Sexting: How to do Online Sex Chat Like a Pro

Sexting: How to do Online Sex Chat Like a Pro

Whether you’re engaging in a random sex chat with strangers or looking for someone specific who can make all your inner desires finally come true — you’re most likely in desperate need of some tips. Not to say that you’re a total beginner, but every now and then, you probably run out of things to say during sexting — and might need a bit of inspiration.

Sexting conversations have to be fuelled by your imagination. This is no time to be coy or afraid of exploring all your (possibly hidden) fantasies via an adult sex chat. That being said, you have to learn the differences between sexting with men and women. What’s more, you should know how to get ready for a night full of sexts — you have to be in the right mood!

Sexting tips for beginners and more: Mars and Venus matter here too

Now, you probably know that men and women are extremely different. What makes women all wet and ready to go might not get you the same results with men. Therefore, let’s explore how you should approach sex chats with men first.

Becoming a pro at sex chat with men

With men, you have to step out of your comfort zone a bit. Some people, no matter how wild their sexual fantasies are, still have a problem with the word “cock.” As silly as it may sound, you have to let go of those issues and dirty up your sexts a bit.

Of course, some men might like it gentle, without any extreme dirty talk. However, that also means you have to know what they prefer. For that, being a good listener is your safest bet. Explore a bit and see what they’re all about. Let them talk about their fantasies (or describe them) so that you could contribute to them during the conversation.

On the other hand, never forget that you should be telling a story, no matter who you’re sexting with. It’s just like seducing someone in real life, only this time — you have to type it all out. Imagine what you’d like to do to that man, and make the descriptions as VIVID as you can. In essence, make him feel every breath, every lick, every touch — go all out.

Sex chat with women tend to be a bit gentler — but they’re still intense

Sexting: How to do Online Sex Chat Like a Pro

Now, men usually prefer dirty talk and rough sex(ting), so if you’re planning to spice up a man’s life with some exquisitely written sexts, you now know what to do. 

Most women are a bit different, though. They thrive on desire, as well as the cat-and-mouse game. Of course, they want you to catch them and make them orgasm as soon as possible — but that spoils all the fun! It’s the waiting that makes women burn up with desire.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you decide to sext with a woman, make sure she feels wanted. Tell her how beautiful her body is, how exquisitely she smells, and how soft and buttery her skin feels. Add as much detail as you want, always keeping track of the story you’re telling and adjusting it as you go.

These are just some sex chat examples you can use to fool around with, but don’t be afraid to tap into your creativity too. Both men and women have that one thing that makes them scream with desire. Finding it with just words and the right emojis should be your ultimate goal.

Set the mood — both with your words and in real life

Even if you’ve found your perfect online sex chat and are ready to start, remember that mood is EVERYTHING. You cannot expect anyone to be able to type out steamy messages when they’ve had a bad day. That’s why it’s super important to listen carefully; there’s a time and a place for everything, and if someone’s not in the mood, no one will come out of the chat happily.

So, if you’re looking to spice it up a bit, use descriptions to your advantage. Of course, the main idea of a sext is to tell them what you’d love to do to them with your mouth, fingers, etc. However, don’t underestimate the secret fantasies everyone has. Some people get off on having sex in the pool, while others are even more creative — they’d love to do it in their office bathroom, for example.

You can use these descriptions to set the scene and build your persona. That’s the beauty of online sex chats; even if you’re a total geek in real life, the person you’re sexting with doesn’t have to know that. What you convey over the chat becomes their only perception of you. So, you can exaggerate your traits to make the conversation even hotter.

On another note, you also have to be in the right mood. Sexting is about having fun and fulfilling secret desires; it’s not a place where you should seek out free therapy. Therefore, if you want to know how to sext like a pro — learn to leave all your worries behind before you start chatting. Make yourself comfortable and aim to please both yourself and your virtual lover.

Be safe and make sure you’re having fun

You have to remember that anything you send via an online sex chat could end up all over the Internet. So, before engaging in any steamy conversations, make sure your connection is secure and totally private.

Sexting: How to do Online Sex Chat Like a Pro

Also, don’t feel like you have to continue chatting just because you’ve already started and wouldn’t want to be seen as a quitter. If something is not working for you, you can always leave. 

In fact, you SHOULD leave if you’re not getting the satisfaction you came for. After all, you could have opted to just masturbate and call it a day — but you wanted MORE. Don’t lower your standards for anybody.

Final thoughts about Sex Chat

The online world is full of people trying to satisfy all their needs, which is why most usually opt for online sex chats. Adult sex chats are the safe space you need to fulfill your sexual fantasies and reach the climax you know you deserve. However, before becoming a pro at something, you ought to practice as much as you can. Hopefully, you’re now ready for some sexy (and a bit naughty) adventures!

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