers to spend more money on your “Boxes”.

The best feature of BentBox is that you can totally customize it. You can customize the “Boxes” upon requests from the customers.

BentBox made it really easy to customize the “Boxes” according to the preferences of the customers looking to buy your “Boxes”.

Let’s see how the customization of content works.

Whenever a customer visit model’s profile page, there is a tab that is displayed on the page labeled ‘custom content’. When the tab is clicked upon, a messaging system from BentBox pops up.

This messaging system can be used by the buyer to chat with the model and discuss and negotiate the terms of custom content request.

Earn Additional Revenue by Referring Sellers/Customers

If earning money through selling “Boxes” full of adult content such as picture and videos and more, then BentBox have another surprising deal just for you.

Through the referral program of the BentBox, sellers can earn additional 5% revenue on the customer and seller referrals.

BentBox has a referral program that assists you in making more revenue by referring other members to BentBox.

For every seller or customer the seller refers a users to the BentBox, the seller gets to earn additional income of 5%.


The best of the referral program is that if a seller refers a customer and the customer makes a purchase on the seller’s content, then the seller can make additional income off that specific sale.

This is one of the best ways to gain extra income without doing much work.

Even if the customer make sale of “Boxes” of someone else, you can still make money off that sale.

Advantages of using BentBox

BentBox has amazing advantages; some of them are listed below to help you make the obvious and clear choice.

  • BentBox is your personal online store for all your adult content.
  • You can share your revenue with your collaborators and modeling agencies.
  • The interface of the BentBox is simple and very neat.
  • You receive 100% of your asking price.
  • Thanks to the International Licensing System and download control, you have full control of your content.

Payment Model of the BentBox

The payment model is very much simple and transparent. There are no hidden legal terms between BentBox and seller. Let’s break down the payment model.

Buyers can purchase the “Box” using these payment methods:

  • Credit Card

Sellers are paid every month using the following methods of payment:

  • First Choice Pay (A Payoneer Company)
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Gift cards of choice of seller
  • Bank wire transfer

The thing to remember here is that the payments are added to the seller’s PayOuts and are paid at the end of each month.

If at the end of the month the PayOuts are less than $100 USD, then the payments are carried over to the next month.

The PayOuts are processed every month once the payments reach $100 USD.

Bentbox Tips for massive sales

  • Promotion and marketing is the key, so make sure you use your social media profiles and other marketing channels correctly
  • Add a high quality description of what the buyer can expect in the box. Tease them so that they are more likely to buy.
  • Make sure you add new boxes on a regular basis. Once people become your fans they would want to get more of your content. Also adding new content frequently shows that you are serious and your fans will love it. The best part is that you can sell the same content on various other preferred sites like manyvids as well
  • Look at the profiles and tactics of what other successful bentbox performers are doing so that you can replicate their success.
  • Whichever platform has the maximum following, share your link on that platform.
  • By getting more and more subscribers to your Bentbox page, they will be notified whenever you add a new box, this is the sureshot way of getting instant sales. So focus on getting more subscribers.

Start Selling On BentBox Today!

Are you ready to start selling on the BentBox? Well then, sign up for your account today.

The registration process is quick and not at all painful. Once you are registered, you start earning within no time.

Use your BentBox account to sell your adult content. Any file types can be uploaded in the “Box” and can be sold to the right buyers.


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